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Manners & Discipline In Parenting

Whether you use the problem-solving approach or set strict boundaries, each parent’s discipline process is unique to them. To help you decide what might work best for your family, Kidadl has put together some of our top ideas and tips.

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Tantrums can be emotionally draining for both you and your child.

7 Year Old Tantrums: How To Help Them (And You) Through It

There's a big difference to be aware of between discipline and punishment.

Discipline vs Punishment: Does The Difference Matter?

It's important to identify if your child is having an emotional meltdown.

Dealing With An Emotional Meltdown: Not Just A Tantrum

It's part of parenting to teach your child about consequences.

What Are The Main Types Of Consequences For Children That Are Misbehaving?

Parenting difficult children can be stressful.

Parenting Strategies For Difficult Children: Our Top Tips

Discipline helps people to obtain their goals in life

The Value Of Discipline In The Modern World

Navigating kids table manners is important

Table Manners For Kids: Our Favorite Ways To Make It Fun

Children are always watching and learning

'Children See Children Do': Creating A Positive Atmosphere

Discipline is not the same as punishing: it should be a productive process whereby your baby learns a lesson.

Disciplining A 1 Year Old: 13 Age Appropriate Techniques

Making thank you cards is a great way to help teach manners.

Why Manners Matter And How To Teach Them To Your Kids

Understanding your personality type can help you understand what kind of a parent you are

Types Of Behavior According To Psychology: Which Are You?

Persistently making faces back at another person is considered a negative behavior.

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