Lockdown Lives: Nick Cope

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What to expect

With over twenty years of experience in music, Nick Cope definitely knows his stuff. He's spent a decade working in the children's music industry, during which he's written, recorded and performed endless music for families. His music covers brilliant kid-friendly topics like lizards, losing teeth, nits, new schools and everything in between. Because of this, his 5 CDs of original songs are a staple in thousands of households across the world.

You may know him from CBeebies show Nick Cope's Popcast, where he is joined by his whippet Norman in a magical, musical mission filled with hilarious songs for kids. Maybe you've been lucky enough to catch one of his live shows - after all, he's toured the UK many times, sharing his music with his young fans along the way. If you're desperate for some more Nick Cope content, don't worry, he's joining us for a live Q&A on Wednesday 13th May on the Kidadl Instagram page.

He'll be talking about the benefits of learning a musical instrument, how music lessons are great for developing social skills and motor skills, and how he's been using music to navigate the strangeness of the past few months. He'll also be sharing his tips on how to keep kids' imaginations whirring during lockdown. Don't miss out!

What you'll need

  • A love for all things music
  • A strong WiFi connection

What you'll do

  • Listen to Nick as he shares the joys of learning music, how he's been navigating lockdown and how his love for music has helped him pass the time.
  • After listening to what he has to say, you'll no doubt be inspired to make music of your own!

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