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30 Toxapex Nicknames

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Toxapex is a dual-type poison and water Pokémon which was introduced in Generation VII.

Toxapex is a very venomous creature that can defend itself by closing its open tentacles and extending its deadly spikes to form a toxic barrier that is almost resistant. This move is called the Baneful Bunker. Its toxicity has adverse effects and lasts for about 72 hours.

The diminutive Pokémon Toxapex has enormous, starfish-like legs that extend from the top of its head. Its eyes have a vivid blue color with golden sclerae and pupils. Most of its body, which consists of a small head and protrusions that resemble starfish limbs, is purplish-pink in color. Near the place where its legs join, the top of its head is a dark blue color. Due to its long legs, this section of its body is frequently in the air. The legs themselves are dark blue with purplish-pink spines on the undersides and light blue ones on top. Toxapex hunts for Corsola by moving down the ocean floor on its 12 legs.

Good Creative Nicknames For Toxapex

Listed below are some creative nicknames that describe the nature of Toxapex.

1. Anemone Texa - a 'punny' name if your Toxapex is an anime fan.

2. Nex Gen Pex - a perfect nickname since Toxapex is a next-generation hero.

3. Rex Urchin - Toxapex has traits of a T-rex dinosaur and a sea urchin.

4. Star Pokémon - Toxapex is a shining superstar.

5. Tex Sun- the perfect name for a Toxapex that is a superstar as bright as the sun.

6. Toxic Apex- Toxapex is a poison-type Pokémon that is highly toxic to others.

7. Ultimate Ursula - named after the antagonist in the movie 'The Little Mermaid' for Toxapex's colors resemble hers.

8. Ultra Moon Tox - a Toxapex is as mysterious as the moon.

9. Unex- there is no denying that the Toxapex is a unique Pokémon.

10. Zapex- a unique nickname for Toxapex.

Alternative Good Names For Toxapex

These names are good alternative names for Toxapex. Choose some of the best ones from the list below.

11. Drizzle- drops of rain that fall slowly. The nickname can be associated with the poisonous spines that Toxapex fires at its enemies.

12. Slimer- a mean green ghost from the 'Ghostbusters' franchise.

13. Sneezy- a good name for a cute, funny Pokémon who sneezes every time.

14. Squirt- to cause a liquid or a viscous substance to spurt or issue in a jet, as from a narrow orifice making it the perfect nickname for a venom Pokémon.

15. Stardust- the meaning of this nickname is dust made of stars.

16. Tampax- a unique nickname for a Pokémon.

Nicknames For Powerful Toxapex

Toxapex is a powerful Pokémon. Here are some nicknames to justify it.

17. Bones- the spines of Toxapex resemble tiny bones and make the Pokémon powerful.

18. Caveman- one who lives in the cave, like the dome-like shelter of a Toxapex.

19. Flounder- to struggle to move or obtain footing, as resembled by its suspended body.

20. Prism- one who has the ability to persuade others easily, a gift of gab.

Some More Interesting Nicknames For Your Toxapex Pokémon

Listed below are some more interesting names to call Toxapex.

21. Archi Boy Urchin- a lovely name to call your Toxapex.

22. Aqualea: the eighth boss of Wario’s Woods, a blue and pink or purple mermaid.

23. Chomper- it can be used for any Pokémon with big teeth or spines.

24. CookieMonster- the nickname can be used for big Pokémon like Snorlax, Hariyama, and Lickilicky.

25. Glow- a nickname that means bright, radiant, and glorious.

26. Maro: a coral reef named after the ship that discovered it.

27. Petey: after Petey Piranha, a plant with teeth.

28. Sonic - perfect for hedgehog-like Pokémon creatures like Togedemaru, Shaymin, and Toxapex.

29. Sparkplug- a motor device that produces sparks.

30. Ursula: The purple sea witch from 'The Little Mermaid'.

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