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70 Cool Aunt Nicknames

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Why Aunt Nicknames?

The term 'aunt' is a modern word derived from the Old French term 'ante'. Ante is further a derivation of the Latin term 'amita', meaning 'father's sister'. The word 'aunt' separately originates from Old English native terms. The terms are 'mōdriġe' and 'faþe', meaning 'maternal aunt' and paternal aunt', respectively. In today's day and age, the term aunt has become more flexible. Presently, aunt is a common term for both maternal and paternal sisters. Aunt is also a part of the phrase used to refer to other unrelated, sister-like relationships in a family. In some cultures, aunt is a term for addressing a senior member of a community. Since aunt is widely used, you can try using interesting nicknames as an alternative. Here you will find a wide variety of aunt nicknames. Reading through the descriptions of the pet names can help you make a choice most relevant to your aunt. You might also learn ways of creating new nicknames yourself.    

Cute Aunt Nicknames

1. Appy - a catchy nickname for aunts. 

2. Anny-bear - a nickname toddlers can use for their aunts. 

3. Auntie Pie - for the cutest aunt. 

4. Auntilicious - when your aunt is very kind towards you. 

5. Bub - if your aunt is more like a friend. 

6. Bubby - infants could learn to refer to their aunts by this nickname. 

7. BB - another easy nickname that little kids can use. 

8. Candy - for an aunt who always brings you little treats during visits. 

9. Coco - for an aunt who is a breath of fresh air. 

10. Cookie - for an aunt who is always caring and sweet to you. 

11. DeeDee - if your is like your big sister. 

12. Missy - a common nickname for girls suitable for aunts. 

13. Nan - a modern nickname.

14. Nini - another pet name for your cute aunt. 

15. Plum - when your aunt is your friend and always takes your side in arguments. 

16. Sunshine - for an aunt who can always make you happy and smile. 

Funny Aunt nicknames

17. Ace - if your aunt is very talented and highly accomplished. 

18. AI - when your aunt is too perfect. 

19. Ant - for your youngest aunt. 

20. Auntarooni - when your aunt is the funniest person in the family. 

21. Auntclopedia - for an aunt who always has an answer to any question. 

22. Aun-tea - for an aunt obsessed with drinking tea. 

23. Aunti-Q - a playful nickname for your eldest aunt. 

24. Auntonymous - for an introverted aunt. 

25. Auntydote - for an aunt in the medical profession. 

26. Auntylogy - for an aunt who is very philosophical. 

27. Auntysaur - when your aunt is angry, but you are still thinking of teasing her. 

28. Auntyverse - a mix of the terms aunty and universe, as a nickname for an adventurous aunt who takes you along on her journeys. 

29. Boop - for a cute aunt. 

30. Bunny - for an aunt who is always traveling. 

31. Chubs - when your aunt gives the best hugs. 

32. Debbie - a suitable nickname for aunts whose names start with a D. 

33. Enty - a playful variation of the common nickname aunty. 

34. Gossip Girl - when you have the most interesting conversations with your aunt. 

35. Mom 2.0 - implying that your aunt is like your second mother. 

36. Nanan - another cute nickname toddlers can use when they are still learning to pronounce clearly. 

37. Pebbles - when your aunt is an important source of support and motivation.

38. Senti - when your aunt is too sentimental. 

39. Zia - a unique nickname for your aunt. 

Unique Nicknames For Your Aunt

40. Boss Lady - when you always ask your aunt for advice for any important decision. 

41. ChiChi - a catchy pet name for aunts. 

42. DinDin - a fun nickname children can use. 

43. Enny - another pet name toddlers can use when they are still learning to speak clearly. 

44. Fifi - a trendy nickname for aunts. 

45. Lala - regarded as a common nickname given to aunts. 

46. Lee Lee - an unconventional nickname. 

47. NayNay - for an aunt who is very protective of you.

48. Nene - a variation of the nickname NayNay. 

49. Tatty  

50. Wonder Woman - another catchy nickname for a protective aunt. 

51. Zizi  

Traditional Aunt Nicknames

52. Ann - an abbreviation for aunt as a nickname. 

53. Annie - a diminutive of Anna, meaning 'full of grace'. It can also work as a nickname for aunts. 

54. Aunty - one of the most common nicknames for aunts.

55. Auntie - a variation of the nickname aunty. 

56. Elly - a sweet nickname.

57. Tammy - a classy nickname. 

58. Tammie - a variation of Tammy. 

59. Tannie

60. Tee - short and sweet nickname. 

Cool Nicknames For Aunts

61. Mimi - a cute nickname children can use to call their aunts. 

62. Boogie - for a fun-loving aunt with who you can dance along with. 

63. Bubbie - a fitting nickname for cuddly aunts. 

64. Gigi - a popular name that can be a good nickname for aunts. 

65. Lady Bug - for a short aunt. 

66. Lolo - a catchy nickname. 

67. Mandy - a common feminine nickname. 

68. Pooh - when your aunty is very fashionable. 

69. Tess 

70. Ti - a short nickname. 


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