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What to expect

Looking for the best Key Stage 2 online resources to help you teach your kids literacy and maths at home? Dadsnet has put together an extensive weekly schedule of live streams to support parents and children with their home learning. Join Dadsnet every morning at 10am for a brilliant academic live session where you’ll find an hour of brilliant KS2 activities; 30 minutes of Key Stage 2 literacy and 30 minutes of KS2 maths. Both are delivered from a qualified teacher. With many parents now responsible for their children's education, online resources have become more important than ever! And Dadsnet sessions are proving incredibly valuable for many parents and their kids across the UK.

Aimed at kids aged 6-11 years of age, these educational classes are the perfect way to keep up your child's learning at home. Kids will learn different subjects in each session, from numbers, calculations, percentages and fractions in maths to story writing, grammar, sentences and spelling in literacy. The teacher will clearly demonstrate on a white board and then give kids the chance to have a go at some activities. He will also give more advanced options as well. A virtual class full of brilliant activities for KS2 learners! The Dadsnet classes are an engaging, fun and effective back to school maths and literacy activities. If you are looking for more online maths resources, check out this times tables masterclass or dive into these online educational games for KS2 kids.

What you’ll need

  • A pen and paper.
  • Strong WiFi connection.
  • Child-friendly headphones in case your child wants to study alone.

What you’ll do

  • The live sessions are on daily at 10am.
  • Kids will have 30 minutes of Key Stage 2 literacy and 30 minutes of KS2 maths.




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