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25 Nicknames For America

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The name America is kept after the Italian explorer Amerigo Vespucci.

It was in 1507 that Martin Waldseemüller depicted this new continent on the world map with the name 'America'. America is the Latinized version of 'Amerigo'.

America is one of the most popular and successful countries. It is not just a mere country, but an empire of diversity, opportunity, and innovation. This land of opportunity is known across the globe as one of the biggest countries in the West. America is a diverse land where the 'Statue Of Liberty' stands with pride and liberty, where the biggest Hollywood stars live, and where the best songs are made, and a lot more happens around the country.

For decades, America has set the example for an ideal country, that not only provides a new opportunity to everyone around the globe but also gives them so much to learn and share. Today, America is not only a land of opportunity but also, a land of unity, growth and success, diversity, and a lot more.

Today, America is such a popular name across the globe that it has been chosen by parents as a feminine name. America means 'a new world', however, when it comes to a person, America means 'home ruler'.

The name America shares its roots with the English words 'Emery' and 'Aimery', and it is said that the country was named 'America' after the popular Italian explorer named Amerigo Vespucci.

Before jumping right into the list of nicknames for America, let's have a small discussion on what are nicknames and why are they so popular.

Nicknames are short names other than official names that are often given to an individual by friends and family members. The main purpose of nicknames is to show affection or sometimes, to embarrass a person in a humorous way, this is much common among friends and colleagues.

Nicknames are most common among people with big names because there is always a tendency of shortening the name, as people around them always forget, get confused, misspell, or are simply not willing to call the individual with that big name.

Nicknames are often derived from the original name by shortening it or by adding new alphabets or words along with it. The best part about nicknames is that you can be as creative as possible no matter if the names turn out to be meaningless.

If you know someone by the name America or are looking for some unique nicknames for America then have a look at these lists below.

Best Nicknames For America

The name America has been chosen by numerous parents for their newborns, hence the demand for new and creative nicknames has been increasing ever since. From songs and movies to books, America is a pride of the West, hence it serves as a beautiful name for girls. Friends too love calling their pals with nicknames with whom they share a close bond.

If you wish to learn about some beautiful nicknames for America, then have a look at this list of creative and meaningful names below:

The USA- The USA stands for 'United States of America', and people usually call America by the shortened nicknames 'The US' or 'The USA'.

Ammy- A popular and simple name for girls of Latin origin, it means someone who is 'dearly loved'.

Ameri- A short and sweet nickname derived from the original name 'America'. It is usually a feminine name that means 'a divine ruler'.

Merica- A nickname derived from the original name America. Merica is a humorus nickname for America.

Amerik- A nickname derived from the name 'Amerika' that a beautiful name for girls meaning 'home ruler or work ruler'.

Erica- A simple feminine name that has originated from the 'Old Norse'. Erica is the feminine form of the name 'Eric' which means 'ever powerful' or the 'eternal ruler'. This Old Norse name also has some variations in spelling such as 'Ereka', 'Erykah', or 'Erika'.

Merik- A name that is more common among boys, Merik actually refers to an individual 'who has a dark skin tone'.

Amy- A beautiful, simple, and short feminine name of French and Latin origin. Amy means 'beloved' and has originated from the French name 'Amée', and the Latin name 'Amata'.

Ams- A short name that derives from the ancient Norman culture, the name came to England during the conquest of the Normans. Ams actually means 'beloved one' or a 'good friend'. Some sources also say that the name might have originated from Old French nicknames such as 'Amis' or 'Ami', where both the names mean 'friend'.

Merca- A stylish and unique nickname for America that has no literal meaning.

Meri- A short nickname derived from 'Merry', which means 'happiness'. On the other hand, Meri is also a name of Estonian and Finnish origin meaning 'the sea'. It is usually a feminine name.

Amerika- An alternate spelling of America.

Mare- It is a beautiful and unique name for girls that has perhaps originated from Irish or Latin origins. Mare means 'star of the sea'. Some sources also say that this name might have originated from the Gaelic term known as 'na mara' which means 'of the sea'.

Amare- A stylish and unique name for boys that have originated from Ethiopia and means 'handsome'.

Amari- A short and stylish name of Hebrew origin that means 'eternal'. Some sources say that Amari also shares its roots with Greek, where it means 'immortal', and in Arabic, it means 'the moon'. Although not very sure, some sources assume that the name Amari might have originally derived from the Arabic dictionary.

Unique Nicknames For America

If you are someone who does not prefer simple names and is looking for some of the most unique nicknames for America, then you will surely love these nickname ideas.

Ricki- A gender-neutral name of American origin that means 'the brave ruler'. However, some sources say that this name originated from the Old Norse.

Washington- Washington is a major city in America. This place holds a lot of political importance because the 'White House' lies here. Washington is also a very unique idea for nicknames, it is most common in boys.

Florida- One of the major cities of America, Florida is a beach-side city that is beautiful and advanced. It is also considered as one of the richest cities in America. Florida can also serve as a unique nickname idea for both girls and boys.

Amerikin- A unique and stylish nickname.

Aiger- A very uncommon nickname.

Murica- It is a humorous nickname for America, particularly a slang way of referring to America. This name was usually used by the Southerners to mock the patriotic. Today, Murica is only used as a funny name.

Merlin- A beautiful name of Welsh origin that means 'a sea fortress'. This name also has a link with mythology and Arthurian tales, where Merlin is portrayed as the wizard who became the mentor of King Arthur. Merlin is also a gigantic fish.

Americap- A funny and uncommon nickname for America that has no literal meaning.

Americana- A Spanish version of the word American, the word 'Americana' is often related to American culture.

Aimery- A beautiful name of German origin, Aimery means 'king of work'. This beautiful and unique nickname can be given to both girls and boys, and an individual who is named Aimery is perceived to be hardworking.

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