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Who Do You Need A Gift For? Try These Guides

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Time to get serious about Christmas shopping. Kidadl has put together dozens of handpicked gift guides to help you choose the perfect present. We’ve got broad guides, like what to buy for a newborn or grandparents, but also specifically themed gift guides. Whether your kids are into Mickey Mouse or Fortnite, bug hunting or train sets, we’ve got a gift guide that’ll help you find something a bit different.

Babies And Infants

Christmas: Christmas outfits and baby dresses for Christmas
Newborn: Gifts for newborn babies and newborn twins
Toys: Bath toys, musical instruments, Peppa pig, playsets (general), ride-on toys, role-play toys, sensory toys, soft toys, toys (general), teething toys, VTech toys for learning, wooden baby toys

4-12 Year-Olds

Christmas: Christmas Eve boxes and box fillers
Clothing And Jewellery: Children’s jewellery, jewellery boxes, Christmas jumpers, dressing gowns, kids’ hoodies, pirate costumes
Educational: Coding books, microscopes, robot toys, science kits, space toys, STEM toys, tool kits
Franchises: Disney toys, Fortnite toys, Harry Potter, My Little Pony toys, Pokemon toys, Star Wars toys, Toy Story toys
Outdoor: Binoculars, eco-friendly toys, garden games, nature toys and bug hunting, telescopes, tricycles
Traditional: Building blocks, Christmas books, construction toys, dinosaurs, doll houses, hatching toys, jigsaws, Lego, styling head dolls, toy cars, toy soldiers, train sets (and more)


Skateboards, Segways and hoverboards
Fitness trackers
Sustainable gifts


Dad-to-be gifts
Gifts for dad and mum, or parents
Gifts for grandma and grandpa, or grandparents
Hampers as gifts


Gifts for boys, all ages
Gifts for girls, all ages
Gifts for brothers, from newborns to teens
Gifts for sisters, from newborns to teens


Gifts for teachers
Gifts under £10 for kids


Browse Kidadl’s complete list of gift guides for further inspiration. 

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