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The Ultimate Purple Care Bear Names List For Your Cute Cuddly Toys

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Care Bears, which originated in the greeting card industry (American Greetings), have quickly expanded throughout retail outlets, home televisions, the big screen, computer/video games, and the hearts of not only children but adults born in the '80s, the decade in which the characters were created.

The Care Bear family has expanded from the initial 10 bears to include cousins, recurring characters, bad adversaries, and wandering children. The Care Bears adventure through the fictitious realm of Care-a-lot, defending children from villains, protecting 'the spirit of good,' teaching and practicing great morals and values, and keeping each other safe, all while having a good time, for the most part.

The title characters first emerged in Elena Kucharik's card artwork before spreading into other media and goods. The brand began in 1982 with 10 main characters. Then in 1984, the Care Bear Cousins added several more characters whose names are available unless otherwise noted.

Each of the Care Bears and Care Bear Cousins has a 'tummy symbol,' which is an image that denotes the character's duty or specialty. They're the ponies' bears. 'Tummy symbols' (originally known) are referred to as 'belly badges,' beginning with Care Bears: Oopsy Does It!

Some of the most popular care bears are Togetehrness Bear, Cheer Bear, Love a Lot Bear, Grumpy Bear, Birthday Bear, Tenderheart Bear, Wish Bear, Good Luck Bear, Harmony Bear, Heart Bear, Friend Bear, Share Bear, Champ Bear, and Care a Lot Bear. Read on for names of some of the most popular Carebears from the '80s.

Names Of Purple Care Bear

Did you know Care bears first entered the market in the '80s! Read on for the names of purple Care Bears plush toys from the '80s:

Share Bear is a Care Bear who first appeared in the '80s toy line before making her animation debut in 1985 The Care Bears Movie. Nelvana had her own PSA piece at the end of some of the earlier episodes of the Care Bears Family TV series, and she was the subject of the 2009 direct-to-video film Share Bear Shines. The original symbol for Share Bear was a milkshake with two straws. An excellent gift for your best friend to play with and maybe aid those sweet dreams.

Rainbow Care Bear Names

Here are some of the most exciting rainbow care bear names:

Cheer Bear is one of the original care bears that appeared in 1982.

Rainbow Bear is one of the happiest Care bears loved by children worldwide for its rainbow-like smile.

Truheart Bear is one of the rainbow characters with a helping heart.

Grumpy CareBear Names

Grumpy Bear is a Care Bear that initially appeared on American Greetings cards in 1982 as an artwork. He has risen to prominence as one of the franchise's most well-known and recognizable characters, appearing as the series' protagonist in practically every iteration. This is due to his harsh and reserved demeanor, which, when contrasted with the other bears' bright and joyful personalities, makes a noticeable difference in his personality, allowing him to stand out.


His belly badge grants him the ability to produce real clouds, which he can use to assist him in solving any troubles he may be having; however, this is usually only employed as a last resort.


Grumpy Bear has dark blue fur, and his Belly badge is a storm cloud with a few hearts in place of rainfall. Grumpy is sometimes pictured as having blue eyes.


Grumpy is the Care Bear Family's black sheep, cynical, irritable, and rarely happy. While he may appear in the wrong line of work at first, he fills a unique niche among his cheerful bear colleagues and is frequently tasked with assisting grouchy children. His personality is in line with his zodiac sign of Scorpio.

You and your best friend can certainly play and enjoy with care bears.

Cute Bear Names

Here are some extremely cute bear names:

As the resident historian at Care-a-Lot, Bedtime Bear enjoys speed-reading volumes of old novels from the Caring Control Library. Bedtime recalls everything he reads, right down to the page number, which is fortunate for the Carebears mission team. And let's not forget, he makes for a great companion to help with those sweet dreams.

Birthday Bear will always find a reason to celebrate each day as if it were his birthday. After all, it's someone's birthday every day, so every day should be a celebration!

Friend Bear knows how to be a mate if there's one thing he's good at. They nearly wrote the book on companionship and understand that there is no greater gift than a close friend with whom to share life's ups and downs.

Funshine Bear, a laid-back bear with a big heart, is always looking for new ways to enjoy more fun. Funshine Bear can be counted on to show off his DJ talents and charming dance routines whenever the Care Bears hold a party.

Good Luck Bear is a green carebear who seems to never run out of it. This, however, has less to do with his ability to make four-leaf clovers and more to do with his unusually optimistic and upbeat view on life. On the tummy, there is a four-leaf clover symbol.

Harmony Bear is intended to have two meanings. She not only exemplifies harmony and cooperation among individuals of various types, but she also enjoys sharing the joy of music and sound.

Love-a-Lot Bear is a sweet bear who cares about everyone and everything. She habitually uses the word 'love' in most of her speeches. Love-a-Lot has a personality that is comparable to that of the other bears. Her character is in line with her zodiac sign of Aquarius.

Pink Power Bear is a toy-exclusive Care Bear exclusively available at Target retail shops in 2008 as a limited edition plush toy to raise breast cancer awareness.

Tenderheart Bear is a thoughtful and a source of advice that only wishes he could do more to help his friends. After all, there is no such thing as too much Care for this Tenderheart character!

Wish Bear is always there for the Care Bears no matter what happens. Wish has been known to grant wishes even before they have been wished, as she is an exceptional listener who is constantly open to others. This kind of Bear feels that everyone with the ability to listen and be open can grant a wish. Wish Bear has a shooting star symbol on its tummy.

Original Care Bears Names

Here are some of the most interesting original care bear names:

Bedtime Bear is a snoozer of a bear. This azure blue toy with the moon and stars tummy symbol was an original and arguably the most popular Care Bear. Only a few Care Bears wear clothes, and Bedtime Bear is one of them.

Birthday Bear is a bear with golden yellow fur and a pink cupcake and candle as a stomach emblem.

Cheer Bear is one of the first female protagonist bears, and she appears to be a cheerful and upbeat bear.

Friend Bear is the first Care Bear to be painted and featured on a deck of cards. Friend Bear is continuously talking. On her stomach, this light orange Care Bear has two smiling sunflowers. Friend Bear goes well with the Care, a Lot Bear.

Funshine Bear is a yellow care bear whose belly badge is a smiling golden sun. The fun-loving disposition of the Funshine Bear is well-known.

Good Luck Bear is a lucky emblem in Irish culture. A four-leaf clover is the Good Luck Bear's stomach symbol.

Grumpy Bear, an indigo blue Care Bear, embraces companionship like the rest of the Care Bears. A rain cloud, raindrops, and hearts make up its belly badge.

Love-A-Lot Care Bear is a pink care bear from the original animated series. The magenta Love-A-Lot Bear has a red heart with a pink and yellow outline on its tummy.

Tenderheart Bear is incredibly kind and loving. The Care Bears' names were chosen with their motivations, just like this next carebear.

Wish Bear is the only Bear you'll ever need if you want someone to listen to your wishes and dreams.

Rare Care Bears

Vintage Care Bears were one-of-a-kind, cute, and could be quite valuable on the collection market. All of the Care Bears names listed here can help you locate the original name of your toy if you have one of these original and rare Care Bears.

Champ Bear is a first-generation blue Care Bear.

Daydream Bear is a purple bear that encourages people to pursue their dreams and achieve greatness.

Grams Bear is one of the Care Bears' oldest members and is designed to remind us of our grandmother.

Noble Heart Horse Care Bears are shaped like unicorns and are part of the Care Bear Cousin series.

Proud Heart Cat Care Bear is another cat-based toy from the Care Bear Cousin series. This one appeared in several original 'Care Bears' TV episodes and films.

Surprise Care Bear, a plush toy, is pale blue in hue and symbolizes surprise, hope, and joy to children all over the world

Take Care Bear was the first toy to come with its coloring book.

The Forest Friend Bear was created in collaboration with the International World Animals Fund to promote awareness about the need to protect wildlife and forests.

True Heart Bear is the first member of the Care Bear Family. This toy is from the original series.

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