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'The Walking Dead' Trivia Quiz: 50 Questions Only True Fans Will Get !

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'The Walking Dead' is a terrifying American TV series based on a comic book series with the same name.

Written by Robert Kirkman, Tony Moore and Charlie Adlard, this TV series shows how a group of people survive a zombie apocalypse. In the first episode, the character Rick Grimes wakes up from a coma and finds himself in a world full of zombies.

Living in Atlanta's outskirts, Rick Grimes and his fellow survivors struggle to live routine life as the dead are haunting them at every corner. This award-winning TV series has a total of 10 seasons aired so far. The series shows how people try to stay safe and keep themselves alive under the constant threat of attacks from zombies, who are known as "walkers". Andrew Lincoln plays the main character of Rick Grimes. Other stars in the cast include Norman Reedus, Steven Yeun, Chandler Riggs, Melissa McBride, Lauren Cohan, Danai Gurira, Josh McDermitt and Christian Serratos. 'The Walking Dead' is  one of the most seen TV series worldwide, broadcasted on AMC throughout the US, and internationally through the Fox Networks Group. The show first premiered on 31 October 2010, and the latest season of the show premiered on 6 October 2019. This breathtaking series has been renewed for an eleventh and final season and each episode's play time is about an hour long, except for the season one and season two premiers and the season five finale.

Read on to know the answers for the top 'The Walking Dead' trivia questions, and for more check out our 'Supernatural' trivia and 'Halloween movie' trivia.

'The Walking Dead' Character Trivia

You will learn about some 'TWD' facts you didn't know before in this 'TWD' quiz. Here we will learn about the characters and the importance of their role on the show. You can also find trivia questions about Daryl Dixon trivia here. This trivia will let you know how well you know 'The Walking Dead' TV series and help you guess 'The Walking Dead' character answers!

1. Question: Why was Rick G in a coma at the beginning of the TV series?

Answer: He was a former sheriff's deputy and was shot, which led him to a coma.

2. Question: What is the iconic weapon of choice for Daryl Dixon?

Answer: Daryl Dixon is the most popular character in the show 'The Walking Dead'. Dixon's iconic weapon of choice is the crossbow.

3. Question: What is the name of Lori's baby, born in the third season?

Answer: The name of Lori's child was Judith.

4. Question: King Ezekiel's ferocious companion Shiva is what type of animal?

Answer: King Ezekiel walks around with Shiva, a vicious tiger, as a pet.

5. Question: What led to Carl losing his eye?

Answer: Carl lost his eye because he was accidentally shot in the eye.

6. Question: What is the name of Negan's trusty baseball bat?

Answer: Negan calls his trusty baseball bat Lucille.

7. Question: Name Hershel's ranch hand who accidentally shot Carl.

Answer: Otis was the name of Hershel's ranch hand who accidentally shot Carl.

8. Question: Michonne had two Walkers chained behind her, who were they?

Answer: The two walkers that Michonne kept chained behind were her boyfriend and his best friend.

9. Question: How did Rick kill Shane?

Answer: Rick stabbed Shane in the chest.

10. Question: After being handcuffed and left for dead on a roof in Atlanta, how did Merle escape?

Answer: Merle had to cut off his right hand to get loose from the handcuffs and escape.

How much do you know about 'The Walking Dead'?

Fun Facts About 'The Walking Dead'

This part of the trivia has some great 'The Walking Dead' quiz questions, and taking up this 'The Walking Dead' quiz will increase your knowledge about this top show. Our 'The Walking Dead' trivia game covers 'The Walking Dead' fun facts right from the first episode to the latest and final season.

11. Question: Which two characters refer to themselves as husband and wife even without an official marriage?

Answer: Maggie and Glenn are the two characters who refer to themselves as husband and wife despite  not having a formal marriage.

12. Question: What was the name of the fortified town of the Governor?

Answer: The Governor's fortified town was called Woodbury.

13. Question: Who is punished by Andrea for taking her own choice away from her when she wanted to die?

Answer: Andrea punishes Dale for taking her own choice away from her when she wanted to die. Andrea's role was played by Laurie Holden and was first introduced in season one.

14. Question: What were the occupants of Terminus later found to be?

Answer: The occupants of Terminus were later revealed to be cannibals.

15. Question: What did Edwin Jenner, the CDC scientist, whisper in Rick's ear at the end of season one?

Answer: At the end of season one, Edwin Jenner, a scientist at the Center for Disease Control (CDC), whispers, "We're all infected" in Rick's ear.

16. Question: What made Dale disagree with Rick before his death?

Answer: Rick wanted to kill Randall, and Dale disagreed with him, so they put it to a group vote.

17. Question: Where did Hershel Greene keep his family and friends who turned into Walkers?

Answer: Hershel Greene kept his family and friends who mutated into 'The Walking Dead', colloquially known as Walkers, in his barn.

18. Question: To make himself seem important, what did Eugene tell people his profession was?

Answer: Eugene Porter was first introduced in 'The Walking Dead' show in its fourth season. Eugene tells people that he is a scientist to make himself seem important in 'The Walking Dead' TV series.

19. Question: Name the disturbed young girl that Carol was forced to kill?

Answer: Lizzie was the name of the disturbed young girl that Carol was forced to kill.

20. Question: During the end of the sixth season and the start of the seventh season, which two group members did Negan brutally kill?

Answer: The two group members that Negan brutally killed at the end of the sixth season and the seventh season were Abraham and Glenn.

Test your TV knowledge with these 'The Walking Dead' questions.

'The Walking Dead' Fun Trivia Questions

Any AMC 'Walking Dead' quiz is fun if you are a true fan of this famous TV series. Trivia questions on 'The Walking Dead' test your knowledge and allow you to get to know some 'The Walking Dead' facts. This part of the trivia answers 'The Walking Dead' trivia questions about the characters and their role in this horror TV series.

21. Question: Who is Deanna's assistant in the Alexandria Safe Zone?

Answer: Maggie becomes Deanna's assistant in the Alexandria Safe Zone in 'The Walking Dead' series.

22. Question: What did Father Gabriel do during the outbreak that left him traumatized?

Answer: Father Gabriel left his congregation members to die outside his church during the outbreak.

23. Question: The Terminus members ate which part of Bob's body?

Answer: Terminus members ate Bob's left leg.

24. Question: How were Tyreese and Sasha related?

Answer: Tyreese and Sasha were brother and sister in 'The Walking Dead'.

25. Question: Which member of Alexandria did Glenn try to summon the will to kill but ultimately spared?

Answer: Nicholas.

26. Question: In season three, why did Rick exile Carol from the group?

Answer: Carol secretly killed two group members to stop a disease from spreading, which was why Rick sent her to exile.

27. Question: Carol's husband Ed was beaten up by whom?

Answer: Shane.

28. Question: Who was the Governor's researcher in Woodbury?

Answer: Milton.

29. Question: When trapped in a tank surrounded by walkers in Atlanta, who saves Rick's life?

Answer: Glenn.

30. Question: Name two characters from the show that do not show up in the comic books.

Answer: Daryl and Merle.

'The Walking Dead' Trivia Facts And Questions

Some of the best 'The Walking Dead' facts are highlighted in this part of the trivia. Some of the hardest 'Walking Dead' quiz questions have been answered in this section so there is no more need to search the internet for the hardest 'The Walking Dead' trivia answers!

31. Question: Who is the murderer of Hershel?

Answer: The Governor.

32 .Question: T-Dog sacrifices himself to save whom heroically?

Answer: Carol.

33. Question: Where is Sasha when she dies in season seven?

Answer: In a coffin.

34. Question: Who did Tara form a romantic relationship with in Alexandria?

Answer: Denise.

35. Question: Which hospital was Beth held captive in and eventually killed?

Answer: Beth was held captive in the Grandy Memorial Hospital.

36. Question: When was Beta first introduced to the audience on 'The Walking Dead'?

Answer: Beta was first introduced to the audience when he grabs Henry, who has been tracking the Whisperers.

37. Question: Which tribe of people are led by Alpha?

Answer: The Whisperers.

38. Question: Siddiq makes his first appearance in which season of 'The Walking Dead'?

Answer: Siddiq made his first appearance season eight of 'The Walking Dead'. Avi Nash played the character of Siddiq.

39. Question: Initially, Lydia is a member of which group?

Answer: The Whisperers.

40. Question: In the first few months of the apocalypse, where does Sasha live?

Answer: At the start of the apocalypse, Sasha lives in her neighbor Jerry's bunker.

Amazing 'The Walking Dead' Trivia Questions To Get You Thinking

These 'The Walking Dead' trivia questions and answers have been put together to help you recall the exciting incidents that occurred throughout the series. This 'Walking Dead' trivia will bring back the suspense and thrill for the fans. Use these great trivia questions and get to know some 'Walking Dead' facts you didn't know. This is the ultimate 'Walking Dead' quiz!

41. Question: Before the apocalypse, what was Tara's profession?

Answer: Tara was a police academy cadet before the apocalypse.

42. Question: At the start of the apocalypse, where was Rosita?

Answer: When the apocalypse started, Rosita was in Texas.

43. Question: Name Hershel's first and second wives.

Answer: The name of Hershel's first and second wives were Josephine and Annette.

44. Question: What type of vehicle does Dale own?

Answer: Dales owns an RV.

45. Question: In which county was Rick the Sheriff's Deputy?

Answer: In King County, Georgia, Rick used to be the Sheriff's Deputy.

46. Question: How did Glenn know the layout of Atlanta so well?

Answer: Glenn used to be a pizza delivery boy in Atlanta, and that's why he knows the layout of Atlanta very well.

47. Question: Judith is named after whom?

Answer: Judith is named after Carl's third grade teacher.

48. Question: In which episode is Daryl Dixon first mentioned?

Answer: Daryl Dixon is first mentioned at the end of the episode title 'Guts'.

49. Question: What does Shane wear around his neck?

Answer: Shane (played by Jon Bernthal) wears a necklace with a '22' pendant.

50. Question: Before the apocalypse, what was Luke's profession?

Answer: Luke (played by Dan Fogler) was a music teacher before the apocalypse.

Here at Kidadl, we have carefully created lots of interesting family-friendly trivia for everyone to enjoy! If you liked our 'The Walking Dead' trivia quiz, then why not take a look at our scary movie trivia, or 'Twilight' trivia for more?

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