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15+ Cool San Francisco Nicknames

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San Francisco is one of the most popular cities in California, US, near San and Jose, Oakland cities.

San Francisco has a population of approximately 815,201 residents as of 2021 and is the 17th most populous city in the US. This city is also one of the densely populated cities in the US.

This city is a popular tourist destination. San Francisco and the surrounding area of San Francisco bay are the center point of economic activity, arts, and science propelled by various leading Universities, Hi-tech companies, the San Francisco Museum, and Healthcare. San Francisco has a rich history and diverse culture, like San Jose.

This city is known for its steep rolling hills, wide-ranging mix of architecture, popular landmarks like the Golden Gate Bridge, cable cars, Alcatraz, Chinatown, summertime, and Mission districts, as well as for its cool summertime and fog. Here, we have you covered with numerous unique, popular, and top San Francisco nicknames.

Cool Nicknames For San Francisco

Nickname here brings joy to both parties in conversation regarding any place. Check out the best creative names for San Francisco.

  • 415 - This is a numerical name. This name comes from the city's area code. It is stylized as a name that someone might sometimes hear. People usually use the phrase 'yeah, I'm going to the 415'.
  • Fog City - In the Chinese language, 'Wu Du' can be translated to Fog City, which comes from the Chinese region only. This name can be a justifiable name, which comes from San Francisco's fog that often covers the city entirely. The local people from San Francisco do not use this name, and they even do not like the name.
  • Frisco - Frisco is a manly name, which means 'free man,' and the origin of Frisco is Spanish and Italian. It turns out Frisco could be a fashionable name for the city, and this nickname Frisco can be a good one also. But the fact is, Frisco is still a very discordant name that the majority of locals of the city don't like. While most of them will give a stare at you, others might wholly and completely tell you to stop saying Frisco.

Catchy Nicknames San Francisco

A catchy nickname is always very important for any place all over the world. So, let's check out some catchy nicknames for San Francisco Bay here for the city by the bay area.

  • Paris of the West - This name was coined to bring more people from the eastern side of the States to the west.
  • San Fran - People living in San Francisco usually calls the city San Fran to make it more memorable for the tourists and people who visit the city.
  • San Frn-CIS-co - Finally the most preferred one. This name is largely used by the locals. They often use the city's full name during their conversations. It is pretty close to how someone would say it in the Spanish language.
  • Say San - This can be a tricky nickname, not unlike the other nicknames. For the city of San Francisco Bay.

Popular Nicknames For San Francisco

What's a nickname that doesn't sound popular? Check out some popular nicknames for San Francisco here.

  • SF - Certainly, this is the simplest form of the name San Francisco. It is like how New York City becomes NYC and Los Angles becomes LA. However, this name sounds a bit weird to say, not exactly good like NYC or LA.
  • The Bay Area - The bay area name brings a warm familiarity to San Franciscans. It feels utilitarian and industrial to some people. It makes San Francisco seem one-dimensional and harder than it is. But the local people seem to like it, and that's what matters the most.
  • The City - This name is the most popular one from the local's perspective. The local people love this name. But the funny thing about the name is people also use this name to talk about London. We think it is fine for any city that someone is currently in. But anyway, this is San Franciscan's very favorite.
  • The City of Fog - San Francisco is famous for the beautiful and trendy image of the bridge surrounded by fog. That image is San Francisco's Golden Gate bridge.

Local Nicknames For San Francisco

Local nickname is always very important for any place. If you are a tourist or just settled in here, you can remember these names and use them in day-to-day life. So, let's check out some unique nicknames for San Francisco that San Franciscans use here.

  • SFC - Most of the locals of San Francisco can be heard calling the city SFC, which stands for San Francisco City.
  • The City by the Bay - It is the most popular nickname for this city. Also, just 'The Bay' can be used. This name, someone will find on the Warriors, team jerseys of SF's NBA. This is a good nickname if you're not in San Francisco but still want to use 'The City.
  • The Golden City - Obviously, the city is called the golden city of San Francisco's beautiful, prestigious, and famous Golden Gate Bridge. It is said that all the money coming from all the successful Hi-tech start-ups, Professional service centers here is like a gold rush.
  • The ‘Sco’ - This seems to be the latest short form to hit San Francisco city's streets, and the name is pretty good. We can only wonder what journalist Herb Caen would have to say about it. Try this name at your own risk in the locality.
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