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50 Mash Trivia Questions (And Answers) That Will Go Off With A Bang

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‘Mash’ is an acronym for 'Mobile Army Surgical Hospital' and the title of an American sitcom set in a South Korean war hospital that first aired in 1972.

Based on the book 'MASH: A Novel About Three Army Doctors', the show took the shape of an 11 season TV series, running for 11 years. The 251 episodes were aired from September 17, 1972, to February 28, 1983. The main characters of 'Mash' were played by actors like Alan Alda, Gary Burghoff, Jamie Farr, and Loretta Swit

We loved this show so much, and the decision to end the show whilst it was at the top of its game, rather than waiting for it to decline, was undoubtedly a wise one as it has lived on in many of our memories since!

Why not have a go at this 'Mash' TV trivia quiz and test your knowledge of the iconic show? For more TV trivia, try out our 'Golden Girls' trivia and 'Big Bang Theory' trivia too!

'Mash' Character Quiz Questions

Your favorite characters and their journeys in the show are now in this 'Mash' trivia quiz. Try it out to explore your favorite 'Mash' TV show trivia!

Actor Alan Alda from the tv series MASH

1. Question: What did Col Max Klinger do to try to get himself discharged from the army?

Answer: He dressed in women's clothing.

2. Question: Who played the only main character who was female?

Answer: Loretta Swit.

3. Question: Who was the first officer in command in the show?

Answer:  Lt. Col. Henry Blake.

4. Question: Who was the original clerk at the company?

Answer: Cpl. Walter O'Reilly.

5. Question: Which character had a self-righteous personality, was a poor physician, and was very gung-ho about war?

Answer: Maj. Frank Burns.

6. Question: What nickname did Frank Burns have?

Answer: Ferret Face.

7. Question: Name two main characters who got married in the show, but not to each other?

Answer: Margaret and Klinger.

8. Question: When the war is over, the final episode sees everyone departing, but which character didn't leave Korea?

Answer: Max Klinger.

9. Question: Which character left 'Mash' in 1979 as the actor wanted to spend more time with his family?

Answer: Radar.

10. Question: In the TV show, which actor played the lead character, Hawkeye Pierce?

Answer: Alan Alda.

11. Question: With which of the show's surgeons did the character Major Houlihan have a romantic relationship?

Answer: Frank Burns.

12. Question: Who is the teenage survivor of the Brat Pack who played the role of a wounded soldier with a fractured arm afflicted with leukemia?

Answer: Patrick Swayze.

13. Question: In the 1973 episode 'Deal Me Out', who is the shell-shocked soldier who grew up and became Jack Tripper?

Answer: John Ritter.

14. Question: In the TV series, Lieutenant Colonel Henry was replaced by whom as Commanding Officer of the 4077th?

Answer: Sherman Potter.

15. Question: What character left the show by shouting, 'You behave yourself' to Radar O'Reilly?

Answer: Lieutenant Colonel Henry Blake.

16. Question: A character know as Hot Lips was married to a Colonel after she and Frank broke up. Who was the Colonel?

Answer: Lieutenant Colonel Donald Penobscott.

17. Question: What was the episode called where Ron Howard played the role of an underage soldier who was sent home?

Answer: 'Sometimes You Hear The Bullet'.

18. Question: The character Col. Buzz Brighton was in perfect health but was a terrible leader. Later the actor who played him became well-known for his comedic acting. Who is he?

Answer: Leslie Nielsen.

19. Question: 'Nobody can get the truth out of me because I don't even know what it is. I find myself in a continual state of absolute uncertainty', which recurring character said these words?

Answer: Colonel Sam Flagg.

20. Question: Who was introduced in the episode 'As Time Goes By'?

Answer: Soon Lee.

'Mash' Questions About The Plot

The enthralling story of the ‘Mash’ golden trivia game has taken over. Enjoy this 'Mash' trivia game quiz and see if you can get all the 'Mash' trivia questions and answers right!

21. Question: What nickname was given to the high-speed surgeries on the 4077th battlefield?

Answer: Meatball Surgery.

22. Question: What was the Australian anesthesiologist's unflattering pseudonym that only existed in season one for 10 episodes?

Answer: Ugly John.

23. Question: In the episode named 'The Tooth Shall Set You Free', from whom do the soldiers hear that African-American soldiers are being sent away?

Answer: Laurence Fishburne - Morpheus.

24. Question: What does Radar send as an anniversary present to the new commanding officer, Colonel Potter, in the episode 'Dear Mildred'?

Answer: A horse.

25. Question: While Hawkeye was on leave, Trapper John was discharged. What was the only 'goodbye' that he left behind for his tent mate?

Answer: A kiss on the cheek.

26. Question: Father Mulcahy is among the few characters in 'Mash' who has genuinely seen his army status rise. What was his rank in the military?

Answer: Captain.

27. Question: What were the defining characteristics of Frank Burns who was replaced by Major Charles Emerson Winchester III, played by David Ogden Stiers?

Answer: His bald head and snobbish accent.

28. Question: Mike Farrell played surgeon B.J. Hunnicutt in this show, but what other kind of medical role has he played in another TV series in his career?

Answer: Veterinarian.

29. Question: What is the war that is portrayed in the TV show?

Answer: The Korean War.

30. Question: What was Radar O'Reilly known to have kept with him in his bed?

Answer: A teddy bear.

31. Question: What's the nickname of Corporal Walter Eugene O'Reilly?

Answer: Radar.

32. Question: What was the real name of Hawkeye Pierce?

Answer: Benjamin Franklin.

33. Question: What was the nickname of Head Nurse Margaret Houlihan?

Answer: Hot Lips.

34. Question: Played by Jamie Farr, Max Klinger spent most of his run on the show trying to get home to what town?

Answer: Toledo, OH.

35. Question:  What happened to Colonel Lieutenant Henry Blake?

Answer: He was discharged and sent home from the army.

36. Question: Who was Capt. Tuttle in the show?

Answer: He was an imaginary friend.

37. Question: For years, the final episode held the record for the most-watched TV show. What event eventually pushed it out of place?

Answer: Super Bowl XLIV.

38. Question:  Multiple episodes are structured as letters written by Hawkeye for home, but who is he writing to?

Answer: He was writing to his dad.

39. Question: After Henry's demise, who took over the role of permanent Commanding Officer?

Answer: Col. Sherman Potter.

More 'Mash' Quiz Questions

Were you a great fan of this military comedy show? Answer the quiz to enjoy the journey all over again and maybe even discover some 'Mash' Hawkeye trivia questions! Experience this 'Mash' quiz game and see if you can get this 'Mash' movie trivia right!

40. Question: What was Hawkeye's tent known as?

Answer:  Hawkeye's tent is known as Swamp.

41. Question: Who was considered as a controversial stand-up comedian at just 25 when he starred in the 'Trick Or Treatment' Halloween episode of 'Mash' in 1982?

Answer: Andrew Dice Clay.

42. Question: How many times during the show has Corporal Klinger been married?

Answer: Twice.

43. Question: What was the medical specialty of Hawkeye?

Answer: Thoracic surgery.

44. Question: What word is read out as a text to Hawkeye at the end of the series finale one the chopper pad?

Answer: 'Goodbye'.

45. Question: In the TV show, what was John Patrick Francis Mulcahy's role?

Answer: Chaplain.

46. Question: Wayne Rogers, who played  John McIntyre in the show, later played the lead character of what show?

Answer: ‘House Calls’

47. Question: What was the final episode's name from the last series?

Answer: 'Goodbye, Farewell And Amen'.

48. Question: How was Henry Blake written off when actor McLean Stevenson left the show?

Answer: He was killed.

49. Question: Which character was played by Larry Linville, who sadly passed away at the age of 60 in 2000.

Answer: Frank Burns.

50. Question: Who were the original roommates in 'Mash'?

Answer: Hawkeye, Trapper, Frank, and Spearchucker Jones were the original roommates.

Here at Kidadl, we have carefully created lots of interesting family-friendly trivia quiz for everyone to enjoy! If you liked our suggestions for 50 'Mash' trivia questions (and answers), then why not take a look at our 'I Love Lucy' trivia, or 'Cheers' trivia for more?

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