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38 Smeargle Nicknames

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When someone talks about the most loved and popular Pokémon, Smeargle is often one of the Pokemons on the list.

Smeargle is a bipedal Pokémon with white and brown fur that resembles a beagle. The end of its lengthy tail resembles a paintbrush whose color may differ for each Smeargle and change according to its moods.

Smeargle is well known for its ability known as Sketch, which allows it to replicate the opponent's previously used move. Due to this, it has the tendency to do any movement in the Pokémon games besides Chatter, Struggle, and Shadow moves; while being able to learn Dark Void and Hyperspace Fury. Additionally, it tends to mark its territory by leaving footprints using a paintbrush. There are nearly 5,000 distinct marks that Smeargle is known to use.

Smeargle is indeed one of the most liked Pokémon, but how do you spread your appreciation and show love? You can do so by giving this Pokémon a fantastic nickname.

We have created a special list of the best, shiny, unique, and popular Smeargle nicknames for you that will suit the wonderful demeanor of your Pokémon. 

Best Smeargle Nicknames

Are you looking for the best Smeargle nicknames to give to your cute Pokémon? No need to search any further. Below you will easily find some of the most interesting Smeargle nicknames that will do complete justice to your fantastic Pokémon's looks and personality traits.

  • Blood tails- superb name as Smeargle has a red-colored tail.
  • Crayon- a sweet nickname for this artistic Pokémon.
  • Mimicry- awesome nickname as the Pokémon has the power to mimic its opponents' moves.
  • Mona Lisa- funny name for this amazing Pokémon.
  • Pooch- a super cute name for this adorable Pokémon.
  • Sketchings- fun nickname for this artist-type powerful Pokémon.
  • Smears- to coat something messily or carelessly.
  • Snoopy- means inquisitive, nosy, prying.
  • Toto- a simple word that means a young one.

Unique Smeargle Nicknames

Smeargle is frequently encountered in metropolitan settings, including graffiti. Did you find a Smeargle in the same location and now are looking for the perfect name for it? If so, here you will find some unique and unforgettable Smeargle nicknames for your cutest Pokémon.

  • Chimera- a mythical fire-breathing creature with a lion's head and serpent tail.
  • Crayola- a sweet nickname inspired by the crayons.
  • Fattori- used to describe a thing operating efficiently towards a specific thing.
  • Plagiarist- someone who uses other people's work.
  • René/Magritte- she is a Belgian surrealist painter.
  • Smeagol- a cute nickname meaning 'apt to creep into a hole.'

Shiny Smeargle Nicknames

Want interesting Smeargle nicknames? Shiny Smeargle nicknames may just be what you are looking for to name this angel of a Pokémon. Head down and find one for your superb Pokémon.

  • Artist / Artista- simple nickname for this artist-type Pokémon.
  • Brushwork / Brushogon- Smeargle is an artist-type Pokémon as it uses its tail like a paintbrush.
  • CopyCat- awesome name for the Pokémon that intimates others.
  • Crayola- a fun nickname inspired by crayons.
  • Etch- a nickname for this cute Pokémon that can paint.
  • Pallet- inspired by the paint pallet used by artists.
  • Pastel- a cute nickname for this adorable Pokémon.
  • Shakura- Japanese word for 'cherry blossom'.
  • Sketch- perfect nickname for this artist-type Pokémon.
  • Splish Splash- a fun name inspired by the sound of a creative artist's paintbrush!
  • Toltecatl- a name from Aztec mythology that means 'artisan'.
  • Toltecatl- a name from Aztec mythology that means 'the artisan'.

Popular Smeargle Nicknames

Smeargle is one of the most popular Pokémon in the Pokémon world. This means only an attractive and popular name should be given to this fantastic Pokémon. However, finding good and popular Smeargle nicknames that do justice to the personality of your Pokémon is difficult. Therefore, we have created this small list of Smeargle nicknames, especially for you. Take inspiration and choose one of these cool and popular Smeargle nicknames now.

  • Coolidge- name it after C. M. Coolidge, who drew the 'dogs playing poker' series.
  • Da Vinci- get inspired by this famous and brilliant artist.
  • Easel- a supporting wooden frame holding artist's work.
  • Echo- a nymph from Greek Mythology that copies others.
  • Monet- a French painter who contributed significantly to the art moment.
  • O. Prime- perfect name as it can transform and roll out.
  • Picasso- Picasso is a perfect name as Smeargle is the artist Pokémon.
  • Splatoon- inspired by the game where characters throw paint at each other.
  • Van Gogh- a famous painter.

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