Batman Trivia: 110+ Super Hard Questions For True Fans Of The Dark Knight | Kidadl


Batman Trivia: 110+ Super Hard Questions For True Fans Of The Dark Knight

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Have you been looking for the best Batman trivia that will really test your knowledge?

You've come to the right place! Here is your chance to prove your worth as the greatest Batman fan ever!

Tired of the boring and super-easy Batman quizzes? Check this one out! From trivia about the beloved Batman movies to the vintage Batman comics, this trivia has everything. If you think you know everything, there is to know about Batman, his villains, the original Batman characters, and even facts about Batgirl you are bound to love these Batman trivia facts.

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Batman Movie Trivia

Whether it be Tim Burton's 'Crusader Of The Night' or the action adventure movie series directed by Christopher Nolan, the Batman movie franchise is a favorite amongst kids and adults alike. Let's see how many Batman trivia questions you can answer and how much you really know about Bruce Wayne and his crime fighting persona here!

1. Question: Who played Batman in the first live action Batman movie?

Answer: Lewis Wilson

2. Question: Which two villains appear in 'Batman Forever'?

Answer: The Riddler and Two Face

3. Question: Who plays Batman's butler in 'The Dark Knight' trilogy movie series?

Answer: Michael Caine

4. Question: Which actress plays the role of Selina Kyle in the movie 'Batman Returns'?

Answer: Michelle Pfeiffer

5. Question: Who is the murderer of Thomas and Martha Wayne in the movie 'Batman Begins'?

Answer: Joe Chill

6. Question: Who plays the character of Robin in the movie 'Batman Forever'?

Answer: Chris O'Donnell

7. Question: Who plays the character of Commissioner Gordon in the movie 'The Dark Knight'?

Answer: Gary Oldman

8. Question: What is Selina Kyle's secret identity in the movie 'Batman Returns'?

Answer: Catwoman

9. Question: Can you name the Syndrome that Nora Fries suffers from in the movie 'Batman And Robin'?

Answer: MacGregor's syndrome

10. Question: Which character kills Bane in the popular Batman movie 'The Dark Knight Rises'?

Answer: Catwoman

11. Question: What is the name of Selina's boss in the movie 'Batman Returns'?

Answer: Max Shreck

12. Question: What is Mr. Freeze and Poison Ivy's master plan in the movie 'Batman And Robin'?

Answer: To make the observatory into a massive freeze ray

13. Question: What color is used in the costume of the Riddler in the movie 'Batman Forever'?

Answer: Green

14. Question: Which Hollywood Actor played the role of Mr. Freeze in the movie 'Batman And Robin'?

Answer: Arnold Schwarzenegger

15. Question: Which popular director directed the movies 'Batman' and the sequel 'Batman Returns'?

Answer: Tim Burton

16. Question: Who threatens Gotham City with a plant revolution in the movie 'Batman And Robin'?

Answer: Poison Ivy

17. Question: Who plays the popular character of Robin in 'Batman: The Movie'?

Answer: Burt Ward

18. Question: Which actor plays the role of Commissioner Gordon in all four movies: 'Batman And Robin', 'Batman', 'Batman Returns' and 'Batman Forever'?

Answer: Pat Hingle

19. Question: What is the secret identity of Barbara Wilson in the movie 'Batman And Robin'?

Answer: Batgirl

20. Question: How is Batgirl related to Alfred?

Answer: Batgirl is Alfred's niece

21. Question: The Batmobile has a different name in the movie 'The Dark Knight'. What was it?

Answer: The Tumbler

22. Question: What's the name of the main villain in the movie 'Batman Begins'?

Answer: Ra's Al Ghul

23. Question: Which Gotham City mobster believes himself to be a gentleman of criminal activities?

Answer: Mr. Penguin

24. Question: Which nightclub serves as a cover for the criminal activities run by Mr. Penguin?

Answer: The Iceberg Lounge

25. Question: Who plays the role of the Scarecrow in all three Batman movies by Christopher Nolan: 'Batman Begins', 'The Dark Knight' and 'The Dark Knight Rises'?

Answer: Cillian Murphy

26. Question: Which villain does Harvey Dent turn into in the movie 'The Dark Knight'?

Answer: Two-Face

27. Question: Which government position did Two-Face hold in the movie 'The Dark Knight', before he became a villain?

Answer: Gotham City District Attorney (a lawyer)

28. Question: Dick Grayson is the real name of which Batman sidekick?

Answer: Robin

29. Which profession was the family of Dick Grayson involved in before they were murdered in the movie 'Batman Forever'?

Answer: They were part of the acrobatic group, The Flying Graysons.

30. Question: Who is the voice behind Batman in the 'Lego Batman Movie'?

Answer: Will Arnett

31. Question: Who is the first Batman villain in the first Batman movie, 'Batman' (1989)?

Answer: The Joker

32. Question: Which critically acclaimed Hollywood actor plays Bane in the movie 'The Dark Knight Rises'?

Answer: Tom Hardy

33. Question: Which character in the movie 'The Dark Knight Rises' single handedly deduces that Bruce Wayne is Batman?

Answer: John Blake

Batman statue with city background

Batman Comics Trivia

If the movie trivia is a rookie's game for you, and you're looking to be challenged by a really hard Batman quiz, here's your chance to prove how much of a Batman buff you truly are! See if you can answer this super hard Batman trivia, what could be more fun than answering tricky DC trivia questions with friends and family?

34. Question: Who is the current writer of the 'Batman'  comics?

Answer: Scott Snyder

35. Question: Which popular Batman character was the original Batgirl (introduced in 'Batman #139') related to?

Answer: The original Batgirl was Batwoman's niece

35. Question: Batman's first appearance was in which 'Detective Comics'?

Answer: 'Detective Comics 27'

36. Which other character from Batman's family debuted alongside Batman in the 'Detective Comics'?

Answer: Commissioner Gordon

47. Question: Which character is shot in 'The Killing Joke'?

Answer: Barbara Gordon

48. Question: Which American comic book writers created the Batman character?

Answer: Bill Finger and Bob Kane

49. Question: After being shot by the Joker, what nickname gained popularity for Barbara Gordon?

Answer: The Oracle

50. Question: Who scores a 10 in acrobatics and is a Bat Family Informant in the comics?

Answer: Selina Kyle

51. Question: Who wrote the first Batman comic?

Answer: Bill Finger

52. Question: Which year was the character of Robin first introduced?

Answer: 1940

53. Question: When was Bruce Wayne born?

Answer: 19 February (although there is debate around this)

54. Question: What is the real name of the Joker?

Answer: Jack Napier

55. Question: Which character did Bruce Wayne have a son with, who ended up being raised by the League of Assassins?

Answer: Talia Al Ghul

56. Question: How many characters have taken the title of Robin till the new-52 series?

Answer: Five: Damian Wayne, Jason Todd, Tim Drake, Dick Grayson and Stephanie Brown

57. Question: Which comic writer referred to Batman as 'The Dark Knight' for the first time?

Answer: Bill Finger

58. Question: Which infamous Batgirl is the child of the assassin duo Lady Shiva and David Cain?

Answer: Cassandra Cain

59. Question: How long have the Batman comics been running?

Answer: 81 years

60. Question: What were the names of Bruce Waynes' parents?

Answer: Batman's parents names were Thomas and Martha Wayne

61. Question: What's the villain alias for Edward Nigma?

Answer: The Riddler

62. Question: Which character saves Batman from thugs when he falls in an alley and gets injured while pursuing Catwoman?

Answer: The Huntress

63. Question: Who was the first love interest of Batman in 'Detective Comics'?

Answer: Julie Madison

64. Question: What is the name of the rehabilitation center in Gotham City for the worst enemies of Batman?

Answer: Arkham Asylum

65. Question: Which alias does Bruce Wayne use when he tries to infiltrate the dark criminal underbelly of his city?

Answer: Matches Malone

66. Question: When Scarecrow tricks the Joker and uses fear gas on him, what does the Joker end up fearing in 'Detective Comics #664'?

Answer: He fears nothing

67. Question: Who works as a trustworthy Business Manager at Wayne Enterprises?

Answer: Lucius Fox

68. Question: Which Batman Lore describes the incident that triggered Bruce to make up his bat inspired crime fighting personality?

Answer: When Bruce falls down a cave as a child

69. Question: What are the last words of Batman, right before he is killed in 'Final Crisis' by Darkseid?

Answer: "You'll Never Win!"

70. Question: What is a popular hobby of the beloved Batman Butler, Alfred?

Answer: Breeding roses

71. Question: Alfred beats a superhero in the comic 'Injustice: Gods Among Us'. Which superhero does he beat?

Answer: Superman

72. Question: Thomas and Martha Wayne are killed outside which theatre?

Answer: Monarch Theatre

73. Question: Who fakes her own death with the help of Leslie Thompson once her identity is revealed to villains?

Answer: Stephanie Brown

Obscure Batman Villains Quiz Questions

Batman trivia questions are incomplete without putting some special emphasis on the weird, quirky and mysterious Batman villains. Challenge your friends to pass this Batman villain quiz and emerge as the ultimate Batman fanatic!

74. Question: Who provides Gotham's worst criminals with secret lairs and hideouts?

Answer: The Broker

75. Question: Which Batman villain strikes on every holiday and has an obsession with the days of the week?

Answer: The Calendar Man

76. Question: Penguin is the alias for which gun-selling mobster?

Answer: Oswald Cobblepot

77. Question: Which supervillain in Batman comics has tally marks of their victims on their body?

Answer: Zsasz

78. Question: Who is the supervillain alias of Jervis Tetch?

Answer: The Mad Hatter

79. Question: Which famous Batman villain loses his wife Nora to illness?

Answer: Mr. Freeze

80. Question: Which Batman Villain becomes a zombie-like creature after being thrown into the Slaughter Swamp?

Answer: Solomon Grundy

81. Question: Who is known as Little Miss Crown Princess?

Answer: Harley Quinn

82. Question: Where did Dr. Harleen Frances Quinzel work before she became Harley Quinn?

Answer: Arkham Asylum

83. Question: Which high-tech scientist Batman villain is named after an animal and possesses "magnetic" properties?

Answer: Zebra Man

84. Question: Which villainous character is usually used as comic relief and resembles a nursery rhyme with his name?

Answer: Humpty Dumpty

85. Question: Which one of the earliest Batman villains has a run-in with Batman's first girlfriend, Julie Madison?

Answer: Clayface

86. Question: Which Batman villain developed a chemical formula that could turn men into beasts?

Answer: Hugo Strange

87. Question: Arthur Brown was a game show host before he became a villain. What's his villain name?

Answer: Cluemaster

88. Question: Which Batman villain turned to crime after he got bored of hunting jungle cats and gambling?

Answer: Catman

89. Question: Catwoman was often blamed for the wrongdoings of which obscure villain?

Answer: Catman

90. Question: Which supervillain uses the clock and related gadgets to commit acts of crime?

Answer: Clock Man

91. Question: Which Batman villain formed an army of the homeless?

Answer: Deacon Blackfire

92. Question: What was the villain name of Theodore Carrigan, a con artist who used deception?

Answer: Dr. Zodiac

93. Question: What was the villain name of Lonnie Machin, a computer wizz and master of many fighting techniques that put him at par with Batman?

Answer: Anarky

94. Question: Which villain does Batgirl first encounter and subsequently defeats?

Answer: The Killer Moth

95. Question: Which Batman villain has gloves that can vibrate with a frequency perfect for smashing human skulls?

Answer: The Bone Blaster

96. Question: Which mythical Gorgon creates a mystical crime syndicate after her own name?

Answer: Medusa

97. Question: Which criminal group wears animal masks of a shark, a vulture and a fox?

Answer: The Terrible Trio

98. Question: After Robin makes fun of his weight, which Batman villain tries to extract revenge by changing the city's water supply to chocolate?

Answer: Sweet Tooth

99. Question: Which Batman villain has a sweet tooth and uses children to do his biddings?

Answer: Candyman

100. Question: Which Batman villain is more of an anti-hero and a great marksman?

Answer: Deadshot

101. Question: What's Deadshot's actual name?

Answer: Floyd Lawton

102. Question: Which evil doer uses charisma and manipulation to try and achieve his goal of becoming the best crime boss in the city?

Answer: Carmine Falcone

103. Question: What is the original name of one of Batman's worst villains, Professor Pyg, who kidnaps and disfigures his victims?

Answer: Lazlo Valentin

104. Question: Which villain is allowed to escape Batman's Arkham Asylum, just so that Poison Ivy's hideout could be tracked?

Answer: The Killer Croc

105. Question: Which villain duo is actually a man and a toy, wherein the toy holds real weapons?

Answer: The Ventriloquist and Scarface

106. Question: What is the Killer Croc's actual name?

Answer: Waylon Jones

107. Question: Which obscure villain wanted to kill members of his own family?

Answer: Abattoir

108. Question: Which villain was dropped into a vat of chemicals and became an arsonist to avenge himself?

Answer: Firefly

109. Question: Name the villain who hunts bounties and has prices on the heads of the entire Bat Family?

Answer: Slade

110. Question: What's the original name for Poison Ivy?

Answer: Pamela Isley

111. Question: Which character becomes a villain after having acted as Two-Face for a long time?

Answer: The Charlatan

Here at Kidadl, we have carefully created lots of interesting family-friendly trivia for everyone to enjoy! If you liked our suggestions for Batman trivia questions, then why not take a look at this Avengers trivia and this DC comics trivia?

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