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33 Seattle Nicknames

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The maritime city of Seattle is located on the American West Coast.

Seattle discovered this morning that its current nicknames of 'Jet City' and 'Emerald City' aren't good enough. According to John Cook of GeekWire and Knute Berger of Crosscut, Seattle deserves a more modern new nickname that accurately captures the city's essence.

Many evergreen trees stay lush and green all year long, even though some of the trees will drop leaves due to seasonal changes. There are two official city slogans for Seattle. On October 7, 1942, Resolution 14456 was passed, designating Seattle as 'The City of Flowers.' Seattle was declared 'The City of Goodwill' by Seattle City Council Resolution 28207, adopted on July 16, 1990, which is the new slogan.

It is the biggest city in the Pacific Northwest area of North America and the state of Washington, with a projected population of 737,015. The metropolitan area's population is around 4 million, making it the fifteenth-largest in the country. During the Klondike Gold Rush, one of the first Seattle nicknames, Gateway of Alaska, was used, and logging was Seattle's first significant business. Still, by the late 19th century, the city had transformed into a commerce and shipbuilding hub.

Keep reading to discover new facts and trivia about this iconic city with greenery in this list of Seattle nicknames.

Best Nicknames For The City Of Seattle

Seattle is an evergreen city with many tourist attractions. Here are some interesting and best new nicknames for this beloved city.

  • Cascadia City - Seattle is centrally positioned, and every different bioregion requires capital.
  • City of Swass - This nickname is after how much the city enjoyed the album 'Swass.'
  • Cloud City -  This is appropriate for an area known for its overcast skies and computer industries.
  • Coffee capital of the world - The city is one of the greatest producers of coffee.
  • Highest City at Sea Level - It is named so due to the geography and the prosperity; Seattle topped the Mile High City in the Super Bowl.
  • Innovation Station - Based on how many intelligent and forward-thinking people are in Seattle.
  • Pedestrianopolis - After how much the citizens love to use the pedestrian in Seattle.
  • Process City - The Emerald City is renowned for its commitment to the procedure.
  • Queen City of the pacific northwest- Created in 1869 by real estate brokers in Portland.
  • Rain City - Even while Seattle, also regarded as the rainiest city, is renowned for its regular downpours, it rains significantly less in the summer.
  • Rose city - A name inspired by the abundance of flowers, including roses in the city, which thrive in all seasons.
  • Sea-Town - Since the city is located in a port.
  • Sovereign of the Salish Sea - Seattle faces the Salish Sea and Elliott Bay, the world's most romantic deep-water harbor.
  • The City of Flowers - To further enhance the city's beauty, the City Council invited residents to plant and grow a broad range of flowers.
  • The City of Parks - The tourist attractions include Green Lake Park, Discovery Park, and the Washington Park Arboretum.

Famous Seattle Nicknames

Here are some of the famous nicknames for Seattle.

  • Emerald city - It is named Emerald City after the lush greenery. The Seattle Convention and Visitors Bureau's 1981 contest inspired the new nickname, Emerald City.
  • Evergreen State - It is called by this name due to the presence of evergreen trees all year round, even during winter.
  • Gateway to Alaska - It is an old nickname for the city of Seattle.
  • Jet City - Because of Boeing's significance in the aerospace sector, it is called Jet city.

Unique Seattle Monikers

Seattle is one of the most 'in the coming' seaport cities in Washington, America. It is pretty famous and has made a place in the hearts of all Americans.

  • City of the Space Needle - The Emerald City is the house of one of the greatest monuments in the Pacific Northwest, The Space Needle.
  • Gateway to Orient - The city of Seattle is also called the gateway to the Orient.
  • Scenic Seattle - Seattle is famous for its beautiful scenery, especially from the Lake Union.
  • Sculpture Seattle - The Seattle Art Museum's Olympic Sculpture Park is a must-do in the Emerald City.
  • Seactive - An amalgamation of the words Seattle and active, suitable for one of the most happening cities in Washington.
  • Seafame - A cool way to call this very famous city.
  • Seafood Seattle - Seattle is the home of the Pike Place Market, which is famous for its delicious seafood.
  • Skyline City - The Rain City is also famous for its beautiful and unique skyline, which is a major attraction.
  • Starblock- This nickname is old, referring to the distance between Starbucks and downtown Seattle.
  • The City of Pop culture - The Museum of Pop Culture is one of the greatest tourist attractions in this city. It is a true beauty.
  • The Fremont Troll Roll - One of the most catching sculptures in Seattle is the Fermont Troll which is linked to Norway.
  • The Seattle Belltown - One of the most happening places in the city is Belltown.
  • The Seattle Sound - The city is famous for Grunge Music, a famous form of intense expression of this gloomy and hopeless generation.
  • The Waterfront City - The Seattle Waterfront is a tourist spot famous for its beautiful view of Elliott Bay and the Olympic Mountain.
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