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Cheers Trivia: 61 Super Hard Questions For Super Fans

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Test your 'Cheers' knowledge with these super hard trivia questions!    

‘Cheers’ first appeared on Television in the early '80s and received poor ratings initially. Fortunately, after being stuck at the bottom of the pile for ratings in the first season, it managed to do grow an audience and became one of the most successful and popular sitcoms in television history.

For 11 seasons and 275 episodes, we have seen Diane, Sam, Coach, Norm, Cliff and Carla relaxing and chatting at their favorite water hole, and even today we can't get enough of these iconic characters. After all, what would TV shows be without ‘Cheers’? We have prepared this super hard trivia quiz on ‘Cheers’ sitcom for super fans. Think you know everything about the 'Cheers' bar full of misfits? Have fun whilst checking your 'Cheers' knowledge here. For more fun quizzes, check out our Boston trivia and Simpsons trivia, but for not, let's get started!

Trivia About 'Cheers'

person watching showYou have watched all the episodes of 'Cheers' and know every detail, right? Let's check this by answering a few 'Cheers' questions. Enjoy this fun quiz with your loved ones !

1. Question: When was the last episode of 'Cheers' aired?

Answer: 20 May 1993.

2.Question: When was the first 'Cheers' episode aired?

Answer: 30 September 1982.

3. Question: What were the title of the two 'Cheers' spin-offs?

Answer: 'The Tortellis' (1987) and 'Frasier' (1993-2004).

4. Question: What is the name of the restaurant above 'Cheers'?

Answer: The restaurant is called Melville's.

5. Question: In the seventh season episode 'How To Win Friends And Electrocute People' who gives driving lessons hilariously to Lilith?

Answer: Sam gives Lilith behind-the-wheel driving lessons.

6. Question: Where was the series filmed?

Answer: From the 'Cheers' first episode till the last, it was filmed in Beacon Hill, Boston.

7. Question: Who performed the show's theme song 'Everybody Knows Your Name'?

Answer: Many people thought it was Woody Harrelson, but the 'Everybody Knows Your Name' song was actually performed by Gary Portnoy.

8. Question: How many seasons did the show have?

Answer: 11 seasons.

9. Question: For how many awards was 'Cheers' nominated for?

Answer: The show was nominated for 180 awards, out of which 'Cheers' won 77.

10. What was the name of the last 'Cheers' episode?

Answer: 'One For The Road' is the final episode of the American TV show 'Cheers'.

11. Question: In the 'Cheers' final scene, what was the last line said by Sam?

Answer: "Sorry we are closed".

12. Question: Which former 'Cheers' star provides the voice for Sideshow Bob in 'The Simpsons'?

Answer: Kelsey Grammer.

13. Question: What is the name of the town that Woody comes from?

Answer: Hanover, Indiana.

Trivia About The 'Cheers' Cast Members

In this section, we are going to ask questions based on the cast of 'Cheers' TV show. For those who want to know details about the cast, here are a few questions and answers.

14. Question: Who played Sam Malone on 'Cheers'?

Answer: Ted Danson.

15. Question: Who played the role of Frasier Crane?

Answer: Kelsey Grammer played the role of Frasier Crane.

16. Question: For how long did Kelsey Grammer play the role of Frasier?

Answer: For 20 consecutive years she played the role, which later proved to be a record-breaker for a comedy American actor.

17. Question: Who played Woody on 'Cheers'?

Answer: Woody Harrelson.

18. Question: Why did Shelley Long leave 'Cheers'?

Answer: It is said that Shelley Long from 'Cheers' wasn't much fun on the set. The others wanted to goof around a bit in between the shots, while Long wanted to focus on shots, and this led to a separation.

19. Question: Name the actors who played the roles of Norm and Cliff?

Answer: George Wendt and John Ratzenberger played the roles of Norm and Cliff, respectively.

20. Question: For whom was the character Frasier Crane originally written?

Answer: John Lithgow was offered the role, but he refused as he was not interested in television.

21. Question: Who was in the lead cast of 'Cheers' season one?

Answer: Ted Danson, Shelley Long, Nicholas Colasanto, Rhea Perlman and George Wendt.

22. Question: Which lead actress won a Golden Globe Award and Emmy Award for her performance in the comedy series in 1991?

Answer: Kirstie Alley in 'Cheers'

23. Question: When did Kirstie Alley join the cast of 'Cheers'?

Answer: In 1987 Kirstie Alley joined the cast.

24. Question: What was the coach's real name in 'Cheers'?

Answer: Ernie Pantusso.

25. Question: What role was played by Kirstie Alley on 'Cheers'?

Answer: Rebecca Howe.

26. Question: What is the surname of the con artist in 'Cheers'?

Answer: Gittes.

27. Question: What was the name of the fraternal lodge that Cliff Clavin joined?

Answer: Knights of the Scimitar.

'Cheers' Characters Trivia

Characters on 'Cheers' have become highly famous for their roles and have been taken into the hearts of audiences worldwide. Have fun challenging your knowledge on 'Cheers' with these quiz questions.

28. Question: How many children did Carla's character have by the end of the 'Cheers' finale?

Answer: At the start of the series, it was four, and by the time it was off-air, she had eight.

29.Question: Name the first character that was added to the cast?

Answer: Woody.

30. Question: What is Norm's character's full name?

Answer: Hilary Norman Peterson.

31. Question: Which character is known as the resident trivia expert and still lives with his mother?

Answer: Cliff Clavin.

32. Question: Which position did Sam Malone play for the Boston Red Sox?

Answer: Pitcher.

33. Question: Why did Diane Chambers end up leaving Boston?

Answer: Diane had the opportunity to complete her unfinished book she started writing years ago and hence, left Boston.

34. Question: What is the name of Norm's wife?

Answer: Nancy Vera Alice.

35. Question: What was Sam's jersey number in The Boston Red Sox?

Answer: 16 was the jersey number for Sam at The Boston Red Sox.

36. Question: Throughout the series, Carla was obsessed with which singer?

Answer: Elvis.

37. Question: Which future Presidential candidate made a cameo appearance in the series?

Answer: 2004 Presidential runner-up John Kerry made a cameo appearance in 'Cheers'.

38. Question: What is the first name of the mother of Cliff Clavin?

Answer: Esther Clavin was her name.

39. Question: Who threw the pie at Norm's wife at Thanksgiving?

Answer: Diane Chambers.

40. Question: What was the name of the beloved cat of Diane Chambers, which was named after a famous poet?

Answer: Elizabeth Barrett Browning.

41. Question: What was the name of Sam Malone's elder brother?

Answer: Derek.

42. Question: What was the nickname of Sam Malone when he played for The Boston Red Sox?

Answer: Mayday.

Trivia All About Different Episodes Of 'Cheers'

In this section, we have included lots of questions based on particular episodes of 'Cheers'. How much can you remember from different episodes of 'Cheers'? Can you spot a questions about your favorite episode or character from 'Cheers' here?

43. Question: In the episode 'Give Me A Ring Sometime', there was a debate in the 'Cheers' bar about the sweetest movie ever made, and Summer Sloane offered a flick that everyone agreed on, which movie was it?

Answer: 'Cool Hand Luke'.

44. Question: In the first episode, what excuse does Diane tell all of Sam's unwanted callers?

Answer: The reason given was "he went to get his haircut".

45. Question: In season seven, episode eight Cliff, Woody and Norm went skydiving after watching a particular movie. What is the name of the movie?

Answer: The name of the movie was 'The Magnificent Seven.'

46. Question: In season five, in the episode titled 'Young Dr. Weinstein,' Woody prepares a drink recipe which he calls 'The Blue Boyd'. Later his gang told him that the drink already exists. What is its name?

Answer: Blue Moon Drink.

47. Question: In episode 12 of season seven, Cliff Clavin revealed the most moving song, according to him. What is the name of that song?

Answer: 'Ballad Of The Green Berets'.

48. Question: What did Norm wear to the party in the episode 'Friends, Romans, And Accountants'?

Answer: It was a toga party, and hence Norm wore a toga.

'Cheers' Behind The Scenes Questions

Only a true super fan of 'Cheers' would know about all the behind the scenes drama played out between your most loved actors. From Shelley Long to Ernie Pantusso, how much do you know about the stars of the show and the dramas between them? For example, did you know that Rhea Perlman really was pregnant in the same season as her character, Carla, was?

49. Question: As a part of his training for the show, what did Ted Danson do?

Answer: Ted Danson attended bartending school as training for the sitcom.

50. Question: Who voiced Norm's never seen wife, Vera?

Answer: The wife of George Wendt, Bernadette Birkett, provided the voice for Vera.

51. Question: Was Rhea Perlman the only Perlman on the set of 'Cheers'?

Answer: No, Rhea Perlman's younger sister, Heide, wrote several episodes and also produced dozens of episodes throughout the show's run. Also, her father, Mr. Phil, played one of the bar regulars (named Phil).

52. Question: What did Ted Danson wear to get into the character of hair-obsessed Sam?

Answer: Ted Danson wore a hairpiece to get into his character.

53. What did George actually drink on the set of 'Cheers' when playing Norm.

Answer: Many people think it was alcohol, which is not true. Norm drank 'near beer', which contains 3.2% alcohol and a pinch of salt which is used to get a foamy head under studio lights. Did you know that Norm drink an average of eight beers on every visit to the 'Cheers' bar?

54. Question: Why did the show end?

Answer: Ted Danson, who played Sam Malone quit the show and producers did not want to continue without him. Therefore they decided it was time for the show to end in 1993.

55. Question: Did Sam Malone and Diane Chambers get married by the end of season five?

Answer: No, as 'Cheers' was filmed in front of a live audience, the producers decided to trick the audience to keep the departure of Shelly Long from 'Cheers' a secret. The cancelled wedding between Diane and Sam was revealed as the scenes played out.

56.Question: What did Sam Malone keep from the set of 'Cheers'? He also loaned it to a friend as a good luck charm.

Answer: A bottle cap.

58. Question: Who did Rebecca from 'Cheers' marry?

Answer: She married Don Santry.

59. Question: Which Boston Red Sox player had his pants stolen by the 'Cheers' team as a result of the Bar War prank?

Answer: Wade Boggs.

60. Question: Which NBA player worked as a bartender so that he could compete against Gary's Olde Towne Tavern?

Answer: Kevin McHale.

61. Which athlete turned actor played sportscaster Dave Richards in 'Cheers'?

Answer: Fred Dryer.

Here at Kidadl, we have carefully created lots of interesting family-friendly trivia for everyone to enjoy! If you liked our suggestions for 'Cheers' trivia and are looking for more fantastic TV sitcom show quizzes to test your memory, then why not take a look at our 80's trivia, or 'Big Bang Theory' trivia for more?

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