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Preschool Graduation: Decorations, Activities & Gifts

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The big day has finally come, your little one is finishing preschool and heading to big kid school.

But how do you celebrate the end of your child's preschool days? Pre K graduations are becoming more and more popular among parents and preschools as a way for you and your child to say goodbye to their teachers and class with a big celebration and ceremony.

Whether you're a teacher or a parent, we've got you covered with everything you need to know about preschool graduations, from decorations and activities to great gift ideas, perfect for the end of the year.

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What Is A Preschool Graduation?

Preschool graduations are a celebration of a child's last year in preschool and are usually held at the preschool at the end of the year, before the children officially start elementary school. What happens at preschool graduations varies from preschool to preschool, some are simple parties for the parents and students to say goodbye one last time, while others are more fancy, complete with graduation robes, caps, and mini preschool certificates for the children to keep.

It's a great way for teachers, parents, and students to celebrate the shift from preschool to kindergarten on their last day of school. They're also important as they can help your child develop a sense of accomplishment and pride early on in their education and help them become more confident as they begin elementary school.  

Preschool Graduation Decorations Ideas

Decorations with a graduation theme are the best options for preschool parties. If you're looking for ways to decorate your classroom or your home, check out these preschool graduation ideas.


Children love balloons, so you can't go wrong decorating the classroom with them. If you're looking for a more eco-conscious balloon alternative you can make your own by cutting out balloon shapes on colorful paper and sticking them up on your wall.

Children's Book Quotes

You can hang up quotes from your favorite children's books like Dr. Seuss's 'Oh The Places You'll Go' in your classroom as a great way for students to be inspired at the end of the school year. Decorations and art you put up can also be in theme with your children's favorite books. There are heaps of resources online if you need more inspiration.

'Graduate' Sign

A great big 'graduate' sign with streamers hanging above the doorway is a super fun way for kids to make a grand exit. You can do this in the classroom or at home.

Letters And Numbers Cake

You can make or buy a cute cake with letters and numbers to honor the end of your child's school year.

Preschool Graduation Gifts Ideas

Thinking of the best present for your child's preschool graduation can be tough. The best ideas are ones that get them excited for the next stage of their education.

A graduation gift isn't complete without a card. There are lots of cute poems and letters online that you can use as inspiration for what to write in your child's graduation card that you can read together. The simpler the card, the better so your little one can understand what's written and get excited about graduating and going into elementary school.

There are lots of cute gifts ideas for your child to get them excited about moving between preschool and kindergarten.

Graduation Bear

A cute graduation bear fitted with a cap and robe is a great keepsake for your little one to remember their time at preschool and they'll have a new bedtime buddy. There are also customizable bears that print your child's name and the year on the bear's feet to make it extra special.


A graduation bracelet can be a great way for your child to cherish their preschool days. You can make it yourself or get it custom-made with a little graduation cap charm, your child's name, and their graduation year.

Pencils And Crayons

If your little one is extra creative and loves to color in anything and everything, a new set of crayons is a great gift idea for a preschool graduation. Practicing drawing and coloring at home also helps improve fine motor skills and muscle endurance, getting your kids ready for elementary school.

Kindergarten Book

Your kid will love a new bedtime storybook and it can help your little one improve their reading skills. While you can go for classics like Dr. Seuss, there are lots of awesome books with a Kindergarten theme on offer that will get your child excited about starting at a new school.

New Toy

Nothing says celebration to a kid like getting a new toy. If you want to spoil your little one for their graduation, you can treat them to a new one of their favorite toys to celebrate them reaching this big milestone.

Preschool Graduation Activities Ideas

While pre-K graduations are a way for the teacher, parents, and students to say goodbye, it's a good idea to have lots of activities to keep the kids occupied. You can play the usual party games like duck duck goose, musical chairs, and Simon Says, but also check out these graduation-themed activities.  

A group picture of the whole class is a great way for your child to cherish their pre-K memories.

DIY Graduation Certificate

You can find plenty of printable graduation certificates online or you make your own. Parents can help their kids fill in their name, favorite color, food, hobby, and what they want to be when they grow up to get them excited for big kid school.

When I Grow Up Worksheet

With this fun art worksheet, your kids can draw a picture of themselves when they grow up to get them excited for Kindergarten.

Photoshoot And Memory Book

A group photo of students and their teachers is a must at an end of the year preschool graduation. You can also put a collection of photos together in a book so make sure your little one remembers their preschool days fondly. It's also great for taking a trip down memory lane when they get older.

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