Lockdown Lives: Dr Amy Stanton

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What to expect

Dr Amy Stanton is an Educational, Child & Adolescent Psychologist. Typically she visits schools and other specialist settings across the capital and often further afield giving advice to anyone who needs it, but during lockdown she's been offering her expertise virtually instead. Her main focus is on allowing children and young people to improve their mental wellbeing and develop their learning skills.

Lockdown has created a massive upheaval for families all over the world, and this new uncertainty is a breeding ground for stress, anxiety, sleeping problems and more, for people of all ages. Join Amy in a Lockdown Lives Q&A session, where she'll be giving top tips on coping in quarantine while keeping both you and your children's minds healthy. With her expert knowledge, she'll be providing you with some ideas for healthy habits, explaining ways to improve family bonding and letting you know why it's ok to cut yourself some slack. Join her at 1.30pm on the Kidadl Instagram on Friday 15th May.

If you want to hear more from Amy, check out the article she wrote for us answering your burning COVID-19 questions.

What you'll need

  • A strong WiFi connection.
  • If you've got any questions on mental health, stress, anxiety or just general psychology, ask them in the comments of the Q&A and Amy will do her best to answer.

What you'll do

  • Listen to Amy as she shares ways to support young people and gives ideas and tips to help children (and parents) maintain good mental health in this period of uncertainty and stress.
  • Hopefully after hearing what a qualified child psychologist has to say you'll leave the Q&A feeling comforted and ready to help try and tackle any mental health issues your family may be facing.

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