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15 Best Musical Books For Babies

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Image © Pixabay.

Interactive musical books range from hardback to soft cover and a great selection is available to buy online.

The best musical books for baby encourage babies to utilise their senses and parents to enjoy themselves through a fun reading experience. Books are incredibly important for children of all ages and storytelling can begin with babies.

A love for reading can really help children of all ages and literacy skills can be a great source of comfort for the rest of their lives. Familiar sounds and music can help your baby form wonderful memories with family members and sharing a book with a baby can be a lovely opportunity to bond with them whilst beginning their journey of learning.

Toys, games and musical board books are all great ways to introduce a baby to different sounds, sights and textures. For babies below the age of 1, it's very exciting to introduce them to new sounds using books. Musical books can help set the foundations for developing language skills as a baby grows and any books including sounds can help with their sensory development. Often, a board book that utilises sound will help your baby become accustomed to a range of sounds, which is important for them navigating the world as they grow.

We've made shopping for the perfect board book for your baby as easy as possible, with a selection of the best children's books which make use of sound in some unique and appealing ways.

A father is reading a soft book to his baby boy.

Image © Owen and Aki

Which Kind Of Book Is Best For My Baby?

Babies utilise all their senses to learn, which is why sound, touch and board books are very important for their learning and development.

Soft books are good for them to touch and explore safely, they are also usually a lower price than a board book. A musical book for a baby that is soft and soothing can be a great option for night time.

A board book can be heavier. The pages are sturdy, made of wood or plastic and your baby may need some more help to move the pages. This kind of book can incorporate more complex songs, buttons and interactive elements.

Paper books are the most difficult for little hands to use so they are a good resource to help families get involved with a musical book baby may need a hand with, turn the pages and explore a story together.

A toddler is pointing at a book beside him on the floor.

Image © Julie Falk.

Musical Books About Animals

From the depths of the jungle to the fields of a farm, animals come in all shapes and sizes just like these books.

A board book about animals introduce children to different textures and can help them become accustomed to learning and understanding a new sound. Here are the best board books about animals to help introduce your child to a new sound.

Jungle Sounds - Sam Taplin

Cover of Jungle Sounds: an array of smiling animal and colourful plant life are set against the night sky.

Image © Amazon

Sam Taplin has written several sound books with excellent artists each time. Jungle sounds play by pressing buttons on each page of this book. So you and your baby can explore the sounds of the jungle through this popular board book.

Jungly Tails Plush Book - Jelly Cat

Cover of Jungly Tails: cartoons of jungle animals, with fabric animal tails sticking out of the book.

Image © Jelly Cat

Explore the jungle with this delightful soft book that has the tails of each animal peaking out of the side with a corresponding sound for each. A soft book is suitable for a baby to touch and play with and this one is funky and memorable.

Monkey Music Magic - Angie Coates

Cover of Monkey Music Magic: jungle animals are sat in the wilderness around a pink monkey holding a harp.

Image © Cambell Books

From the Monkey Music Classes  you can expect the book to be just as much fun and it really is! This book comes with a corresponding CD containing 20 songs to sing along. Monkey and Mo are adorable characters you can introduce to your child and maybe could prompt a trip to the Monkey Music Classes.

Woodland Sounds - Sam Taplin

Cover of Woodland Sounds: set in the forest during the day, a ring of friendly forest animals and colourful plants fill the scene.

Image © Amazon.

Another great board book from Sam Taplin to introduce your baby to. Woodland sounds can be very calming so this could be a musical book for babies during those more stressful times. It is also a great book to help get your baby used to woodland sounds.

Poppy And Sam's Animal Sounds - Sam Taplin

games and musical board books

Image © Amazon.

Poppy And Sam's Animal Sounds is a board book with memorable characters. It's an interesting and heartfelt story, reading this book to your baby would be a sweet addition to the daily routine.

Peppa Pig's Super Noisy Sound Book - Peppa Pig

Cover of Peppa Pig's Super Noisy Sound Book: Pepper pig and her brother are playing instruments against a blue background, and there is a banner of icons showing the different sounds you can hear in the book down the right-hand side.

Image © nordi togni.

Well known and loved by so many, this sound book by Peppa Pig is familiar and so much fun for any age. From the Bafta award winning show, this book is equally creditable. You can follow the story of how Peppa and George's day goes from quiet to noisy; very relatable to many households, including ours!

This one is not a board book, so some more care may be needed with the paper pages.

The Wonky Donkey (Paperback) - Craig Smith

musical books for baby encourage

Image © Amazon

This book is not musical itself, but inspired the popular YouTube sensation 'The Wonky Donkey Unofficial Music Video'- a hilarious and quirky video for any age. You can watch alongside reading the book, or separately, but both will create giggles for the whole family. Practising how to make a donkey sound could provide some fun for everyone.

Musical Books for Bedtime

Bedtime at any age can be a challenge, a nice board book can help create routine and stability for a baby. Musical relaxation can be a lovely way to unwind, reading a book is also proven to help with relaxing at the end of the day. Here are a couple of books to calm the whole family in the evening.

Baby's Bedtime Music Book - Sam Taplin

Cover of Baby's Bedtime Music Book: six owls holding musical instruments are playing on a tree branch, and there is one owl in the air with a violin in hand.

Image © Amazon

Five bedtime lullabies and the sound of soft owl noises may be exactly what is needed after a long day. This bedtime board book is suitably calming for small babies needing to wind down after a big day of playing, learning and eating. Old or young, this book will help anyone ease their way into a calming slumber.

Bedtime Songs - Scarlett Wing

Cover of Bedtime Songs: a boy and girl are looking up in a forest, amazed by the sparkling lights in the night sky.

Image © Cottage Door Press

Ten lullabies with pictures and sound buttons to create a miniature story about each one to tell your baby. This cute board book also features glow-in-the-dark glitter paints to create a truly magical adventure for each lullaby.

Musical Books About Music

Introducing children to our music taste may be something we do gradually. Finding a musical board book that you like can be a good place to start.

Familiar songs can help your baby learn and understand the world as well as helping them associate memories with the songs. Music has been shown to be a great stress relief for any age and appreciating music is a prominent part of many people's childhood, you can teach your children all about music using these six soundboard books.

Musical Friends - Demadaco

Cover of Musical Friends: four animals are playing different musical instruments in a room with red walls and a light blue floor.

Image © Demadaco

The characters in this book are endearing and can show your baby different kinds of animals in an abstract way, whilst showing your baby which sound each animal makes. This is another fabulous sound book for a baby's little hands to explore. Your baby will love the simple, bright colours to touch.

My First Keyboard Book - Sam Taplin

Cover of My First Keyboard Book: there are keyboard keys with coloured circles on them at the bottom of the page and above the keys, three mice and one bird enjoy music in the night sky.

Image © Flickr

This board book has a tiny piano for tiny fingers! Young or old, piano's are great fun to play with at any age and this board book is perfect for little hands to play a little tune.  

Baby’s Very First Touchy-Feely Musical Playbook - Fiona Watt

Cover of Baby's Very First Musical Playbook: two colourful animals are playing instruments and a parrot is singing. The background is blue, decorated with bright pattens and musical notes.

Image © Usborne.

Nature is the central theme of this board book and every page has something to explore. This musical board book plays a different sound for each button. The eye-catching patterns will mesmerise little eyes and encourage any baby to touch the buttons.

Baby Musical Rhymes Book - Vtech

Cover of Musical Rhymes Book: a bear, cat and dog are walking along a path in a forest on a sunny day, holding musical instruments.

Image © Vtech

Six musical rhymes are packed into this safety-tested board book that includes large, clear buttons. Bonus: the pages can be easily wiped clean in case of accidents, or just natural wear and tear.

Baby's First Noisy Nursery Rhymes Playbook - Fiona Watt

Cover of Baby's First Noisy Nursery Rhymes Playbook: popular nursery rhyme characters are decorated around the night sky hill scene, with a distant castle in the background.

Image © Usborne

This is a simple and elegant board book for any baby. It has a sound panel on the side with buttons. Classic nursery rhymes can be introduced through playing with this board book and inspire any age. The colour scheme has been specially chosen to appeal to small children.

Listen To The Classical Music - Marion Billet

Cover of Listen To The Music: two mice in costumes are facing each other, both in ballet positions.

Image © Amazon

This is a book parents can enjoy in equal measure! If you love classical music, this will be an enjoyable book for you and an opportunity to share your hobby with your baby.

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