53 Rad Rock Trivia Questions And Answers: How Many Can You Get? | Kidadl


53 Rad Rock Trivia Questions And Answers: How Many Can You Get?

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Have you been looking for a rock trivia that is as good as the music you love?

You're looking at it! This rad rock trivia quiz is the one to beat! Play classic rock games with your friends and quiz each other to find out who's the best among you.

Whether it's the Beatles or Eric Clapton, Rock music has given us solace and more. It is a genre for which you can find a never-ending list of rock and roll questions and band trivia questions. If you think you can answer all rock music questions there is and know everything there is to know about classic rock or pop rock, here's a rad quiz to prove you wrong! It's time to bring your best foot forward, and play for glory. Are you ready for this hard rock music trivia? You can also check out another classic rock trivia quiz rock n roll trivia or our classic rock trivia game of 90's music trivia.

Classic Rock Quiz

A girl holding a black electric guitar

A true classic rock music fan will know all this juicy rock star trivia. If Led Zepplin and the Rolling Stones albums are among the most frequently played ones on your playlist, this music trivia is right up your alley. Let's find out if you're a hardcore fan or just an amateur? Take this classic rock music quiz to find out!

1. Question: AC/DC, the infamous classic rock, has a hit album that's in all-black and has all-black writing as well. It was composed as a tribute to a band member. Which album are we talking about?

Answer: Back in Black

2. Question: The Rolling Stones appeared on a TV show while on their very first US Tour. Name the TV show.

Answer: The Dean Martin Variety Show

3. Question: Who recorded the 1973 album, titled "Tres Hombres"?

Answer: ZZ Top

4. Question: Dusty Springfield recommended Led Zeppelin to a Records label. Which label was it?

Answer: Atlantic Records

5. Question: Which was the first, really famous, Rolling Stones album to consist of only those songs that were composed by Jagger or Richards?

Answer: Aftermath

6. Question: A favorite from 70 s classic rock trivia- name the band that has their greatest hit "All The Young Dudes."

Answer: Mott The Hoople

7. Question: The Led Zeppelin hit 'Stairway to Heaven' was played live for the very first time in which city?

Answer: Belfast

8. Question: How many drummers have played for the famous band- AC/DC?

Answer: Twelve

9. Question: 'We Will Rock You' is the hit song by the famous band, Queen. What's the real name of its singer Freddie Mercury?

Answer: Farrokh Bulsara

10. Question: The album 'On An Island' was released by which Pink Floyd member?

Answer: David Gilmour

11. Question: Which musician is considered the most influential electric guitarist?

Answer: Jimi Hendrix

12. Question: Which Guns n Roses guitarist performs the guitar solo on 'Sweet Child O' Mine'?

Answer: Slash

13. Question: Which androgynous musician is known for his album - 'Purple Rain'?

Answer: Prince

14. Question: Keith Richards collaborated with Mick Jagger and played the guitar for which first top-ten hit?

Answer: The Last Time

15. Question: Name the guitar slinging musician who was referred to as 'God' by band members?

Answer: Eric Clapton

16. Question: What is Elton John's birth name?

Answer: Reginald Kenneth Dwight

17. Question: What did Freddie Mercury die of?

Answer: AIDS

18. Question: Who played the guitar for Guns N' Roses originally?

Answer: Tracii Guns

19. Question: Which band is famously known as the "the most dangerous band in the world" in rock band trivia?

Answer: Guns N' Roses

20. Question: Which song is effectively considered as the first rock and roll music?

Answer: Rocket 88

21. Question: Which rock music soul singer was shot when he was having a confrontation with an LA hotel manager?

Answer: Sam Cooke

22. When was the first-ever album of Aerosmith released?

Answer: 1973

23. Question: What did MUSE stand for?

Answer: Musicians United for Safe Energy

24. Question: Which restaurant chain is Bill Wyman's?

Answer: Sticky Fingers

25. Question: Which band gave Eric Clapton his initial fame?

Answer: The Yardbirds

Pop Rock Music Quiz

This genre of music focuses a lot on the songwriting, the lyrics and has given the world some of the sweetest guitar riffs ever. But you already knew that, didn't you? Let's see how many pop rock trivia facts and rock and roll trivia you can get right and ace this classic rock test! Fair Warning: Expect a lot of Beatles trivia and classic rock trivia questions and answers (this was bound to happen). Have fun with this rock trivia game, our favorite rock and roll quiz.

26. Question: What was Elvis Presley's favorite collectible?

Answer: Badges

27. Question: Which was the last song John Lennon ever performed for a paid audience?

Answer: I saw her standing there

28. Question: Which original drummer was replaced by Ringo Starr in the Beatles?

Answer: Pete Best

29. Question: Why was Paul McCartney deported from Germany?

Answer: For committing arson with Pete Best

30. Question: Which song created the rumor that Paul McCartney died?

Answer: Strawberry Fields Forever

31. Question: Which former Beatle member began his infamous solo career with 'All Things Must Pass'?

Answer: George Harrison

32. Question: How many bands has Eric Clapton been a part of?

Answer: Nine

33. Question: Which of the Beatles members are still alive?

Answer: Paul and Starr

34. Question: John Lennon changed his middle name to 'Ono' to show his love for whom?

Answer: Yoko Ono

35. Question: Which one of the Pink Floyd band members has to leave because of schizophrenia?

Answer: Syd Barrett

36. Question: How old was George Harrison when the band Beatles broke up?

Answer: Twenty-Seven

37. Question: What was the name of The Beach Boys' first single, which gained regional popularity?

Answer: Surfin'

38. Question: How many Grammys has Aerosmith bagged?

Answer: Four

39. Question: Why did Phil Spector go to jail?

Answer: For murder

40. Question: Which American pop rock band was wildly popular in Japan?

Answer: Cheap Trick

41. Question: What was the song 'Yesterday' initially titled as?

Answer: Scrambled Eggs

42. Question: Which song by the Bee Gees became numero uno twice in the UK in 1979 and 1998?

Answer: Tragedy

43. Question: Which Welsh actor played the role of 'Foot' in the movie 'Help!' about a famous pop-rock band?

Answer: Victor Spinetti

44. Question: Why did Jeremy Spencer leave the band- The Fleetwood Mac?

Answer: To join a cult

45. Question: What did Fleetwood Mac use for drums in the song- 'Tusk'?

Answer: Banging lamb chops with a spatula and drumming on a Kleenex Box

46. Question: What was the band 'Blondie' named after?

Answer: Hitler's dog- Blondi

47. Question: Which words topped the charts for eleven straight weeks because they frequently appeared on 'Bohemian Rhapsody'?

Answer: 'Mamma Mia'

48. Question: Who made it mainstream and popular to use Guitar Distortion?

Answer- The Kinks

49. Question: Why was Jimi Hendrix kicked out of Richard's backing band?

Answer: For showing off

50. Question: Why is the dancing janitor in 'Smells like Teen Spirit' an inside joke?

Answer: Kurt Cobain worked as a janitor

51. Question: How much did Nirvana's first album cost to produce?

Answer: 606 USD

52. Question: What caused the death of Stuart Sutcliffe?

Answer: Brain aneurysm

53. Question: Which album was George Harrison's favorite?

Answer: Rubber Soul

Here at Kidadl, we have carefully created lots of interesting family-friendly trivia for everyone to enjoy! If you liked our classic rock trivia quiz, then why not take a look at 80s trivia for more classic rock music trivia, or more song trivia.

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