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45 Full House Trivia Questions (And Answers) That Are Tanner-Tastic

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Calling all fellow 'Full House' fans! How about a trip down memory lane? The Tanners were our favorite TV family from the late '80s and early '90s who felt like our friendly neighbors from San Francisco. Their laughs, tears, and downright hilarious antics colored our childhoods with laughter and heartwarming moments.

If you'd like to relive the magic of 'Full House', there's no better way than with an exciting trivia game! We've got all sorts of questions cooked up, fun facts about the show, and memories of the cast members that'll have you chuckling and reminiscing. So, grab a snack, gather your house quiz team, and let's explore beautiful memories from 'Full House' with a delightful trivia game! It's time to relive the nostalgia of those Tanner-tastic times; keep score and let's roll!

Full House Characters Trivia Quiz

We're zipping back to the beloved '80s and '90s, smack in the middle of the lovable chaos of the Tanner home. Remember the thrill of DJ's teenage dilemmas and Stephanie's classic "Nobody asked me" and "How rude!" remarks? What about Uncle Jesse's rock-star dreams or Joey's laugh-out-loud impressions? This trivia quiz will challenge you on everything about these delightful characters.

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1. Question: What was Jesse's last name in the first season of the show?

Answer: Cochran.

2. Question: What is the name of the Tanner girls' father?

Answer: Danny.

3. Question: Who played the character Stephanie Tanner?

Answer: Jodie Sweetin.

4. Question: What is the name of the actor who plays Danny Tanner on the show?

Answer: Bob Saget.

5. Question: Which of the Tanner sisters used to treasure a stuffed animal that she named Mr. Bear?

Answer: Stephanie.

6. Question: Which actor plays Jesse Katsopolis?

Answer: John Stamos.

7. Question: Where was the 'Full House' show filmed?

Answer: Los Angeles.

8. Question: What is the name of Danny Tanner's best friend on the show?

Answer: Joey Gladstone.

9. Question: Which real-life twins took turns playing the youngest Tanner?

Answer: The Olsen twins.

10. Question: Which character is obsessed with keeping things neat, is tall and often nicknamed 'Stringbean', and once had a girlfriend named Vicky?

Answer: Danny Tanner.

11. Question: Which character loves cartoons, jokes, and puppets and wants to become a comedian?

Answer: Joey Gladstone.

12. Question: What is the name of the cereal brand for which Stephanie gets a commercial?

Answer: Oat Boats.

13. Question: What was Uncle Jesse's birth name?

Answer: Hermes.

14. Question: Who played Aunt Becky?

Answer: Lori Loughlin.

15. Question: Who used to be on a soccer team but accidentally scored for the opposing team once?

Answer: Michelle.

16. Question: What did Danny and Pam initially want to name DJ?

Answer: Farrah.

17. Question: How many times did the Olsen twins both appear on the show in the same scene?

Answer: Four.

18. Question: Which character is known for her catchphrase, "You got it, dude!"?

Answer: Michelle Tanner.

19. Question: Who did Stephanie tease in second grade in the episode titled 'Nerd For A Day'?

Answer: Walter.

20. Question: Which character is a co-host of the talk show, 'Wake Up San Francisco'?

Answer: Rebecca Donaldson (Becky).

21. Question: What is the name of DJ's best friend?

Answer: Kimmy.

22. Question: Who played the role of Kimmy Gibbler?

Answer: Andrea Barber.

23. Question: Who is the twin sister of Ashley Olsen who sometimes appeared as the youngest Tanner sister in the show?

Answer: Mary Kate Olsen.

24. Question: To whom does Michelle give her favorite stuffed pig as a parting gift?

Answer: Her friend, Teddy.

Full House Episodes Trivia

Can you still hear the catchy 'Full House' theme song, see DJ's newest crush, or laugh at Danny's obsession with cleanliness? How about the unforgettable moments like Uncle Jesse's wedding or Michelle's first day at school? In this trivia, we'll test your knowledge of those episodes that became part of our family traditions. So grab your snacks, summon your inner '90s kid, and let's see how much you remember in this 'Full House' trivia about the episodes!

25. Question: The 'Full House' show has a sequel series based on the life of DJ Tanner. What is this series called?

Answer: 'Fuller House'.

26. Question: How long did 'Full House' run for?

Answer: Eight years.

27. Question: What was the title of the first episode of 'Full House'?

Answer: 'Our Very First Show'.

28. Question: In which episode of 'Full House' do the Olsen twins first appear together on set?

Answer: 'The Seven-Month Itch Part 1'.

29. Question: How many episodes were in Season 5 of the 'Full House' show?

Answer: 26.

30. Question: What is the title of the episode in which Stephanie gets a cereal commercial?

Answer: 'Sisterly Love'.

31. Question: In which episode of the 'Full House' show does DJ get her period?

Answer: 'Girls Just Wanna Have Fun'.

32. Question: In which episode of the 'Full House' show does Joey move into his bedroom in the garage?

Answer: 'Joey's Place'.

33. Question: 'Fuller House' was also the name of which episode in the original show?

Animal: Season 4, Episode 20.

Famous Cameos In Full House Trivia

Maybe you still recall the heartwarming antics of the Tanner clan on 'Full House', but did you catch all the popular faces that popped up now and then? Yes, this beloved sitcom had its fair share of star-studded cameos! Remember that episode with the Beach Boys, or Little Richard's lively guest appearance? In this trivia, we'll dig into those glittering moments when stars shined in the Tanners' universe. So, put on your trivia hat, get your memory gears grinding, and let's dive into the famous cameos in 'Full House' trivia!

34. Question: Which star cameoed on the show as Ronnie Gardner?

Answer: Belita Moreno.

35. Question: Which star cameoed as Jesse's girlfriend, Samantha?

Answer: Chelsea Noble.

36. Question: Which star played Jesse's high school girlfriend, Carrie Fowler?

Answer: Erika Eleniak.

37. Question: Which star cameoed in the show as himself, a pro basketball player, to teach Uncle Jesse how to play?

Answer: Kareem Abdul-Jabbar.

38. Question: Which star appeared in 'Full House' wearing high-waisted jeans and suspenders?

Answer: Jaleel White.

39. Question: Which legendary musician cameoed in the 'Full House' show as Michelle's friend, Denise's uncle?

Answer: Little Richard.

40. Question: Which star appeared as Gia Mahan on the show and became a recurring role?

Answer: Marla Sokoloff.

Well, there you have it folks, a trip down the 'Full House' memory lane as fun as a Tanner family reunion! We hope you enjoyed this nostalgia-packed journey. Whether you answered all questions right, or some left you scratching your head, the fun is in the shared memories. Why not turn this trivia into a family game night, reigniting the spirit of the '90s? And never forget, as the 'Full House' theme song says, "Everywhere you look, there's a heart, a hand to hold onto". So, let this beautiful story inspire you to revel in the love and joy of family.

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