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Best 250+ Names That Mean Forest For Your Little Ranger

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Parents who are nature lovers may want a natural name for their baby

Many parents choose to give their babies forest-inspired nature names or names that mean forest so that their babies will have a serene aura around them. The name Forest itself is of French origin, meaning 'woodsman' or 'woods.' Forest means a woody area with trees covering large expanses. The idea of a forest brings nature, groundedness, and co-living with wild animals. Here, we have some of the best suggestions to help you pick the perfect names that mean forest.

For more nature name inspiration, take a look at these tree names for girls or these names that mean earth.

Popular Girls' Forest Names

Forest names for girls have been a popular choice for creative parents. Names relating to the forest and nature can give your baby girl an air of serenity and the feeling of being at one with the natural world. Below are some of the most fantastic forestry names for your little girls. 

1.  Adoette (Native American origin) means 'Big Tree.'

2. Alyvia (Latin origin) means 'Olive Tree; Forest.'

3. Aranya (Thai origin) means 'Bountiful Forest.'

4. Aspen (Hebrew origin) means 'Shaking Popular Tree.'

5. Aveline (French origin) means 'From the Hazelnut Forest.'

6. Ayla (Turkish origin) means 'Oak Meadow.'

7. Cedar (Latin origin) means 'Evergreen Conifer.'

8. Cherry (American origin) means 'Darling.'

9. Defne (Turkish Origin) means 'Bay tree.'

10. Ebony (Latin Origin) means 'Deeply dark wood.'

11. Feronia (Latin origin) means 'Goddess of springs and forests.'

12. Ilana (Hebrew origin) means 'Tree; Beauty.'

13. Lin (Japanese origin) means 'Beautiful Jade, Forest, Waterfall, From the Woods.'

14. Oliva (Latin Origin) means 'Olive Tree.'

15. Olivia (Latin Origin) means 'Olive Tree.'

16. Sylva (Christian origin) means 'Woodland.'

Unique Boy Names That Mean Forest

names that are cool and from forest

What could be more fun than picking out your little boys' name, meaning forest? We have compiled a list of boys' names from nature that you will love.

1. Arden (Jamaican origin) means 'Valley of the Eagle' or 'Great Forest.'

2. Ardian (Albanian origin) means 'Future or Great Forest.'

3. Boise (French Origin) means 'Forest.'

4. Burl (French Origin) means 'Knarled wood.'

5. Colhoun (Irish origin) means 'Small Forest.' 

6. Coy (American origin) means 'From the Forest.'

7. Ealdwode (English origin) means 'From the Forest.'

8. Faunus (French origin) means 'God of Forests.'

9. Firth (English origin) means 'Arm of the Forest; Of the Woodland.'

10.  Fraser (Christian origin) means 'French Town; Of the Forest Men.'

11.  Garwood (English origin) means 'From the forest.'

12.  Guido (Swedish origin) means 'Wood, Wide, Forest.'

13.  Hraefnscaga (English origin) means 'From the Raven forest.'

14.  Kyrkwode (Scottish origin) means 'From the church's forest.'

15.  Naimish (Sanskrit Origin) means 'Forest.'

16.  Oakley (American origin) means 'From the Oak Tree Forest.'

17.  Ollepu (Indian Origin) means 'Lion king of the forest.'

18.  Oswald (Christian origin) means 'God of the Forest; Divinely Powerful.'

19.  Poovanan (Indian Origin) means 'Flower forest.'

20.  Sylvain (German origin) means 'Forest Dweller; Man of the Forest.'

21.  Tane (Portuguese origin) means 'God of the Forests.'

22.  Van (Sanskrit Origin) means 'Forest.'

23.  Vanadev (Sanskrit Origin) means 'God of the forest.'

24.  Vanaja (Sanskrit Origin) means 'Lotus.'

25.  Waverley (British origin) means 'From Near an Aspen Tree Forest.'

26.  Woodie (American origin) means 'Forester; Row of Houses by a Wood.'

Gender Neutral Names That Mean Forest

Do you often dream about mother nature and the great outdoors while thinking of your baby boy or girl? This thought-provoking list of names meaning forest will help you name your babies, boys or girls.

1.  Brucie (French origin) means 'Forest Sprite.'

2.  Caileigh (French origin) means 'Slender; from the Forest.'

3.  Cayley (Christian origin) means 'Slender, From the Forest.'

4.  Ellery (English Origin) means 'Lives by the Alder tree.'

5.  Elswyth (Anglo Saxon origin) means 'Elf from the willow tree.'

6.  Javier (Portuguese origin) means 'A forest, Green branches.'

7.  Karri (Scandinavian origin) means 'pure,' the name given to an Australian native tree.

8.  Kimberley (American origin) means 'From the wood of the royal forest.' 

9.  Laurie (English origin) means 'laurel tree.'

10.  Linwood (English Origin) means 'stream forest.'

11.  Olive (English origin) means 'Forests; Olive Tree.'

12.  Parker (English origin) means 'Keeper of the Forest' or 'Forest Ranger.' 

Forest Inspired Names For Little Girls

names for children that means ranger

With so many great names for your child, choosing the best name for your baby girl can be a difficult decision. Here are some top baby names meaning forest that you can consider for your little girl.'

1.  Althea (Greek origin) means 'Trees having Healing Powers.'

2.  Angarika (Sanskrit Origin) means 'Flame of the forest.'

3.  Aranyaa (Sanskrit Origin) means 'Wild Forest.'

4.  Asiza (Arabic origin) means 'Forest Spirit.'

5.  Bambi (Italian origin) means 'Little Tree; Girl.'

6.  Banamala (Sanskrit Origin) means 'Forest.'

7.  Banani (Sanskrit Origin) means 'Evergreen Forest."

8.  Buna (African origin) means 'The Buna Tree; The Fighter.'

9.  Daisy (Old Greek origin) means 'Day.' Daisy is a flower

10.  Diana (Indo-European origin) means 'Beautiful Goddess of Woods.'

11.  Figueroa (Spanish Origin) means 'Fig tree.'

12.  Forestina (Latin Origin) means 'Wood maiden.'

13.  Forestra (Latin Origin) means 'One who lives by a forest.'

14.  Hayma (Burmese/Pali Origin) means 'Forest.'

15.  Keitha (Scottish/Gaelic Origin) means 'Forest.'

16.  Kezia (Hebrew origin) means 'cassia tree.'  

17.  Laragh (Irish origin) means 'Bay Laurel.'

18.  Mielikki (Finnish Origin) is the Finnish Goddess of Forests and Hunting.

19.  Nahili (Aboriginal Origin) means 'Flower of happiness.'

20.  Perrie (English origin) means 'lives by the pear tree.'

21.  Seda (Turkish origin) means 'Echo or Voice in the Forest.'

22.  Silvana (Italian Origin) means 'forest.'

23.  Silviya (English origin) means ' From the Forest.'

24.  Sylvanella (African origin) means 'small forest.'

25.  Sylvie (French origin) means 'From the Forest.'

26.  Sylvina (Latin Origin) means 'forest.'

27.  Sylvonna (Latin Origin) means 'of the forest.'

Wondrous Boy Names Inspired By Forests 

Forests bring us closer to nature and make us grounded. We have put together a list of astounding baby names meaning forest or related to the forest you can give to your little boy.

1.  Arvida (English origin) means 'From the Eagle Tree; Meadow.'

2.  Bostan (Arabic origin) means 'Garden.'

3.  Boyce (French origin) means 'Living Beside a Wood or Forest.'

4.  Chan (Cambodian origin) means 'A Sweet Smelling Tree.'

5.  Colquhoun (Scottish origin) means 'narrow woods.'

6.  Daffodil (English origin) means 'Daffodil; a famous flower.'

7.  Dagwood (English origin) means 'Bright wood from the bright one's forest.'

8.  Dandak (Sanskrit Origin) means 'jungle.'

9.  Delano (French Origin) means 'Nut tree' or 'night'.

10.  Elah (Hebrew origin) means 'Turpentine Tree.'

11.  Forester (Scottish origin) means 'Forest Guardian.'

12.  Ghaslan (Arabic origin) means 'Forest.'

13.  Hagrama (Sanskrit Origin) means 'dense forest.'

14.  Haywood (American origin) means 'From the hedged forest.'

15.  Kalpvan (Sanskrit Origin) means 'Forest of wishes.'

16.  Kanan (Sanskrit Origin) means 'Forest.'

17.  Manyam (Sanskrit Origin) means 'Forest.'

18.  Marwood (English origin) means 'Lake near the woods.'

19.  Raskogr (Norse Origin) means 'From the Deer forest.'

20.  Silas (Latin Origin) means 'forest.'

21.  Silvano (Latin Origin) means 'who lives in the forest.'

22.  Silvanus (English origin) means 'One who loves the Forest.'

23.  Silvester (American origin) means 'From the Trees.'

24.  Silvius (Latin Origin) means 'wood.'

25.  Sylvian (Latin Origin) means 'forest.'

26.  Yardley (English origin) means 'The Forest of Kindling.'

Short Girls' Names Related To Forests And Nature

If you're looking for a shorter and snappier name that still carries the beautiful meaning and connotations of the forest, look no further than this list of short girls' names below.

1.  Aase (Old Norse origin) means 'From the tree-covered mountain.'

2.  Acacia (Greek origin) means 'A Thorny tree.'

3.  Aiken (Old English origin) means 'Made of Oak.'

4.  Aloe (Greek origin), is a serene name taken after the soothing aloe vera plant.

5.   Arlie (Old English origin) means 'From the hare's meadow; Eaglewood.'

6.  Arna (Hebrew origin) means 'Cedar tree.'

7.  Bel (Sanskrit origin) means 'Wood that is sacred.'

8.  Bipina (Sanskrit Origin) means 'Forest.'

9.  Bitki (Turkish origin) means 'Plant.'

10.  Daere (Welsh origin) means 'Oak Tree.'

11.  Ghusun (Arabic Origin) means 'Branches of a tree.'

12.  Glade (Old English Origin) means 'a clearing in the forest.

13.  Holly (English Origin) means 'The Holly tree.'

14.  Idra (Aramaic origin) means 'Fig Tree.'

15.  Ilana (Hebrew Origin) means 'tree.'

16.  Ivy (Old English Origin) means 'a climbing plant.'

17.  Kazia (Hebrew Origin) means 'Acacia tree.'

18.  Keita (Celtic Origin) means 'Forest.'

19.  Lesly (Gaelic Origin) means 'small meadow.'

20.  Linden (German Origin) means 'made from Linwood.'

21.  Metsa (Finnish Origin) means 'Woman of the forest.'

22.  Mori (Japanese origin) means 'the Forest.' It also signifies the grove surrounding a Shinto shrine giving it peaceful connotations.

23.  Tallis (French Origin) means 'woodland.'

24.  Vanya (Sanskrit Origin) means 'Diety of forests.'

Short Boys' Names Related To Forests And Nature

A short name can be easier to remember than a long one and saves you from having to come up with a nickname too! The following short boys' names have beautiful meanings related to the natural world and dense woods.

1.  Ackley (English Origin) means 'Oak meadow.'

2.  Adair (Gaelic Origin) means 'Oak grove.'

3.  Alder (Old English origin) means 'of the Alder tree.'

4.  Aran (Hebrew Origin) means 'Forest.'

5.  Ard (Latin/Dutch/Hebrew Origin) means 'Forest/Eagle.'

6.  Ashly (English Origin) means 'Ash meadow.'

7.  Beech (English Origin) means 'Beech Tree.'

8.  Chane (French Origin) means 'Oak Hearted.'

9.  Codrin (Romanian origin) means 'Forest' or 'Woods.'

10.  Elwood (Old English origin) means 'Old forests.'

11.  Garrick (French Origin) means 'Oak Grove.'

12.  Harac (English Origin) means 'From the Ancient Oak Tree.'

13.  Haslet (English Origin) means 'From the land of Hazel trees.'

14.  Hollis (English Origin) means 'From the land of Holly trees.'

15.  Iwdael (Welsh Origin) means 'From the Yew valley.'

16.  Kai (Navajo origin) means 'Willow Tree.' Kai is a name that appears in many languages and has numerous different roots and, therefore, several meanings.

17.  Lam (Vietnamese origin) means 'Forest.'

18.  Nash (English Origin) means 'By the Ash tree.'

19.  Nowles ( English origin) means 'Cove forest.'

20.  Oren (Hebrew Origin) means 'Pine or Ash tree.'

21.  Park (Chinese Origin) means 'Cyprus Tree.'

22.  Quesnel (French Origin) means 'Little Oak.'

23.  Rinji (Japanese Origin) means 'Peaceful forest.'

24.  Riodhr (Norse Origin) means 'Dwells in a forest clearing.'

25.  Roscoe (Norse origin) means 'Deer forest.'

26.  Royd (Norse Origin) means 'Dwells in a forest clearing.'

27.  Sen (Japanese origin) means 'Forest elf' or 'Wood fairy.'

28.  Sil (Latin origin) means 'Of the Forest.'

29.  Silva (Latin Origin) means 'Woods.'

30.  Silvio (Latin Origin) means 'Woods.'

31.  Sylvan (Latin origin) means 'From the Forest.'

32.  Tamir (Arabic Origin) means 'someone who owns Date trees.'

33.  Vedia (Teutonic Origin) means 'Holy Spirit of the Forest.'

34.  Vedis (Teutonic Origin) means 'Holy Spirit of the Forest.'

35.  Vipin (Sanskrit origin) means 'the Forest.'

36.  Xylo (Ancient Greek origin) means 'the Wood, Forest.'

37.  Xylon (Greek Origin) means 'forest.'

38.  Yves (Germanic origin) means 'Yew.' This name is pronounced eve.

Long Girls' Forest Names

If you're in need of melodious names that mean forest or trees, then take a look at some of these longer names for girls for some inspiration.

1.  Abungu (African Origin) means 'of the Forest.'

2.  Aghaveagh (Irish origin) means 'From the field of old trees.'

3.  Alameda (Spanish Origin) means 'a Poplar grove.'

4.  Amadahy (Native American origin) means 'Forest water.'

5.   Amaranth (Greek origin) means 'A type of flower.'

6.  Ardeen (Latin Origin) means 'Great forest.'

7.  Banashankhari (Sanskrit Origin) means 'Forest.'

8.  Banashree (Sanskrit Origin) means 'Beauty of the forest.'

9.  Betulia (Hebrew origin) means 'a Birch-tree garden.'

10.  Gul Nasreen (Arabic origin) means 'Garden of wildflowers.'

11.  Hadassah (Hebrew Origin) means 'Myrtle tree.'

12.  Jasmira (Sanskrit Origin) means 'Scents of the forest.'

13.  Kanana (Sanskrit origin) means 'a Forest.'

14.  Kananbala (Sanskrit Origin) means 'Nymph of the forest.'

15.  Kanchanmala (Sanskrit Origin) means 'Nymph of the forest.'

16.  Kunjalata (Sanskrit Origin) means 'Forest Creeper.'

17.  Kunjana (Sanskrit Origin) means 'Forest girl.'

18.  Malaya (Sanskrit Origin) means 'Forest.'

19.  Maryweld (Old English origin) means 'Mary from the Woods.'

20.  Moriko (Japanese origin) means 'forest child.'

21.  Moriyo (Japanese origin) means 'the Forest generation.'

22.  Nymishaa (Sanskrit Origin) means 'Forest.'

23.  Oihana (Basque Origin) means 'forest.'

24.  Oihane (Basque origin) means 'from the Forest.'

25.  Shakeetha (Indian Origin) means 'Forest.'

26.  Sylanna (Latin Origin' means 'from the forest.'

27.  Sylvana (Latin Origin' means 'forest.'

28.  Tauriel (English Origin) means 'Daughter of the forest.'

29.  Vanadevi (Sanskrit origin) means 'Goddess of the Forest.'

30.  Vanaja (Sanskrit Origin) means 'Daughter of Forest.'

31.  Xyleena (Greek origin) means 'a Forest dweller.'

32.  Xylophia (Greek origin) means 'the Forest lover.'

Long Boys' Forest Names

This list of long boy names that have meanings relating to the forest is a great place to start if you're searching for boys' names with both authority and beautiful meanings. Take a look below for some inspiration.

1.      Altwidus (German Origin) means 'old forest.'

2.      Aranyakumar (Sanskrit Origin) means 'Prince of the forest.'

3.      Aranyay (Sanskrit Origin) means 'forest.'

4.      Arywode (Old English origin) means 'from the Fir Forest.'

5.      Attewode (Old English origin) means 'who lives in the woods.'

6.      Atwood (Old English origin) means 'by the woods.'

7.      Banjeet (Sanskrit Origin) means 'Victory of the forest.'

8.      Banmeet (Sanskrit Origin) means 'Friend of the forest.'

9.      Banpaul (Sanskrit Origin) means 'Forester.'

10.  Bansika (Sanskrit Origin) means 'King of the forest.'

11.  Banvari (Sanskrit Origin) means 'dweller of the forest'.

12.  Bipin (Hindi Origin) means 'forest.'

13.  Bipinchandra (Sanskrit Origin) means 'moon of the forest.'

14.  Bipinjeet (Sanskrit Origin) means 'victory over the forest.'

15.  Bipinmeet (Sanskrit Origin) means 'friend of the forest.'

16.  Bipinpreet (Sanskrit Origin) means 'Love for the forest.'

17.  Calhoun (Gaelic Origin) means 'the narrow woods.'

18.  Choilleich (Gaelic Origin) means 'Guards the forest.'

19.  Codrut (Romanian Origin) means 'hailing from a forest.'

20.  Coillcumhann (Irish Origin) means 'From the narrow forest.'

21.  DeForest (Old English Origin) means 'living near the Forest.'

22.  Forrest (English Origin) means 'Forest.'

23.  Griswold (English origin) means 'Woodland.'

24.  Hartwood (English origin) means 'From the stag forest.'

25.  Hrocesburh (English origin) means 'From the Crow's forest.'

26.  Hurste (English origin) means) 'who lives in the forest.'

27.  Islwyn (Welsh Origin) means 'below the grove.'

28.  Kylemore (Celtic origin) means 'from the Great Wood.'

29.  Lennox (Gaelic Origin) means 'Elm grove.'

30.  Nemorio (Latin origin) means 'Inhabitant of the Forest or Sacred grove.'

31.  Nikunja (Sanskrit origin) means 'from the Grove of Trees.'

32.  Northwode (English origin) means 'from the North forest.'

33.  Pearroc (English origin) means 'One who is from the Forest.'

34.  Sherwood (English Origin) means 'Bright forest.'

35.  Stanwode (English origin) means 'from the Stony forest.'

36.  Stanwood (Old English origin) means 'Stone woods.'

37.  Sylvester (Latin Origin) means 'woodland.'

38.  Upwood (Old English origin) means 'Upper forest.'

39.  Vanjot (Hindi Origin) means 'Light of the forest.'

40.  Winswode (Old English origin) means 'From Wine's forest.'

41.  Winwodem (Old English origin) means 'From Wine's forest.'

42.  Woodson (English origin) means 'Wood's son; from the Woods.'

Long Gender-Neutral Names Related To Forests And Nature

For those who would prefer to choose a name not assigned to any specific gender, check out these beautiful names listed below. Your child will feel at one with nature with one of these name options.

1.      Berkeley (Old English origin) means 'the Birch Tree meadow or clearing.'

2.      Kamani (Hawaiian origin) means 'Tree.'

3.      Lindsay (English origin) means 'Island of Linden trees.'

4.      Locke (English origin) means 'woods.'

5.      Matsimela (African Origin) means 'roots.'

6.      Merewood (English origin) means 'from the Forest with the Lake.'

7.      Nahele (Hawaiian origin) means 'Tree Grove; Forest.'

8.      Walker (English origin) means 'someone who wanders in the woods.'

9.      Wellesley (English origin) means 'Welle's wood.'

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