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147 Footballer Nicknames That You Mustn't Miss

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If you have been following the beautiful yet nerve-wracking game, you are already aware that different names know some players.

To our amazement, we found many famous players are not what we know them by. Ronaldinho is one of the most prominent examples.

We investigated further and found some amusing nicknames with different meanings and certainly worth using. While a few names might come as a taunt, others can be creatively used to express different qualities in a subtle and fun way.

If you are a Football fan, this is the only list you would want to refer to on the internet. However, we advise you to have a notepad, as we know that you will pick more than one. Maybe, create your unique list of nicknames, ready to be thrown at a moment's notice.

Unique Footballer Nicknames

Some of the unique and uncommon names have been compiled here.

Big Dunc: The headstrong English Premier League resident, Duncan Ferguson.

Black Tulip: The elegant sleekness of Ruud Gullit earned him this name.

Braveheart: Carlos Puyol, The one who can stop a power shot with just their chest!

Bull Fighter: The aggressive Paolo Rossi for his feats on the field.

Chicharito: One of the favorite nicknames of the Manchester United fans, worn by Javier Hernandez.

Chopper: The aggressive tackles of ex-Chelsea player Ron Harris.

CR7: The initial and nickname of five-time Ballon d'Or winner Christiano Ronaldo.

Czech Cannon: The set-piece specialist Pavel Nedved.

Czech Fury: Did we mention that the shots from Paul Nedved's set pieces launched like Cannons?

Der Bomber: Gerd Muller is one of the most prolific German strikers and the current owner of this nickname.

Der Kaiser: The best defender and the German leader, Franz Beckenbauer.

EL Matador: The composure of Cavani during his goal against Napoli earned him this name.

El Nino: The fiery goal-getter for Liverpool and a Premier League legend, Fernando Torres.

El-Angel: One of the Argentine Football history makers, Gabriel Batistuta.

El Pibe de Oro: The nickname of former player Late Maradona, meaning 'Golden boy'.

El Toro: Golden Boot winner in the 1978 World Cup, Mario Kempes.

Extraterrestrial: The most aggressive and short goalkeeper with the best records. The name is well-deserved by German legend Oliver Kahn.

G.O.A.T: Greatest of All Time is the perfect nickname for the ideal player, Lionel Messi.

Galloping Major: A primary protagonist, the appropriate name for Frenc Puskas.

Iceman/Non-Flying Dutchman: The calm composure led to a huge trophy cabinet owned by Dennis Bergkamp.

The King: That's what the legend Eric Cantona meant to the fans of Manchester United!

La Pulga: The bearer of the highest title, 'World's Greatest Player', Lionel Messi.

Leo: The nickname is enough to strike fear and gather excitement, as it indicates 'The God', Lionel Messi.

Lion: Gabriel Batistuta is one of Argentina's leading goal scorers, with this nickname as a prize.

Little Witch: A self-proclaimed nickname by Juan Sebastian Veron.

LM10: These initials need no explanation!

Maestro: An Italian nickname for the creative Italian midfielder Andrea Pirlo.

Metronome: The heartbeat of the entire Juventus midfield, Andrea Pirlo.

Mozart: The ability to execute team plays in an artistic way and Andrea Pirlo Talent.

Bello di Notte (Beauty of the Night): The artistic play of Zbigniew Boneik in the European Club Tournament.

O'Robo: The robot-like perfect skills of Christiano Ronaldo

O’Rei: The Brazilian Legend of football, Pelé, needs no explanation!

One Man Show: That’s what Ronaldinho was named after, dribbling past an entire team, more than once!

La Perla: The ambidexterity of attacking midfielder Julen Guerrero.

Piranha: The aggressive playstyle of Edgar Davids.

Ronaldinho: Did you know that his actual name was Ronaldo de Assis Moreira?

Garrincha: One of the best Brazilian wingers of all time, Manuel Francisco dos Santos.

The Butcher of Bilbao: As the name suggests, the star defender of Bilbao and Spain, Goikoetxea.

The Flea: Messi's insane capability to maneuver fields, possessed by very few soccer players.

The Flying Dutchman: Remember the flying goal by Robin van Persie in FIFA World Cup 2014

The King: One of the earliest and pivotal Brazilian legends, Pelé.

The Phenomenon: The nickname of the complete striker in football history, Ronaldo, from Brazil.

The Professor: The creator of exceptional midfield games, the unique ability of Andrea Pirlo.

The Robot: The English version of the O-Robo nickname.

The Saint: Exceptional Performance and a humble attitude remind us of Iker Casillas.

Vulture: The legendary striker from Spain, Hugo Sanchez.

White Pelé: The Pelé-like skills of Zico, the pale-colored football player.

Funny Footballer Nicknames

Game of football.

There is no event, or place in the world, where we fail to see the humor. Football is no different, as you might see some of the laughable yet favorite nicknames on this list and the game itself. Some that are sure to make a laugh!

48. Architect: The architectural build-ups of Andrea Pirlo.

49. Baby-faced Assassin: The playful name for the super- sub, Solskjaer, looks like a baby.

50. Le Divin Chauve (Bald Headed God): The bald French goalkeeper Fabien Barthez and his god-like saves.

51. Bam-Bam: Chile's third-highest goal scorer, Ivan Zamorano.

52. Becks: The short name of David Beckham.

53. Bergy: A funny nickname for Dutchman Dennis Bergkamp.

54. El Nino (Big Baby): Fernando Torres earned this name after receiving a three-match ban due to his provocation.

55. Big Sausage: The long legs of Patrick Vieira earned him this name.

56. Bity: A funny nickname for Luis Suarez.

57. Black Panther: One who was considered the best goalkeeper of all time, Yashin.

59. Blind Venetian: The Manchester United Keeper, Massimo Taibi, his feats against Southampton.

60. Cashley: A funny nickname for left-back Ashley Cole.

61. El Tiburon: Owing to the wild playstyle of the Spanish Centre Back, Carles Puyol.

62. Dave: It is easier to pronounce ‘Dave’ than Cesar Azpilicueta.

63. Duncan Disorderly: The hard nut Duncan Ferguson, who headbutted John McStay.

64. Divine Ponytail: The magician from Italy, Roberto Baggio, with his famous 'Divine' ponytail.

65. Doll: An appropriate nickname for Marcelo Gallardo.

66. El-Gato: The cat-like agile movement of the legendary Madrid Goalkeeper Iker Casillas.

67. Der Kaiser: Traits such as immense power, tremendous will, and excellent defense earned Franz Beckenbauer this name.

68. Fifth Beatle: The stylish persona of George Best earned him this name.

69. Gentle Giant: The respectful and towering personality of John Charles.

70. Ginger Ninja: Great passing ability and Ginger colored hair, the name is meant for Paul Scholes.

71. Ginger Prince: The hair color earned this name for Paul Scholes.

72. Giraffe: You will understand once you know the height of Jack Charlton.

73. The Man of Glass: The injury-prone yet feared striker, Arjen Robben.

74. Hand of God: To Remember the goal scored by the hand of Diego Maradona.

75. Honey Badger: One of the best NFL nicknames, borne by Tyran Mathieu.

76. Hulk: Givanildo Vieira de Sousa likes to smash!

77. Human Lift: The towering height of goalkeeper Sebastiano Rossi.

78. Jinky: A short nickname for Jimmy Johnstone.

79. Killy: The speed and agility of Christian Gonzalez, an Argentine winger.

80. Kun: The iconic Kun nickname of Sergio Kun, a name from his favorite cartoon character.

81. Lazy Wizard: The extremely deadly yet moody Juan Riquelme

82. Le Sulk: The lack of interest in the hyped Nicholas Anelka earned him this name.

83. Little Buddha: The famously shaved head of midfielder Ivan de la Pena.

84. Little Prince: Daniel Bravo started his international career at 19.

85. Magic Dwarf: 5ft 7in is a very modest height for defender Philip Lahm, yet his actions spoke otherwise.

86. Mighty Mouse: The Striker from England, who also released a single ‘Head over Heels in Love’.

87. Mike: The mistaken name given by Coach Louis Van Gaal to his player, Chris Smalling

88. Needle: 1982 World Cup Winner Alessandro Altobelli and his famous slender build earned him the name.

89. Non-Flying Dutchman: Exact opposite of Robin van Persie, Dennis Bergkamp was afraid of flying!

90. One Size: Name for the most unfortunate and fortunate player Fitz Hall. The more you read about Fitz Hall, the funnier it gets!

91. Penaldo: A funny fan-given nickname for Christiano Ronaldo

92. Pirate: The curly pirate-like hair and beard of Esteban Granero.

93. Pitbull: One who liked to hunt down his opponents, Gennaro Gattuso.

94. Pole: Hernan Crespo earned this name due to his Polish hereditary.

95. Primetime: The nickname of Deion Sanders, a name given by his fellow 'Homies'.

96. Prince Polly: Prince Opoku, a Ghanaian striker.

97. Psycho: The intimidating, straight-to-the-point headstrong player, Stuart Pearce.

98. Rabbit: The trim physique of Zeko earned him the name.

99. Rhino: The size of his nose or his fearless tackles, Keith Stevens does fit in.

100. Richard Wrong: A playful nickname for Richard Wright.

101. Scouse Cafu: The excited Kose Flanagan, who never got his break!

102. Shaggy: The appealing appearance of Darren Anderton.

103. Shorty: The 5ft 4in Brazilian striker, Romario, with an impeccable hunger for goals.

104. Sicknote: The Tottenham Hotspur player Darren Anderton spent most of his career with injuries.

105. Slabhead: The English Premier League Player, Harry Maguire, likes to compete in strength.

106. Spice Boy: The husband of ‘Spice Girl’ Victoria Beckham.

107. Stan the Man: A rhyming name for the former striker from England, Stan Collymore.

108. Super Mario: The German winger, Mario, is famous for his creativity.

109. Sweetness: The nickname earned by Walter Payton, a name believed in picking on his sweet and enigmatic side. However, the actual incident that led to this name is still a mystery.

110. Tarzan: The long hairstyle of Spanish Center Back, Carlos Puyol.

111. The Bank of Naples: The most expensive transfer of Hans Jeppson.

112. The Rock: The unshakable Center back from France, Marcel Desailly.

113. The Shower Clearer: The nickname earned by Dion Dublin from Sir Alex Ferguson.

114. Three Lungs: With extreme endurance, Ji Sung Park is also described as a ‘Nuclear Powered South Korean’.

115. Tractor: The tireless runner, Javier Zanetti.

116. Vacuum Cleaner: The defensive midfielder Wilhelmus van de Kerkhof for exploits in the defensive half.

117. Vanger Love: That’s only the nickname of Vanger Silva de Souza.

118. Wardrobe: The premier League hero that reflects his towering stature.

Footballer Nicknames For Boys

A footballer always needs a nickname to highlight his persona with the ball. Whether you are looking for one for a fellow teammate or for yourself, check some of the funny and best nicknames that might be known by the world someday!

119. A-Runner: The one who can run all day.

120. Avenger: That one player in the team who will go after the soccer players in pursuit to avenge his own.

121. Beast Mode: That one towering defender who everyone is afraid off.

122. Bullet: Is there any winger in your team who reminds you of a bullet?

123. Cadilac: To describe the smooth playstyle of your midfielder.

124. Defense Minister: The funny name for a Captain who is also the central defender on the team.

125. Dredd: The football player who is dreaded by the opposition.

126. Flash: The player who runs like The Flash.

127. Ironhead: Highest goal scorer, a feat achieved through exceptional headers.

128. Jersey: The football players on your team who like to collect jerseys.

129. Long Foot: The soccer players with long and slender feet can be called by this name.

130. Muscle: For the team’s power, who can stop almost everyone.

131. Refrigerator: The calm and composed striker in your team.

132. Rocket: The power shot hitter on every team. Rocket is a common nickname, though!

Footballer nicknames For Girls

The Women's Football industry has received considerable traction with the game emerging as gender-neutral. Add some of the best nicknames for female footballers to its rising glory.

133. A-Rod: Amy Rodriguez, who had full family names starting with 'the initial 'A'.

134. Baby Horse: The stallion and the youngest U.S team member, Alex Morgan, to participate in the 2011 Women's World Cup.

135. Becca: There is no doubt that David Beckham has been the national crush for years. Just the fitting nickname for the Beckham fan in the team.

136. Black Widow: Inspired by the fictional character, 'Black Widow' from 'Avengers', an appropriate nickname for a beautiful and deadly player.

137. Dancer: The one who likes to dance with the ball, making everyone look bad.

138. Defensive Doll: The attacker who likes to defend as well.

139. Duchess: The attention seeker in the team and the game.

140. Eye-Candy: That player who never fails to attract attention on the field.

141. Lady Cahn: Does the goalkeeper from your team remind you of Legend Oliver Kahn?

142. Lady Pelé: The five-time Female FIFA Player, Marta Vieira da Silva will remind you of Pelé.

143. Leona: The 10-number jersey player and the Lionel Messi Fan in your team.

144. Lil Misty: For the young player named Misty on your team.

145. Sassy Passy: The sassy midfield playmaker in your team who does everything in style!

146. Sissi: The youngest recruit of the National Brazilian Female Football team, 16-year-old Sisleide Lima de Amor.

147. Steel Lady: The defender with nerves of steel.

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