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46 Country Nicknames

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Read these Tokyo facts to learn all about the Japanese capital.

Usually, every country is known by a name that it is famous for.

Many countries are known for their nature and their importance. The world has been divided into seven continents.

The countries in all seven countries have various names attached to them. The seven continents are North America, South America, Asia, Europe, Africa, Australia, and Antarctica. The countries on these continents have different, funny and enterprising names.

Some names are surprising. Some nicknames depict the physical features that the country has. Some names have been given throughout the history of the country.

Certain nicknames have been given by poets and travelers who have enjoyed the scenic beauty of the country. A few names have been given based on the country's food products.

Fashionable Nicknames For Country

There are several countries worldwide, and Asia has the second-largest number of countries. So, here are some of the country's nicknames.

  • Asia's World City- The name is given to Hong Kong, which has high financial strength, trade, and tourism.
  • Cradle of Ancient Civilization-Iraq- The country from which the ancient Sumerian civilization began
  • Land of Blue sky- The name is given to Mongolia due to the bright blue sky that is light and empty.
  • Land of Smiles- The name shows that people in a country like Thailand have smiles on their faces.
  • Land of the Golden Pagodas- This name is given to Myanmar because of its culture and heritage.
  • Land of the morning calm- South Korea is referred to as morning calm due to its enchanting scenery.
  • Land of the orient seas- Philippines is called the Land of the Orient Seas due to its ocean's extraordinary beauty.
  • Land of the rising sun- Japan is known under this name as the rising sun begins here first.
  • Land of the Thunder Dragon- The dragon appears on the national flag of Bhutan.
  • Lion City- This is called the Lion City as the country of Singapore has a merlion and a respected symbol.
  • Red Dragon- China has the nickname, the Red Dragon, as it is a communist country.
  • The Emerald of the Equator- Indonesia is the land of tropical rainforests where the forests are depicted as emerald.
  • The Hermit kingdom- Since North Korea doesn't establish contact with the rest of the world, they live like a hermit kingdom in the same place.

Enchanting Nicknames For Country

Looking for some enchanting and engaging nicknames for countries? Here are some:

  • Land of beauty and music -Austria has a great history of music composers.
  • Land of Count Dracula- This moniker is given to Romania, which refers to a Latin word that means 'Dracula'.
  • Land of fire and ice- Iceland is a country that has numerous glaciers, ice, and volcanic terrains, making this nickname of fire and ice best for it.
  • Land of great thinkers and poets- Germany has numerous great poets, hence the nickname.
  • Land of Hope and Glory- England is known for its patriotism and as the land of glory.
  • Land Of Magyars- Hungary is given the name as the natives speak a different language other than the European languages.
  • Land of Milk and Honey-Switzerland produces the best milk and honey in the world.
  • Land of the Midnight Sun- In Norway, there is no darkness.
  • Land of thousand lakes- It is a great nickname for a country like Finland. Finland has more than a thousand lakes.
  • The bread basket of Europe- Ukraine is called the bread basket of Europe due to its rich black fertile soil.
  • The Red one- The blood of the bulls in Spain.
  • The Sunny Side of the Alps- Slovenia country is on the other side of the mountains. You can call this country by Sunny Side Alps.
  • Thousand Hills Madagascar - Madagascar is known for its green, spectacular hills.

Unraveling Nicknames For Country

Africa has the most significant number of countries of all continents. If you are looking for some unraveling nicknames for the country, here are some:

  • Gem of Africa- Botswana is the largest diamond producing country in Africa.
  • Giant of Africa-Nigeria based on the enormous ethnicities and the different species of animals and insects.
  • Kingdom of the West- Morocco is usually known by this nickname.
  • Land of many faces - Namibia is referred to by this nickname due to the rustic backdrop changing quickly.
  • Land of thirteen months of Sunshine - Ethiopia follows a calendar with thirteen months in a year, hence the nickname.
  • Land of Thousand hills -Rwanda has a fantastic scenic country full of mountains and hills.
  • Rainbow nation- The nickname Rainbow Nation is best for South Africa because of the country's democracy.
  • The Emerald Isle- The nickname Emerald Isle is best for Ireland due to its lushly green land.
  • The Gift of the Nile- Egypt has the longest river Nile flows through the country.
  • The Kingdom in the sky- Lesotho has the highest lowest point in the world.
  • The Red Island- Madagascar has a reddish tint in the soil permanently.

Enthralling Nicknames For Country

Check out some enthralling nicknames for the country below:

  • Land of Free- The United States of America is famous for being a free country.
  • Land of many waters- In Guyana, there are numerous lakes, rivers, and water systems in this country.
  • Land of Silver- Argentina is recognized by this moniker. The Latin word means 'silver' and is famous for silver marketing.
  • Land of the Incas- Peru is a South American country where this civilization is famous.
  • Land of the Palms- Brazil has the nickname the indigenous people gave to it.
  • The Great white north- Canada is the Arctic Archipelago, and you can call it the Great White North.
  • The Last Frontier - Alaska has an abundance of unsettled land in this country.

Attractive Nicknames For Country

Here are some attractive nicknames you can use to address a country.

  • Land Down Under- Australia is the country located below the equator.
  • Land of the Long White Cloud- New Zealand has a long mountain range with clouds that lie within, which refers to this name.
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