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What to expect

Do your kids love music? Sheffield Music Hub has kickstarted a brilliant new initiative encouraging your family's musicians to keep playing, even if you can't physically attend music classes for the time being.

Sheffield Music Hub believes in the power music has to unite people of all ages. This is why they've started the Garden Gigs campaign. The rules are simple: host your own little concert in your garden or on your balcony at 4pm and bring some musical positivity to your community. There's no set day of the week to do it, so you could put on a performance every day if you wanted!

Whether it's you who's the musical maestro or your kids are mini Mozarts, use this time to spread the joy of music. Maybe you play the violin or you've got a budding musical theatre star in the family - the stage is yours. Of course, make sure you're mindful of your neighbours - keep the concert as gentle and soothing as possible. We think it's one of the best ways to safely communicate with your community during this time.

From London to Aberdeen and everywhere in between, join in with this nationwide music-making moment. Film or take photos of your performance and use the hashtag #gardengig on social media to see if you can get your concert shared far and wide. If you're more interested in watching gigs than headlining them, check out the Couch Concerts sessions, and if you prefer not to be a solo performer, why not enjoy a sing-along instead?

What you’ll need

  • A musical instrument - your singing voice also counts!
  • A love for music.
  • Space to perform - ideally this would be your garden or balcony but if you don't have outside space, opening all your windows would work just as well.

What you’ll do

  • At 4pm on any day you choose, bring your musical instrument out to the garden and put on a performance. You can choose how long you play for but we think 5-10 minutes is good.
  • Make sure to keep the volume low enough so as not to be disruptive, but loud enough that your neighbours can enjoy your talents too.
  • Film your performance if you'd like, and use the hashtag #gardengigs when posting on social media.




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