51 Fantastic Books For Year Seven Kids (Aged 11-12)

India Garrett
Feb 02, 2024 By India Garrett
Originally Published on Jul 07, 2020
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Getting stuck into a good book is a great way to pass the time in lockdown but it can be hard finding the best books for kids to read.

Here at Kidadl, we're putting together lists of all our favourite reads, whether that's the best autobiographies for teens or a boat load of books about the ocean. Have a look at 51 of our top picks for children between 11 and 12, there's bound to be something they'll enjoy regardless of their ability and enthusiasm.

Boy And Going Solo - Roald Dahl

Boy and Going Solo are Roald Dahl's brilliant autobiographies. Perfect for any children who are a fan of his books, they tell the stories of his school days and early adulthood.

The Afterwards - A.F Harrold

A moving tale of friendship and loss, it's a great option for children who are quite emotionally mature or have experienced grief.

Booked - Kwame Alexander

Booked is all about a boy trying to juggle his love of football and poetry, a story that may resonate with anyone just getting into reading.

Some Places More Than Others - Renee Watson

If your child is already quite independent and loves adventure then they'll enjoy the story of Amara and her trip to New York to learn more about her family's routes.

The Diary Of A Young Girl - Anne Frank

Anne Frank's Diary is something everyone should read at some point. She started writing it at thirteen and tells the incredible and moving story of her family life until she was fifteen.

Smart - Kim Slater

One of the best books for any curious children, join Kieran as he uses his skills of observation to try and solve a mysterious crime. It's up to him to uncover the secrets everyone else is ignoring.

The Island At The End Of Everything - Kiran Millwood Hargrave

A great book for more experienced readers, it's thought provoking and atmospheric. It follows the journey of Amihan and some unlikely allies as she finds her independence.

War Horse - Michael Morpurgo

A classic children's tale about adventure and the bond between a boy and a horse. It's moving, insightful and a great option if your child is a fan of any other Morpurgo books.

The Indian In The Cupboard - Lynne Reid Banks

A series of stories great for kids new to reading. Omri has a little red plastic Indian toy that comes alive, let the adventures begin!

Suffragette: The Battle For Equality - David Roberts

A beautifully illustrated and educational easy ready all about The Suffragettes and their incredible battle for equality. It's a real life story all kids should know.

The Secret Diary Of Adrian Mole - Sue Townsend

The hilarious diary of Adrian Mole is a brilliant book for any children looking for a light hearted and easy read It might even inspire them to write a diary of their own!

Noughts And Crosses -Malorie Blackman

Set in another world where the 'crosses' are on top and the 'noughts' are the lower class, the book is intense and covers some gripping themes, perfect for more mature readers.

The Storm Keeper's Island - Catherine Doyle

This is one of the best stories for kids with a big imagination. Adventure, magic and mystery all come into play as you get to know Fionn, the young hero.

Child girl reads a book in surprise

Percy Jackson And The Lightening Thief - Rick Riordan

The captivating series follows troublesome Percy as he discovers there is more to him than meets the eye. He's only half boy, with the other half being made up of something more special.

Tales From The Inner City - Shaun Tan

A great option for kids with shorter attention spans, the collection of twenty-five tales looks at the relationship between humans and animals in different urban contexts.

Wonder - R.J Palacio

Wonder follows the incredible story of Auggie Pullman, a little boy with a terrible facial abnormality who just wants to fit in. It's an uplifting one all about friendship and self-acceptance.

Artichoke Hearts - Sita Brahmachari

Mira is trying to navigate growing up just as her grandmother enters the final stages of cancer. It's emotional, moving and funny, great for experienced readers.

Here Lies Arthur - Philip Reeve

This different take on the legend of King Arthur, the past and present come together in order to search for the truth.

Bootleg - Alex Shearer

This funny read is about what happens when chocolate is made illegal and the underground resistance group that want to bring back the sweet treat!

Journey To The River Sea - Eva Ibbotson

A popular adventure tale, it follows orphan Maia and her trip to Brazil with some unfriendly relatives. Will it be the trip she'd hoped for?

The Chronicles Of Narnia -C.S Lewis

The Narnia books are classics for a reason. Your child might already know the story but they'll love getting lost in the magical world.

Hatchet - Gary Paulsen

Published back in 1986, Hatchet has stood the test of time. Thirteen year-old Brian is in a plane crash on his way to visit his father and has to survive the wilderness with nothing but a hatchet.

Framed - Frank Cotrell-Boyce

A good option for reluctant readers, Framed is the light-hearted story of how some of the National Gallery's finest paintings end up in a cave in North Wales.

The Colour Of The Sun - David Almond

A creative piece of writing looking at both the ordinary and extraordinary day in the life of one young boy.

No Fixed Address - Susin Nielsen

Full of childlike hope, No Fixed Address tackles homlessness and how difficult life is for some families in a sensitive, humourous and uplifting way.

Banana Sunday - Paul Tobin

A graphic novel perfect for new readers, join Kirby and the wacky talking primates who help him learn about trying to fit in and being different.

Swallows And Amazons - Arthur Ransome

Swallows And Amazons is a classic series all about childhood, friendship and adventure. Your child will really get to know the characters and feel like one of the crew.

Lou Out Of Luck - Nat Luursema

A lighter read aimed at girls, Lou's life isn't going to plan and it's up to her to try and sort the situation, with a bit of help of course.

The Box Of Delights - John Masefield

The Box Of Delights is a more challenging read in which Kay is given a magic box full of delights and unexpected darkness.

Minders - Diane Hendry

A magical book about witchcraft, wizardry and the challenges that come with magic power. It's an easier option for anyone just getting into reading.

For Everyone - Jason Reynolds

A seamless long form poem making a quick read about achieving your dreams and reaching your potential. It really is one for everyone.

The Wordsmith - Patricia Forde

If you child likes a bit suspense and thrill then The Wordsmith is perfect. Set in a post-apocalyptic world, it's full of tension and questioning of a strange new normal.

The Story Of Tracy Beaker - Jaqueline Wilson

Probably Jaqueline Wilson's most popular book, The Story Of Tracy Beaker is all about short-tempered Tracy and her life in social care house, 'the dumping ground'.

A Wrinkle In Time - Madeleine L'Engle

This captivating story is great for anyone interested in science. After his father disappears, it's up to Charles to find a gateway to a parallel universe to bring him back.

Stormbreaker - Anthony Horowitz

The Alex Rider adventure books are hugely popular and Stormbreaker is the first of twelve books. At just fourteen, Alex is recruited by the British Secret Service.

The Cay - Theodore Taylor

Combining real life with a fantasy adventure, The Cay follows twelve year-old Phillip and his mother as World War Two breaks out and they board the S.S Hato.

Black Beauty - Anna Sewell

Black Beauty is another classic that is a particularly great option for any animal lovers or budding historians.

Stargirl - Jerry Spinelli

A brilliant and brave novel about a wonderful girl who dares to be different.

Step By Wicked Step - Anne Fine

In this short book, five unrelated children discuss their separated parents and estranged family lives with a positive and reassuring outcome.

When Mum Threw Out The Telly - Emily Smith

Telly-addict Jeff's world is turned upside down when his mum throws out the TV, but maybe his new life is much more exciting.

Harry Potter And The Philosopher's Stone - J.K Rowling

They're known as some of the best books for a reason, now is a great time for kids to start the brilliant Harry Potter novels.

Ballet Shoes - Noel Streatfield

If your child would rather be dancing than reading then the Ballet Shoes books are the perfect option to get them started on.

Refugee Boy - Benjamin Zephaniah

For more advanced readers, this is a book that looks at some serious themes and will get your child thinking about the  difficult lives of others.

Silverfin - Charlie Higson

Anyone who loves a bit of adventure will love Silverfin, all about the young James Bond.

The Princess Diaries - Meg Cabot

A collection of books for more mature readers, The Princess Diaries are fun books where our dream to be told we're a princess actually becomes a reality for one school girl.

The Wonderful Wizard Of Oz - Frank Baum

It's a story we all know but definitely one worth reading.

Dogs Don't Tell Jokes - Louise Sacher

A hilarious book perfect for children new to reading who just want a bit of a laugh.

Across The Barricades - Joan Lingard

An intense story set in Belfast about the gritty religious divide.

Peter Pan - JM Barrie

Another much loved story that is perfect for children who are young at heart with big imaginations.

The Goldfish Boy - Lisa Thompson

The tale of a boy who is scared to venture into the outside world because of his OCD and constant worries.

Saffy's Angel - Hilary McKay

An eccentric but uplifting story about a mad family and the chaos that comes with it.

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