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Join National Geographic And Learn How Kenya's Lions Can Be Saved

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Subjects: Science
Subjects: Geography

What to expect

Do you love animals and National Geographic? Is there any better way to bring exploration to life than the National Geographic Society themselves? Tune into the Explorer Classroom and discover how Kenya's lions can be saved. In this informative and educational session, National Geographic connect with Shivani Bhalla, a conservation biologist working to safeguard the future of Kenya's rapidly declining lion population. Join in to learn about how Shivani is working with local communities, and promoting coexistence between people and wildlife, to help save the less than 2,000 lions left in Kenya.

In this session, you will learn some useful animal facts too, as well as see some awe-inspiring photography. Mini lion conservationists will discover why these big cats are in trouble in Kenya and hear firsthand what's being done to change this. Expect to learn fascinating facts about the Warrior Watch program and discover how the Samburu warriors are now protecting and raising awareness of the Ewaso lions. Shivani also discusses how she's set up a lion kids' camps to teach local children about conservation. There are also some suggested activities that your kids can do after the event, from drawing a picture to writing a short news article. A fun way to learn about wildlife and bring it into your living room - wherever you are in the world.

What you’ll need

  • Check out the guide that has been developed for you and your family to get the most out of Explorer Classroom events!
  • A strong WiFi connection for the best user experience.

What you’ll do

  • National Geographic Education suggest some activities for you to do after the event: draw a picture or photo strip of something you learned, write a short “news article” about what you learned and produce a short video that explains something you learned today.
  • Make sure you share your activities by sharing on Twitter with the hashtag #ExplorerClassroom.




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