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The Best Mother's Day Ideas For Your Wife

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Mother's day is on the horizon and the pressure is on to make the day extra special for your wife.

We've got you covered with all the ways you and your kids can pamper your beautiful wife this mother's day. From fun activities to awesome mother's day gift ideas for a wife, these options are sure to make your wife feel extra loved on her special day.

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Ideas For Making The Day Special  

Here are the best mother's day ideas that the whole family will have a blast doing together. While these mothers day ideas for wife are sure to wow the amazing woman in your life, it's a good idea to incorporate your wife's favorite hobbies into the day.

Breakfast In Bed

Start the day off right by treating your wife to her favorite home-cooked breakfast in bed. Your wife can stay cozy and warm while you and your little ones whip up a breakfast feast for her to eat from the comfort of her bed. If your wife has a sweet tooth, you can't go wrong with pancakes drizzled in maple syrup and fruit or waffles with whipped cream and berries. If savory food is more her style, you and your kids can prepare a delicious big breakfast complete with bacon, eggs, mushroom, avocado, and grilled tomato on toast. It's the perfect way to make sure she starts her day feeling appreciated.

Start mother's day off right with flowers and a delicious home-cooked breakfast in bed.


Mother's day wouldn't be complete without showering your wife with some gorgeous flowers. Starting her day with a beautiful bunch of her favorite flowers will warm her heart and make her feel extra special. If you don't have a big budget for flowers, you and your kids can pick some from your garden or even make some out of origami.

Hanging Up Decorations

Any mom will love walking out of her room in the morning to see 'Happy Mother's Day' hung up on the wall. You and your kids can make DIY decorations out of colorful paper and streamers for an extra special touch this mother's day.  

Do The Chores

If there's any day of the year to make sure you're pulling your weight around the house, it's mother's day. Make sure you and your kids give your wife a day off from any housework so she can really enjoy the one day of the year that's focused on how incredible she is.

Games Night

If your wife is a game lover, then a games night is an awesome way to spend mother's day evening. From classic board games like Monopoly to fast-paced card games like UNO, the whole family will have a blast spending the night in friendly competition with each other.


A day of painting is a great idea for creative moms. Painting is always a lot of fun whether you're a beginner or a budding Picasso, plus, your kids can join in too. You can even pop open a bottle of wine and have your own sip and paint night at home.

Spend The Day In Nature

Spending the day hiking or cycling in nature is awesome for outdoorsy moms who need a getaway. Your wife and kids will love exploring the nature in your area or road-tripping further out to see some spectacular views.


You can DIY karaoke at home by blasting some instrumental music and grabbing some hairbrushes to use as make-shift microphones. Or you and the family can have a family sing-a-long, what more could she ask for on her special day?

Spa Day

Book a spa and massage for you and your wife so you can both unwind and relax this mother's day. If you can't get to an actual spa, then you can always do a relaxing DIY spa day at home. All you need is a spa day gift box for your wife filled with face masks, body scrubs, bath bombs, and lotions that you can both enjoy for a relaxing spa day. Make sure to give your wife a well-deserved massage too.

Sunset Dinner

Ending a beautiful day with a sunset dinner is a super romantic mother's day activity. You can order takeaway, or BYO picnic food and find somewhere with a great sunset view to celebrate your wife's special day. This is one of our favorite romantic ideas for wife on mother's day, but it can also be turned into a whole family activity if you want to bring the kids along too!


If your wife loves a cocktail from time to time, then why not experiment in your own kitchen and serve up some delicious cocktails that suit her taste.

Take A Class

If your wife loves trying new things, then booking a class for the two of you is another great option. Whether it's pottery, painting, yoga, or anything in between, learning something new is an awesome way to spend mother's day.

Card Making Ideas For Children  

Thinking of quirky card ideas for your wife on mother's day from kids can be tough. Here are our favorite card ideas that your children can make and your wife is sure to love.

Pom Pom Card

If your wife loves animals this is a great card option. First, draw the legs, arms, and head of the animal that you want to make. Then stick small pom poms on the front of the card to make the animal's body. You can do this for pretty much any animal from flamingos and bunnies to sheep and caterpillars. You can also use pom poms to make balloons, hearts, and ice cream.

Hand Heart Card

Fold a piece of pink paper or cardboard in half and trace your child's hand on the edge of the card. Then use scissors to cut along the outline to create the first part of your hand card. Cut out a heart shape on different colored paper and glue it into the fold between the hands. All your kids need to do now is write a cute message and your wife will adore this cute DIY card.

Button Flowers

All you need for this cute card are colorful buttons and paper. You can draw the stems of the flowers or make them out of string or felt. Then, stick the buttons onto the card in the shape of flowers.

Hand Drawn Picture Card

There's nothing cuter than a hand-drawn family picture from your little one to pop up on the fridge. No matter their age, your kids will have a lot of fun drawing themselves and their mom and your wife is sure to cherish their art.

Ideas For Pregnant Wives  

If you and your wife are expecting a new baby, then look no further than these mother's day ideas, including mother's day gift ideas for your pregnant wife and activities she will love.

Cook Dinner

It goes without saying that mother's day should be a day of pampering for your wife, particularly if she's pregnant. Cook your wife's favorite dinner or whatever she's craving to make her night perfect.

Mom-To-Be Survival Kit

A DIY mom-to-be survival kit is a super thoughtful present for any wife who is about to become a mother. Fill it with a coffee mug, tea, books on motherhood, a face mask, bath bombs, perfume, and chocolate so she's ready for the next big adventure. This is one of our favorite mother's day gift ideas for an expecting wife.

Movie Night

If your wife is expecting and just needs a chill night in, then planning a movie night for the two of you is a great option. Throw on her favorite movie, grab the popcorn, ice cream, and whatever else she's craving, and settle in for the night.

Brainstorm Baby Names

Depending on how far down the track you and your wife are to parenthood, you can spend mother's day brainstorming baby names for your next little family member. How exciting!

If you and your wife are expecting, brainstorming baby names for your new baby can be an exciting way to spend mother's day.

Homemade Gift Ideas

Handmade, sentimental mother's day gift ideas for a wife can be the sweetest presents from you and your kids. Check out these creative mother's day homemade gift ideas for your wife that will warm her heart.

DIY Vouchers

DIY vouchers are the best last-minute mother's day gift ideas for your wife. Voucher ideas could be valid for a foot rub, a chore-free day, movie night, breakfast in bed, or anything else your wife loves.

Fingerprint Mugs

This is one of the best creative mother's day gift ideas for your wife that your kids can help with. Start with a plain white cup and use your fingers to put colorful paint on it. You can make adorable butterflies, smiley faces, or even a portrait of the whole family.

Body Scrub

You make your own really simple body scrubs with your wife's favorite scent for an extra thoughtful present this year.

Citrus Tea Towels

You can turn any plain tea towel into a citrusy dream. Cut a lemon or orange in half and slather pastel paints onto them, then stamp onto a white tea towel for a super cute hand-made present.

Gift Ideas

A husband should definitely get their wife a present for mother's day to show them how much they love them and appreciate them, whether it is homemade or shop bought, the thought is the most important thing. The best gift for your wife will be something that is meaningful to her. Brainstorm what it is that your wife loves or is passionate about so you can pick out the perfect gift for her.

If you're stuck on ideas, here are some of our favorite mother's day gift ideas for the wife that are sure to make her feel special.


You can't go wrong adding chocolate to the mother's day gifts for your wife. Whether she's a milk, dark or white chocolate lover, there are plenty of chocolate gift packs that you can treat your wife to.

Bath Bombs

Bath bombs are a great gift for any mom that needs some pampering this mother's day. Throw a colorful bath bomb into her bath and serve her a glass of wine, and she'll be relaxed, smelling great, and feeling like she's just had her very own spa day. There are lots of super cute bath bomb sets for you to choose from that can fit any budget and make your wife feel the love.

Scented Candles

There are also lots of cute candle designs like cactuses and penguins that could be the perfect unique gift for your wife if she loves quirky things. So, be sure to check out the cool designs on offer.

Family Portrait In A Frame

You can give your wife a voucher for a photoshoot as a mother's day surprise. Lots of places also offer cute hand-drawn portrait options that you, your wife, and the kids will love admiring. Finished with a picture frame, this is the perfect gift for any mother that is unique to your own family and will show your wife you really love her.

Head And Neck Massager

Who doesn't love a good massage? With a head and neck massager, your wife will feel like she's having a spa day every day.

Best Mom Mug

Every mom needs the classic 'best mom' mug in her life. It might be one of the more cheesy present ideas, but it is a right of passage for any mother.

Adult Coloring Book

Adult coloring books are one of the more underrated mother's day gifts you might not think of. Coloring in books are the perfect way to unwind after a long day and are the perfect gift for an arty mom. They can be super therapeutic, satisfying, and fun, so if your wife loves to get arty, then this is the perfect gift for her.


Nothing is quite as romantic as getting a new necklace from your loved one. If your wife loves jewelry, next time you go shopping pay attention to what pieces capture her eye so you can find the perfect gift for her. There's also never any harm in asking for her opinion before you purchase a necklace, as you want to make sure she really loves it.

Gift Box For Mom

If you're short on ideas, gift boxes are a great option for any mother. There are lots of cool gift box options you can get for your wife that she'll be sure to love whether she's a wine, coffee, or chocolate lover there'll be something for her.

Indoor Plants

Whether your wife has a green thumb or is new to the plant world, indoor plants are a great gift idea for any mother. With so many plant types on offer that suit different lifestyles from needing lots of attention to those that actually thrive on minimal attention, you can find the perfect one to suit your wife's lifestyle.

Personalized Cutting Boards

If your very own superwoman is a whiz in the kitchen, personalized cutting boards could be the perfect gift for your wife.

Watercolor Paint Set

Watercolor paint sets are the perfect gift for artsy moms or moms looking to explore their creative side.

Coffee Machine

For any coffee-loving mom, her very own coffee machine could be the best present for her. There are lots of options on offer, from budget machines to professional machines so you can find the best one to suit your family.

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