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Join A Live Family-Friendly Cook-Along With Theo Michaels

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What to expect

Whether you and your little sous chefs are in need of inspiration for a healthy snack to eat, always on the hunt for new recipe ideas or just want to have fun with food as a family this summer, with Theo Michaels' you can!

Join Masterchef semi-finalist and TV chef Theo in a fun family-friendly cook-along as you create something delicious from your cupboards with your kids. These cooking classes can be streamed at 4pm every Monday, Wednesday and Friday on Theo’s YouTube channel and his Instagram. Whether you are cooking a healthy meal, an indulgent cream dessert or a little snack, cooking is the perfect way to bond as a family.

You will be cooking alongside Theo and his kids in his kitchen in these 20-minute sessions, and you can expect simple step-by-step demonstrations that are super easy to follow for children. Theo encourages your kids to have fun with food with yummy recipes that everyone will love to eat. He will post the ingredients needed for each recipe the week beforehand on his website, so you can check you have it all ready. From tuna pasta bake, Dutch baby pancakes, tray-baked spaghetti, salmon wellington, to perfect summer recipes like fruit crostata and kid-friendly Eton mess, you will all find something that you can enjoy cooking. You and your family will have a great time exploring a recipe together and enjoying some simple, tasty food. If you don't get around to watching the live session, you can catch up on YouTube anytime.

You can expect tons of fantastic recipes that both the kids and adults will love to make. Can we hear a 'yes chef'?

What you’ll need

  • Some basic ingredients for each recipe, which Theo will post beforehand on his website.
  • Kids who love to make tasty food in the kitchen!
  • Make sure you have a good WiFi connection for the best user experience.

What you’ll do

  • These live sessions are every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 4pm.
  • Theo will be a hosting a live family-friendly cook-along. You will create something delicious from your cupboards, with easy to follow instructions for kids.
  • For more fun ideas for little food-lovers, check out The Kids' Kitchen or get stuck into a healthy Jamie Oliver cook-along.




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Hosted by
Theo Michaels

Theo Michaels is a chef, presenter and bestselling author specialising in Greek Cypriot-inspired and family-focused inspired recipes. He made the semi-finals of BBC TV's MasterChef in 2014. Theo also writes a weekly food column for Best Magazine, and he regularly makes appearances in the media including ITV This Morning, National Geographic Food, Delicious, Food & Travel Magazine and more.

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