Interactive science class
Interactive science class
Interactive science class
Interactive science class

Join An Interactive Secret Agent-Themed Science Class

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Subjects: Science

What to expect

Are your kids interested in secret agent and detective science? Looking for a science experiment for kids that you can recreate at home? If you have mini secret agents or detectives in the making, these cool science sessions for kids are ideal for you! Join the Laboratory Collective for some awesome interactive live science classes on their Facebook page. The co-founders, Miss Amy and scientist Dr Ed, will bring your children's imaginary world to life using fun science!

Uncover your secret agent identity and learn to uncover clues, identify suspects, create secret messages, dust for fingerprints, and more in these spy science sessions. They are the perfect way to get your spy in the making involved with science experiments for kids. You can expect interactive live sessions with fun STEM challenges kids, which children can even do on their own.⁠ Miss Amy and Dr Ed work with things that you will have around you - so you may just need some baking soda, turmeric, lemon juice or an iron! So far, these brill classes have covered fingerprinting, invisible ink and everyday fluorescent items around your house. Recreate your own detective club and discover mysteries with these science kids' experiments! So, it's time to put on your thinking cap and walk in the shoes of the detective you most want to be...

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What you’ll need

  • Pen and paper - Miss Amy and Dr Ed will items that are required for you to recreate your science experiment afterwards. So, be ready to take notes.
  • Make sure you have a good WiFi connection for the best user experience.

What you’ll do




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