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30+ Queen Nicknames

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In every household, there's often one person who reigns supreme. Maybe it's mom, with her unparalleled snack-finding abilities, or perhaps it's your little one, ruling the living room with a plastic crown atop her head. On the other hand, there are also several majestic rulers and regal queens who once held court, and they also have some fun and whimsy queen nicknames!

Giving nicknames to people who are close is a very popular practice, even among royals. Like any other family, the royals have nicknames for each other, and the queens have been no exception. And while the title 'Queen', has its own regal charm, sometimes it's fun to mix things up with a playful nickname. After all, even the most dignified monarchs need a break from the pomp and pageantry!

Explore this treasury of titles that are perfect for the queen in your life or real-life queens of nations. Whether you're looking to add some humor, endearment, or simply a fresh twist to the majestic moniker, these nicknames are fit for royalty! Let's embark on a delightful exploration of nicknames that capture the essence, whimsy, and grandeur of queens. As you read through the names, you might also figure out ways to create new and interesting nicknames all by yourself.

Best Queen Nicknames

Every queen deserves a crown, but what about a catchy nickname to make her stand out even more? While the word 'queen' carries its own majestic allure, sometimes a fun-loving twist to the title can add an extra sprinkle of charm. Whether she's the ruler of the household or the diva of the dance floor, these queenly nicknames are perfect for any reigning lady. Ready to dive into some regal aliases? Let's explore a list of the best nicknames for every kind of queen out there!

1. CEO - A playful nickname for a bossy girl or an adult lady who is in charge.

2. Empress - A strong nickname for a woman who is a ruler, be it of a home or the homeland.

3. Leading Lady - A pet name for a confident woman who takes the lead, like a real queen.

4. Manager - A fitting nickname for an authoritative woman.

5. Q - A short and quirky nickname.

6. Rani - It is a name of Sanskrit origin which means 'queen'. It can also serve as a pet name for a girl you admire.

Cute Queen Nicknames

Who said royalty couldn't be adorably charming? Even queens, with their regal grace, occasionally enjoy a dash of cuteness in their titles. Whether it's a playful term of endearment for the little princess at home or a cheeky moniker for a friend with queenly aspirations, cute queen nicknames add a touch of whimsy to the crown. From darling diminutives to sweet sobriquets, the kingdom of cute queen names awaits! Let the royal roll call begin!

7. Angel - A sweet pet name for the queen in the family or group who is also very gentle and caring.

8. Nina - A feminine name of multiple origins and meanings, considered to be frequently used as a Slavic and European name. It can be used as a nickname for the loving queen in your life.

9. Q-Tee - An adorable nickname for a cute queen.

10. Queen Mother - This one is for the Queen, the head of the family.

11. Queen of Hearts - A wife or child who has taken over your heart will be a fitting owner of this nickname.

12. Queenie - One of the most common nicknames for a queen.

13. Queeny - A popular variation of the nickname Queenie.

Nicknames Of Some Real-Life Queens

Every queen, from ancient monarchs to modern matriarchs, has a story and sometimes a cheeky nickname behind the crown. These affectionate monikers, whispered in palace hallways or shouted by loyal subjects, capture the essence and charm of history's most iconic queens. They give a glimpse into their personas beyond the grand titles and offer a fun, behind-the-scenes peek into royal lives. From legendary leaders to today's reigning ladies, let's uncover some delightful nicknames that have been bestowed upon real-life queens from the royal family.

14. Cabbage - It is a reference to Prince Philip, who called Queen Elizabeth 'cabbage'.

15. Gan Gan - It is in reference to Queen Elizabeth II, who was called 'Gan Gan' by Prince George.

16. Lilibet - It is such a treasured nickname, as Meghan Markle and Prince Harry named their newborn child with this name. It was also a nickname used by Queen Elizabeth's father, King George VI, when describing his daughter.

17. Majesty - Prince William called his late grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II, this name.

18. Good Queen Bess - Elizabeth I of England, who was the Queen of England from 1558–1603, was known as the 'Good Queen Bess'.

19. Mama - The children of the late Queen Elizabeth II referred to her as 'Mama'.

A portrait of Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland.

Unique Queen Nicknames

Stepping beyond the traditional tiara-touting titles, there's a world of unique nicknames just waiting for today's modern queens. Whether she's the fearless leader of a boardroom empire or the maven of family game nights, every queen deserves a sweet nickname as distinctive as her personality. These aren't your everyday monikers, but rather gems that sparkle with originality. For this final list of monikers, you'll explore some unique queen nicknames, where every title is as extraordinary as the queen it's meant for.

20. Q-Bee - A great pet name for a busy queen.

21. Qlair - A fitting nickname for a queen-like girl named Claire.

22. Quee - An unusual abbreviation of the word 'queen' as a nickname

23. Queeno - A suitable nickname for a bossy little girl.

24. Queen-tessential - The nickname is a mix of the word 'quintessential' with 'queen'. It is a funny nickname for a girl with a typical queen-like attitude.

25. Qunique - A nickname for complimenting a girl as a unique queen.

26. Quinella - A long-form pet name for a queen who is very sophisticated.

27. Quinny - A great nickname for someone close to you, such as a sister with queen-like features.

28. Royal Q - A fitting nickname for a real queen of royal lineage.

Other Nicknames From The British Royal Family

Ever wondered what cheeky nicknames royals might call each other behind those grand doors of the royal household? Whether you're on the hunt for a regal and personal nickname for the queen in your life or for the little princes and princesses running around your living room, or you're just curious to explore some majestic monikers, this bonus list of general royal nicknames has got you covered. Read through this list of nicknames and find the perfect one to crown your loved ones with.

29. Baldy - This is a nickname that Kate Middleton once called William Duke of Cambridge.

30. Cath - This is the nickname Prince Harry gave his sister-in-law, Kate Middleton.

31. Darling - This is the nickname Prince William calls his wife, Princess Kate Middleton.

32. Fred - Queen Camilla calls her husband, Prince Charles (now King Charles), 'Fred'.

33. Gary - Queen Elizabeth II was nicknamed 'Gary' instead of 'Granny' by Prince William.

34. Granny - Princess Charlotte once addressed her late grandmother, Princess Diana, as 'Dear Granny Diana' in a Mother's Day card she wrote.

35. Lottie - This is the nickname given to Princess Charlotte by her mother, Kate, the Princess of Wales.

36. Lou Bug - This is a fun nickname given to Prince Louis by his mother, Kate Middleton.

37. Mignonette - This is the nickname given to Princess Charlotte, as observed at Kate's Chelsea Flower Show Garden.


Choosing the perfect nickname for a queenly person you know or a real-life queen isn't just about fun; it's about capturing the essence of her unique personality. While some names might feel right, others might miss the mark. It's essential to pick a nickname that resonates and feels genuine. Remember, it's all in the name! So, whether you're addressing the ruler of a nation, the ruler at home, or your little empress of mischief, let these nicknames inspire you. Now, crown your queen with a title she'll cherish and embrace. After all, every queen deserves a name that's as legendary as she is.

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