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100 'Glee' Trivia Questions (And Answers): Are you the ultimate Gleek?

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With its extensive choir, melodious mash ups and wonderful covers, the Glee Club took the world of high school music by storm!

The show was first aired in 2009 and continued on for several seasons till 2015. Starring popular characters and actors such as Sue Sylvester, Emma Pillsbury, Lea Michele, Cory Monteith, and Diana Agron, the show gained popularity due to its music, portrayal of social issues like sexuality and race, and its out-of-the-box quirky events.

Favorable reviews from critics and nominations for a wide variety of award shows such as the Emmy Awards, Golden Globe Awards, and the Satellite Awards prompted the creators to renew Glee for its Season two. The entertainment show was so popular that it enjoyed star-studded guest appearances by the likes of Gwyneth Paltrow, Neil Patrick Harris, Barry Bostwick, Brian Stokes Mitchell, and many more. In fact, the music of Glee was such a success that the cast held live concert tours and released concert films based on the tours. The positive responses to our Grey's Anatomy Trivia and Harry Potter Movie Trivia articles prompted us to come up with this quirky Glee trivia quiz. Read on to find out how much of a Gleek you are with this ultimate Glee quiz!

Glee Characters Trivia

The Glee characters, with their unique personalities, were perhaps the most memorable part of the show. These characters won our hearts with their own sets of quirks. Their smart portrayal of characters of color, different sexualities, and disabilities was one of the first open representation of the different communities in society. Take this Glee quiz and check if you know your Quinn from your Finn!

1. Question: Which character's dream is to play three roles on Broadway?

Answer: Rachel Berry.

2. Question: Which character says, "One day you will all work for me."?

Answer: Kurt Hummel.

3. Question: What is the last name of Glee Club's coach?

Answer: Schuester.

4. Question: What does Kurt write on his ballet when submitting his vote for the best duet in the episode 'Duets'?

Answer: Kurt Elizabeth Hummel.

5.Question: What did Rachel think when Sunshine did not speak to her on their first meet?

Answer: She did not speak English.

6. Question: How does Finn Hudson prove his loyalty to Kurt Hummel in the episode 'Furt'?

Answer: By dancing with him.

7. Question: Kurt and Blaine share their wedding anniversary with which other characters?

Answer: Brittany and Santana.

8. Question: What secret about Finn Hudson is revealed in 'Special Education'?

Answer: He lied to Rachel about being with Santana Lopez.

9. Question: Who is the real father of Quinn's baby?

Answer: Puck.

10. Question: Which university does Quinn attend?

Answer: Yale

11. Question: What does Rachel do to Sunshine in 'Audition'?

Answer: Send her to a crack house.

12. Question: What does Finn ask Dave Karofsky to do after winning the championship game?

Answer: Apologize to Kurt Hummel

13. Question: How many times does Rachel kiss Blaine in 'Blame It On The Alcohol'?

Answer: Two

14. Question: What song do Kurt and Rachel sing in 'Special Education'?

Answer: Don't Cry For Me Argentina

15. Question: In 'Born This Way', what song do Rachel and Quinn sing together?

Answer: 'I Feel Pretty/Unpretty'

16. Question: What was Kurt and Blaine's first duet?

Answer: 'Baby It's Cold Outside'

17. Question: When Quinn makes a reappearance in '100', who is her new beau?

Answer: Biff McIntosh

18. Question: Who sang the closing number instead of Sunshine in 'A Night of Neglect'?

Answer: Mercedes

19. Question: What restaurant do Rachel and Finn dine at in New York?

Answer: Sardi's

20. Question: What song does Santana perform with Mercedes at the McKinley High School Prom?

Answer: Dancing Queen

21. Question: Which character bids Quinn farewell with the words "I don't think that's possible"?

Answer: Coach Sylvester

22. Question: Who was the surrogate for Kurt and Blaine?

Answer: Rachel

23. Question: Which Glee character does not have a romantic interest in Finn?

Answer: Sam

24.Question: What is Dave Karofsky's father's name?

Answer: Paul

25. Question: What do Puck and Rachel sing in 'The Sue Sylvester Shuffle'?

Answer: 'Need You Now'

'Glee' Song Trivia

Family watching glee series

With more than 700 songs covered on their show, including original soundtracks, the music in Glee is irreplaceable for the show. The characters have covered some of the most popular artists of the decade, from Journey to Prince, from Michael Jackson to Lady Antebellum. Each performance was truly a masterpiece in its own right and an absolute delight to watch. Here is a quiz about 'Glee' music covered across the episodes. Check these 'Glee' trivia facts to know if you are the 13th member of the Glee club and a true-blooded Gleek!

26. Question: Who does Rachel sing 'Rolling In The Deep' with in 'Prom Queen'?

Answer: Jesse St James

27. Question: Who performs Celine Dion's 'All By Myself' in 'A Night of Neglect'?

Answer: Sunshine Corazon

28.Question: Who watches Puck and Rachel's duet in the choir room?

Answer: The football team

29.Question: Whose idea is it to sing Cee-Lo Green's 'Forget You' in 'The Sunshine'?

Answer: Puck

30.Question: Where does Artie sing 'Isn't She Lovely' to Brittany?

Answer: In the classroom.

31.Question: Which New Directions member throws up during the performance of 'Tik Tok'?

Answer: Santana

32.Question: Which Journey song did the Glee Club not cover?

Answer: 'Open Arms'

33.Question: Which song does Rachel sing to Finn in Britney/Brittany?

Answer:'The Only Exception'

34.Question: Which 2007 Rihanna song did Will and Holly Holliday mash up with 'Singin in the Rain'?

Answer: 'Umbrella'

35.Question: In 'Bad Reputation', which song did Rachel lead during the New Directions performance?

Answer: 'Total Eclipse of the Heart'

36.Question: Which All American Rejects song does Rachel sing to express her anger in 'Hell-O'?

Answer: 'Gives You Hell'

37.Question: In 'Vitamin D', the girls of New Directions mash up songs by which two artists?

Answer: Beyoncé and Katrina and the Waves

39.Question: Which Glee club member performed 'River Deep - Mountain High' with Mercedes?

Answer: Santana

40.Question: What is Finn's first song on the show?

Answer: 'Can't Fight This Feeling'

41.Question: What song do Finn and Rachel sing that offends New Directions?

Answer: 'With You I'm Born Again'

42.Question: What Prince song do Will and Holly sing together in 'Sexy'?

Answer: 'Kiss'

43.Question: Which song do Rachel and Kurt both sing?

Answer: 'Defying Gravity'

44.Question: Which characters' wedding ceremony begins with the song 'Marry You' in 'Furt'?

Answer: Carol and Burt

45.Question: Where did Rachel perform 'What I Did For Love'?

Answer: Auditorium

46.Question: Which song by Beck do Puck and Finn play while working at Sheets N Things?

Answer: 'Loser'

47.Question: 'You Keep Me Hangin' On' was performed by which Glee Club member?

Answer: Quinn

48.Question: In the pilot episode, what film is the first song performed by Rachel and Finn from?

Answer: 'Grease'

49.Question: Which song is performed for Sectionals by the Warblers?

Answer: 'Hey Soul Sister'

50.Question: Who does Santana dedicate Stevie Nicks' 'Landslide' to?

Answer: Brittany

Glee Season 1 Trivia Quiz

The Glee Trivia game is incomplete without a round of Season 1 Glee questions. The highly successful season prompted the show's creators to work on season two. The awards and accolades it won stand witness to the success of the show. Here is the ultimate Glee quiz for season 1 to test your Glee knowledge! Are you a true Gleek, or is it time to rewatch season 1?

51.Question: Which US President is the high school in Glee named after?

Answer: William McKinley

52.Question: Who is called into Principal Figgins' office at the start of the show?

Answer: Tina

53.Question: How does Puck lose his social status?

Answer: By shaving his mohawk

54.Question: What does Sue suggest to Principal Figgins at the start of the episode?

Answer: To play Madonna over the PA

55.Question: What sport does Finn play in the show?

Answer: Football.

56.Question: What is nearly stolen from Will when he visits Jane Adams Academy?

Answer: His wallet

57.Question: What surgery does Coach Sylvester claim to have gotten?

Answer: An eye lift

59.Question: Who is not present when Will informs the kids to pair up for performing ballads?

Answer: Matt

60.Question: Which restaurant did Finn nearly get hired at?

Answer: Olive Garden

61.Question: The Glee club sings 'Don't Stop Believin' without Rachel in one episode. Who replaces her?

Answer: Quinn

62.Question: What song does Rachel sing at the audition?

Answer: 'On My Own'

63.Question: Who does Emma reveal she has been dating?

Answer: Her dentist

64.Question: What did Artie write down as his dream?

Answer: To be a dancer

65.Question: What is the first song Sue sings?

Answer: 'Vogue'

66.Question: Which is the first Madonna number performed in the episode?

Answer: 'Ray of light'

67.Question: What music is Will's personal favorite during Glee practices?

Answer: The song 'Bust A Move' by Young MC

68.Question: What class does Henri instruct in McKinley High School?

Answer: Woodshop

69.Question: Why does McKinley High School not have a school nurse?

Answer: Sue purposely harmed the previous one.

70.Question: What does Sandy say all towels have at the bedding store?

Answer: Thread count

71.Question: Which Glee kid is slushied first?

Answer: Rachel Berry

72.Question: Which place in the school does not play Madonna's music?

Answer: Emma's office

73.Question: Who accepts Rachel's co-captain position?

Answer: Finn

74.Question: What song does Rachel perform in front of the mirror when Puck visits her house?

Answer: What A Girl Wants

75.Question: Where does Finn get Quinn pregnant, according to her?

Answer: In a hot tub

Hard Glee Trivia Quizzes

While it is easy to answer Glee trivia answers and questions if you know exactly which season it is from, there is no fun if you are able to answer all the questions in the quiz. Sometimes it is interesting to challenge yourself on your quiz knowledge for Glee. Here we have some of the hardest Glee quiz questions for you to solve. Take up the challenge and check your Gleek levels for yourself!

76.Question: What song does April sing to persuade New Directions to let her join the Glee Club?

Answer: 'Maybe This Time'

77.Question: Will allows the members of New Direction to sing 'Gold Digger'. Who is the original singer of the song?

Answer: Kanye West

78.Question: Where does Terri (Will's wife) work?

Answer: Sheets 'N Things

79.Question: Who is the first singer from New Directions to perform a line during their Regionals Journey Medley?

Answer: Finn

80.Question: The boys decide to choose a different artist instead of Lady Gaga for their theatrical performance. Which artist do they choose?

Answer: KISS

81.Question: With whom does Puck sing his assignment song?

Answer: Mercedes

82.Question: Which member does not perform 'U Can't Touch This' in the episode?

Answer: Santana

83.Question: What songs do Finn and Rachel mash-up in the episode?

Answer: 'Borderline' and 'Open Your Heart'

84.Question: What event occurs when it is time for Rachel and her co-captain to take a picture for the Glee Club photo?

Answer: The co-captain does not show up.

85.Question: New Directions is the second group to perform at the regionals. They perform a medley of three songs by Journey. The first two songs are 'Faithfully' and 'Don't Stop Believin''. The third song is a mash-up of which two songs?

Answer: 'Any Way You Want It' and 'Lovin' Touchin' Squeezin''

86.Question: How does Schuester hinder Sue's practices to get back at her through the Cheerios?

Answer: By flunking them

87.Question: For the first mashup, New Directions sings which two songs?

Answer: 'Confessions' by Usher and 'It's My Life' by Bon Jovi

88.Question: Rachel uses a Celine Dion song to audition for 'Cabaret'. Which song is it?

Answer: 'Taking Chances'

89.Questions: When Will and Terri want to purchase a new house, which component is Terri ready to part with

Answer: The grand foyer

90.Question: Which Glee character says the following two lines - "High school is a caste system." and 'Glee Club is the sub-basement."?

Answer: Coach Sylvester

91.Question: Rachel Berry always believed she would be a star. Which song does she sing for her Myspace page and her audition?

Answer: 'On My Own'

92.Question: What is Sue's favorite Carbo Gels flavor that Will purchases for her?

Answer: Appletini

93.Question: What does Mercedes inevitably end up doing when she attempts to eat less for her Cheerios diet?

Answer: Hallucinating

94.Question: For their mattress commercial, what song do the Glee Club members perform, and by what artist is the song?

Answer: 'Jump' by Van Halen

95.Question: Vocal Adrenaline was the third group to perform at the regionals. Their choice of song was 'Bohemian Rhapsody'. During the performance, some New Directions members rushed to the hospital. What happened?

Answer: Quinn was having a baby.

96.Question: When Sue is asked out on a date with the local news anchor-man, what dance style does she learn from Will?

Answer: Swing

97.Question: Which song do April and Will sing for their duet and who is it by?

Answer: 'Alone' by Heart

98.Question: How did Artie end up in a wheelchair?

Answer: He got into a car accident.

99.Question: When training for the performance, Will, Puck, and Finn find it difficult to relax. What does Will compare dancing to?

Answer: Baseball

100.Question: What is the name of the grass painting service that Finn and his mother used to hire, and why is it significant?

Answer: Emerald Dreams, which gave Finn his first taste for rock music.

Here at Kidadl, we have carefully created lots of interesting family-friendly trivia for everyone to enjoy! If you liked our suggestions for 'Glee' trivia then why not take a look at Hocus Pocus trivia, or 2000's trivia.

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