60 Oscar Trivia Questions For Movie Buffs: How Many Awards Can You Claim? | Kidadl


60 Oscar Trivia Questions For Movie Buffs: How Many Awards Can You Claim?

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Calling all movie buffs and avid film enthusiasts, get ready for a fun-filled Oscars trivia quiz that will put your knowledge of the Academy Awards to the test!

The prestigious Oscar Awards ceremony is like the Super Bowl of the cinema world, celebrating excellence in filmmaking on a global scale, based on a total of 24 categories. Did you know that the Oscars ceremony holds the record for being the longest-running award show broadcast live in the USA?

The trivia questions and answers below are designed to challenge even the most seasoned movie aficionados. From the iconic winners to the lesser-known facts of the Oscars, you will have to know and remember a lot about the history of the Oscars to be able to ace these quizzes. Think you've got what it takes to call yourself a true cinephile? Let's find out!

The Beginning Of The Academy Awards

This Academy Awards trivia will be an assessment of your knowledge of the beginnings of the Oscars, and the many firsts to win the award. Challenge your friends, family members, and other film lovers to see who gets the most answers correct. Can you outshine the competition and ace this quiz? There's only one way to find out!

Oscar golden award in a souvenir store on Hollywood Boulevard

1. Question: When did the first Academy Award ceremony take place?

Answer: May 16, 1929.

2. Question: How many people attended the first Academy Award ceremony?

Answer: 270 people.

3. Question: How much did one ticket cost for the first Academy Award ceremony?

Answer: $5.

4. Question: Which movie won the first Academy Award for Best Picture?

Answer: 'Wings'.

5. Question: Which organization is responsible for the Academy Awards?

Answer: Academy Of Motion Picture Arts And Sciences.

6. Question: Who designed the famous Oscar statuette?

Answer: Cedric Gibbons.

7. Question: Who originally sculpted the award?

Answer: George Stanley.

8. Question: When was the Oscars ceremony shown on television for the first time?

Answer: March 19, 1953.

9. Question: Which year was the Oscars ceremony first broadcast in color?

Answer: 1966.

10. Question: Which movie was the first of all movie sequels to win the Best Picture award?

Answer: 'The Godfather: Part II'.

11. Question: Which organization has been employed by the Academy to ensure the results remain a secret?

Answer: Price Waterhouse Coopers.

12. Question: What was the first color movie to win an Oscar for Best Picture?

Answer: 'Gone With The Wind'.

13. Question: The majestic award presented at the Academy Awards has been referred to as an Oscar for years, but what is the statue's official name?

Answer: Academy Award Of Merit.

14. Question: The Academy Award for Best Makeup was not given out until 1981 after a movie with incredible makeup achievements went unmentioned the year before. Which movie helped create this Oscar for Best Makeup?

Answer: 'The Elephant Man'.

15. Question: Which new award category was added to the Academy Awards in 2001?

Answer: Best Animated Feature.

16. Question: Where was the first Academy Awards ceremony held?

Answer: Blossom Room, Roosevelt Hotel, in Hollywood.

17. Question: Who hosted or co-hosted the Academy Awards 18 times during his career?

Answer: Bob Hope.

18. Question: Who is the youngest person to win an Oscar in a competitive category at the age of 10?

Answer: Tatum O'Neal.

19. Question: Who was the first African-American to win the Academy Award for Best Actor?

Answer: Sidney Poitier.

20. Question: Who won the very first Best Actor award?

Answer: Emil Jannings.

Historic Oscar Facts

Welcome to the glitz and glamour of the historic Academy Awards, where unforgettable moments and record-breaking achievements take center stage. Get ready to tackle these Oscars trivia questions about some of the historic moments at the Oscars ceremony through the years. Let's see how much you know about the Oscar winners and key events.

21. Question: Who was given the longest standing ovation in Oscar history, 12 minutes, while receiving an Honorary Oscar Award in 1972?

Answer: Charlie Chaplin.

22. Question: Name the legendary costume designer regarded as one of the most awarded women by the Academy, winning eight Oscars throughout her career.

Answer: Edith Head.

23. Question: As of 2022, who is the oldest to get an Oscar at 89?

Answer: James Ivory.

24. Question: Who was the first woman to win the Oscar for Best Director in 2010?

Answer: Kathryn Bigelow.

25. Question: Who was the first African American woman to win an Oscar?

Answer: Hattie McDaniel.

26. Question: Which Netflix original was the first to win an Oscar?

Answer: 'The White Helmets'.

27. Question: There have been several posthumous Oscar winners through the years. Name the first actor who won a posthumous Oscar.

Answer: Peter Finch.

28. Question: Which actor has won the most consecutive Best Actor Oscars as of 2022?

Answer: Tom Hanks.

29. Question: Who was the first to win four Academy Awards in the Best Director category?

Answer: John Ford.

30. Question: Name the first person who won an Oscar and a Nobel Prize.

Answer: George Bernard Shaw.

31. Question: In which year was the Oscar Awards ceremony postponed for a day due to the attempted assassination of US President Ronald Reagan?

Answer: 1981.

32. Question: Name the most expensive movie to have won an Oscar for Best Picture, as of 2022.

Answer: 'Titanic'.

33. Question: Name the first actress who won four Academy Awards.

Answer: Katharine Hepburn.

34. Question: Which comedy-thriller made history by becoming the first South Korean film to win the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film in 2020? It won the Best Original Screenplay award too.

Answer: 'Parasite'.

35. Question: Who is the person named Oscar, who has also won an Academy Award for Best Original Song?

Answer: Oscar Hammerstein II.

36. Question: Who held the record for having the most Oscar nominations in history, before Meryl Streep?

Answer: Katharine Hepburn.

37. Question: In what language was the film 'Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon' made? The movie won four Oscars, including Best Foreign Language Film.

Answer: Mandarin.

38. Question: As of 2022, how many Oscar nominations does Meryl Streep have that make her a record holder for the most Oscar nominations?

Answer: 21.

39. Question: In 1984, Linda Hunt won the Best Supporting Actress Oscar for her performance as a male character in which movie?

Answer: 'The Year Of Living Dangerously'.

40. As of 2022, who has the most Oscar wins in the category of Best Original Screenplay?

Answer: Woody Allen.

Random And Recent Oscars Trivia Quiz Questions

It's time to separate the film buffs from the casual viewers! This mixed bag of trivia questions and answers covers some random and recent Oscars fun facts. Can you recall those lesser-known Oscar awards facts that often slip under the radar and most people are unaware of? Let's find out.

41. Question: Which famous actress screeched, "Right now, you like me!", during her acceptance speech after winning an Oscar for Best Actress in 1985?

Answer: Sally Field.

42. Question: Which famous figure has won the most Oscars as of 2022?

Answer: Walt Disney.

43. Question: Which was the first movie to win Academy Awards in all four categories: Best Picture, Best Director, Best Actor, Best Actress, and Best Adapted Screenplay in 1934?

Answer: 'It Happened One Night'.

44. Question: Which movie won Best Picture Oscar in 1963?

Answer: 'Lawrence Of Arabia'.

45. Question: In the 1960 Oscars, which movie won in 11 categories?

Answer: 'Ben Hur'.

46. Question: Who won back-to-back awards for Best Actor for the movies 'Captains Courageous' (1937) and 'Boys Town' (1938)?

Answer: Spencer Tracy.

47. Question: Who won the Best Actor Oscar for his role in the movie 'Going My Way'?

Answer: Bing Crosby.

48. Question: At the 12th Academy Awards, a movie received 10 Academy Awards from 13 nominations. Can you name the movie?

Answer: 'Gone With The Wind'.

49. Question: Julie Andrews won the Academy Award for Best Actress after her first feature film performance. Can you name the movie for which she won the award?

Answer: 'Mary Poppins'.

50. Question: Which actress won the Best Actress Oscar for playing Queen Elizabeth II in 'The Queen'?

Answer: Helen Mirren.

51. Question: Who is the second actor to win an Academy Award for playing the DC Comics character, the Joker? Heath Ledger won an Oscar posthumously for playing the Joker earlier, in 'The Dark Knight' (2008).

Answer: Joaquin Phoenix.

52. Question: Name the director who has won Best Director Oscars for consecutive films.

Answer: Alejandro González Iñárritu.

53. Question: Which film won the Academy Award for Best Picture in 2021?

Answer: 'Nomadland'.

54. Question: For which movie did Martin Scorsese win an Oscar in 2007?

Answer: 'The Departed'.

55. Question: Which movies have earned the most nominations without winning an Oscar?

Answer: 'The Turning Point' and 'The Color Purple'.

56. Question: Can you name the only franchise to win Best Picture twice?

Answer: The Godfather franchise.

57. Question: Which director has won the most Oscars as Best Director, as of 2022?

Answer: John Ford.

58. Question: How many times has the Academy Award for Best Director been won by Alfred Hitchcock?

Answer: Zero.

59. Question: Which 2001 film won the first Academy Award for Best Animated Feature?

Answer: 'Shrek'.

60. Question: Name the Oscar-winning siblings whose film 'No Country For Old Men' won them three Academy Awards.

Answer: Joel and Ethan Coen.

Lights fade, the curtain closes, and this journey through the fascinating world of Oscar trivia comes to an end. You've explored historic moments, uncovered lesser-known facts, and tested your Academy Awards knowledge. Whether you aced the quiz or discovered a few surprises along the way, hopefully, the trivia was a fun experience to learn new things and relearn what you already know.

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