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Subjects: Physical Education

What to expect

Help your kids wake up happier and feeling more alert and focused for the day with Magical Moments. Have you been looking for an engaging morning routine for you and your kids during lockdown? Do you enjoy yoga and mindfulness? Join Magical Mornings for a quick routine to start your day with a positive mindset. You can expect mediation, yoga exercises, positive affirmations and lots more. You can join the Magical Mornings live video broadcast every Monday to Friday at 8.30am on Facebook.

Jin Atwal and his two daughters, Sienna aged 7 and Aiyana aged 4, teach the live routine each morning. Aimed at kids aged 2-11, these sessions are a fantastic opportunity to look after your physical and mental health. Magical Morning classes will also build self-confidence, creativity and increase physical activity through the five-step routine.

So, what can you expect in the class? There will be a focus every morning, for example mental health. Magical Mornings classes consist of a 15-minute routine where Jin teaches children how to do yoga, exercises, meditation, affirmations and gratitude as well as self-confidence building. And parents can join in too - you'll love to sit still, meditate and exercise together. A wonderful way to start the day! If you want a yoga session that starts a bit later, why not check out YogaBeez instead?

What you’ll need

  • Just bring yourself and wear comfortable clothes that you can move about in.
  • A yoga mat if you have one.
  • Make sure you have a good WiFi connection for the best user experience.
  • If you want to prep for your class, take a read of these top tips for doing yoga in lockdown.

What you’ll do

  • The sessions are live every Monday to Friday at 8.30am on Facebook.
  • This is a live five-step routine for kids. The session will focus on yoga, exercises, meditation, affirmations and gratitude.




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Magical Mornings

Jin Atwal is a father-of-two, and he's now streaming family mediation and yoga sessions for girls and boys of all ages to practice at home in the mornings whilst in lockdown.

With Jin's family helping him demonstrate exercises, his aim is to keep us all mentally and physically strong with a series of regular Facebook live streams.

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