360° Tower Of London Virtual Tour

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Subjects: History

What to expect

Do you enjoy exploring and discovering the history of the royal historic palaces? Would you like to have your own personal tour of the Tower of London, which has stood as a prominent national landmark since the 11th century, from the comfort of your own home? Well, now you can! Join historian and television presenter Dan Snow and Chief Yeoman Warder Alan Kingshott on a Tower of London 360° virtual tour.

Wannabe historians young and old will feel like they are there in person as they're guided around one of the world’s most important castles! Take a virtual walkthrough with Dan and Alan and discover a deeper look into the Tower of London’s history. From an iconic fortress to an infamous prison, delve into 1,000 years of history through captivating stories of treachery, passion and torture on this brilliant tour.

Learn about why the Cradle Tower was given its name, discover how Willian the conqueror built the White Tower and hear gruesome stories of the executions that took place at Tower Green. The most well known among those executed were the three former Queens, Anne Boleyn, Catherine Howard and Lady Jane Grey. The infamous Tower of London has witnessed some of Britain's most testing moments and you can learn all about them here.

Kids and adults alike will be intrigued to learn about Beefeaters, who still call the Tower of London their home, from the Chief Yeoman himself. Whether you have visited the iconic castle or not, this is a great introduction to it. There is no need to worry about poor weather conditions or accommodating large crowds – this tour is available whenever or wherever you want. Watch this virtual tour of Tower of London today!

If you are looking for more culture, check out this world-famous museum, the National Gallery.

What you’ll need

  • A passion for history and interest in historic buildings.
  • Make sure you have a good WiFi connection for the best user experience.

What you’ll do

  • Join this 45-minute Tower of London virtual tour with your family anytime.
  • Chief Yeoman Warder Alan Kingshott will answer all of your burning questions whilst guiding you through this prominent national landmark.  
  • The Historic Royal Palaces tour is a brilliant introductory to the history of the Tower of London. Delve into 1,000 years of history through captivating stories of treachery, passion and torture on this brilliant tour.
  • For more historical fun, check out our top history games by age group.




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Kids and adults alike can experience history where it happened at these six palaces, which have seen over 1,000 years of history. Whether you are visiting in person or virtually, there is so much to see and do. Discover a series of events for families, including garden trails, family trails, Yeoman Warder tours and spectacular exhibitions. A trip to one of these palaces will leave everyone impressed!

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