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90s Trivia: 80+ Questions Only 80s Babies Will Be Able To Answer

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In the pages of world history, the 90s as a decade has left behind a truly indelible mark.

Ranging from sports and video games, to movies and entertainment, the 90s were responsible were presenting us with a ton of memorable occasions. So magnetic was the pull of that particular decade that its iconic happenings continue to set social media abuzz in current times as well.

Encouraged by your participation in the 90s music trivia and 90s film trivia, we decided to come up with this quiz revolving around all the popular things in the 90s and give you a major 1990s nostalgia. Read on through this set of 90s trivia questions and answers and see how much you remember of those events that were popular in the 90s for yourself!

90s Sports Trivia

The 90s are well known for presenting the world with a number of sporting highlights. Take this 90s quiz to uncover more about them!

1. Question: Who won the 1999 Cricket World Cup?

Answer: Australia

2. Question: One of 1990's biggest upset took place when Mike Tyson ended up being knocked out in the 10th round by a virtually unknown fighter? What was his name?

Answer: James "Buster" Douglas

3. Question: In the 1992 dream team, who was the only collegiate athlete?

Answer: Christian Laettner

4. Question: What was the name of the horse that won the Kentucky Derby and Preakness in 1999?

Answer: Charismatic

5. Question: Which two expansion teams were made an additional part of the Major League Baseball in 1993?

Answer: Colorado Rockies and Florida Marlins

6. Question: What was the name of the coach of the 1992 dream team?

Answer: Chuck Daly

7. Question: From 1990 to 1999, how many different teams won the NBA championship?

Answer: 4

8. Question: In which year did the major league baseball have no post-season and no world series?

Answer: 1994

9. Question: What was the year in which the Women's National Basketball Association started playing?

Answer: 1997

10. Question: Which pop star missed an open penalty during the opening ceremony of the 1994 United States world cup?

Answer: Diana Ross

11. Question: When Tiger Woods won his first Masters in 1997, how old was he?

Answer: 21

12. Question: Which female tennis player won Wimbledon on five occasions in the 90s?

Answer: Steffi Graf

13. Question: In the 1996 Olympics, Great Britain could secure only one gold medal. Who was the person who won it?

Answer: Steve Redgrave

14.Question: Which side won the rugby world cup in 1991?

Answer: Australia

15. Question: In the 1998 football world cup, David Beckham was infamously sent out for kicking at an Argentinian player. Who was he?

Answer: Diego Simeone

16. Question: After achieving which feat was pro skateboarder Tony Hawk quoted saying, "this is the best day of my life'"?

Answer: Becoming the first skateboarder to complete a "900" trick

17. Question: Who became the only woman to win the BBC sports personality of the year during the course of this decade?

Answer: Liz McGolgan

18. Question: After squaring off in two matches with whom was Lennon Lewis declared as the boxing heavyweight champion of the world in 1999?

Answer: Evander Holyfield

19. Question: At the 1992 Barcelona games, how many medals did Paralympian Tanni Grey Thompson win?

Answer: 4

20. Question: Who won the football world cup in 1990?

Answer: Germany national football team

90s World Events Trivia

No 90s quiz or 90s trivia game can ever be complete without mentioning the array of world events that took place in this decade. Read through this 90s history trivia and check how many of these events that took place in the united states and beyond you remember!

21. Question: Of how many singers were the iconic pop group Spice Girls made of?

Answer: 5

22. Question: In which state did the largest mall in the U.S open in 1992?

Answer: Minnesota

23. Question: Which was the top-grossing movie of the 90s?

Answer: 'Titanic' (1997)

24. Question: In the JNCO jeans, what do the initials stand for?

Answer: Judge None Choose One

25. Question: Which controversial soft drink was released in 1992 to be eventually rejected by the public?

Answer: Crystal Pepsi

26. Question: When Brian Jones made an unprecedented trip around the world in 1999, he was on board what vehicle?

Answer: A hot-air balloon

27. Question: Which famous individual ended up being president in this decade after serving a 27-year prison statement?

Answer: Nelson Mandela

28. Question: Which popular show host bade goodbye to the production in 1992?

Answer: Johnny Carson

29. Question: Which world-famous hockey player retired in the year 1999?

Answer: Wayne Gretzky

30. Question: Which iconic event of the British Royal Family took place in this decade?

Answer: The divorce of Prince Charles and Princess Diana

31. Question: Which war took place during the course of this decade?

Answer: The Gulf war

32. Question: Which popular movie based on Michael Crichton's novel was released in 1993?

Answer: Jurassic Park

33. Question: What was the name of the actress who played Tom Hanks' love interest in the 1994 Oscar-winning movie 'Forrest Gump'?

Answer: Robin Wright

34. Question: Which major political agreement was signed into existence during this decade?

Answer: NAFTA

35. Question: In a path-breaking scientific development, which animal was made a subject of cloning in this period?

Answer: A sheep

36. Question: A president was elected twice during the course of this decade. Who was he?

Answer: Bill Clinton

37. Question: Which invention hailing from this period has virtually changed the face of the world as we ever knew of it before?

Answer: The internet

38. Question: A very loved and adored franchise about a boy wizard got its start in this decade. What was its name?

Answer: 'Harry Potter'

39. Question: Who was the iconic musician that passed away in the year 1991?

Answer: Freddie Mercury

40. Question: The launching of which web giant took place in this decade?

Answer: eBay

1990s Video Game Trivia

Nintendo Game Boy Color

The video games of the 90s were a large part of every childhood of this decade, besides earning their place in multiple 90s toys trivia and random 90s trivia that are in existence now. Take this 1990s quiz and find out how much you remember about your favorite video games of this period!

41. Question: In which year was 'Sonic The Hedgehog' released?

Answer: 1991

42. Question: What was the name of the villain in the 'Crash Bandicoot' franchise?

Answer: Dr. Neo Cortex

43. Question: What was the last 'Super Mario' game that was released in this decade?

Answer: Super Mario 64

44. Question: What is the name of the fighting video game franchise that is home to the character Nina Williams?

Answer: 'Tekken'

45. Question: What was the name of the first region in the 'Pokemon' world?

Answer: Kanto

46. Question: How many playable characters were there in the first 'Super Smash Bros.' video game?

Answer: 12

47. Question: Who is the main villain in the original 'Tomb Raider' that was released in 1996?

Answer: Jacqueline Natla

48. Question: In which year was the popular game road rash first released?

Answer: 1991

49. Question: Which popular first-person shooter video game developed by Valve was released in 1998?

Answer: 'Half life'

50. Question: Which video game based on James Bond was released in this decade?

Answer: 'GoldenEye 007'

51. Question: The popular action-adventure game 'The Legend Of Zelda' was released in which year?

Answer: 1998

52. Question: Which real-time strategy game developed by Ensemble Studios and published by Microsoft was released in this period?

Answer: 'Age of Empires'

53. Question: LucasArts developed and published a game in the year 1995. What was its name?

Answer: 'Star Wars: Dark Forces'

54. Question: The first adventure game to use 3D computer graphics overlaid on pre-rendered static backgrounds was released during this period by LucasArts. What was the name of this game?

Answer: 'Grim Fandango'

55. Question: Which was the best selling video game of the 1990s?

Answer: Pokemon Red, Green, and Blue

56. Question: Which was the most popular series of handheld gaming systems during the 1990s?

Answer: Nintendo's Game Boy

57. Question: Which video game series that revolves around a young, pink alien hero was first released in 1992?

Answer: 'Kirby'

58. Question: Which popular basketball arcade game was published by Midway in the year 1993?

Answer: 'NBA Jam'

1990s TV Trivia

The TV shows of this period, besides being iconic, have given rise to a host of other trivia out there, including 90s pop culture trivia and 'Seinfeld' trivia questions and answers, among others. Read through this trivia and discover some amusing facts about your favorite tv shows of this period!

59. Question: In the 'Fresh Prince Of Bel Air' where was Will Smith's character born and raised?

Answer: West Philadelphia

60. Question: What was the name of the pet monkey that Ross had for some time on 'Friends'?

Answer: Marcel

61. Question: Who composed the theme song for 'Friends'?

Answer: Rembrandts

62. Question: In the show 'Boy Meets World', what was the name of the main female lead?

Answer: Topanga

63. Question: In which year did 'Boy Meets World' premiere?

Answer: 1993

64. Question: What was the name of the Jack Russell Terrier that made a feature on 'Frasier'?

Answer: Eddie

65. Question: In 'Buffy The Vampire Slayer', what was the name of Buffy's blonde love interest?

Answer: Spike

66. Question: In the show 'Seinfeld', while watching a medical procedure, which candy does Kramer drop over the side?

Answer: Junior Mints

67. Question: In 'Saved By The Bell', what was the name of the school principal?

Answer: Mr. Belding

68. Question: For how many years did 'Saved By The Bell' run on TV?

Answer: 3

69. Question: In 'Party Of Five', what was the name of the character that was portrayed by Jennifer Love Hewitt?

Answer: Sarah

70. Question: What is the catchphrase of the show 'X-Files'?

Answer: "The truth is out there"

71. Question: In 'Dawson's Creek', what is the name of Katie Holmes' character?

Answer: Joey

72. Question: What was the name of the 1990s TV show that was responsible for giving Jared Leto his break out role?

Answer: 'My S0-Called Life'

73. Question: What was the catchphrase with which Steve Urkel was associated with 'The Family Matters'?

Answer: "Did I do that?"

74. Question: What was the name of the butler in the popular sitcom 'The Nanny'?

Answer: Niles

75. Question: In the series 'Blossom', Joey was much known for using which particular catchphrase?

Answer: "Whoa!"

76. Question: Which popular 1990s sitcom featured the 'Soup Nazi'?

Answer: 'Seinfeld'

77. Question: What was the name of the local diner that was often frequented by the gang in 'Beverley Hills, 90210'?

Answer: The Peach Pit

78. Question: In the show 'Will and Grace', what was the maid's name?

Answer: Rosario

79. Question: In the hit sitcom that 70s show, what was the name of Eric's mother?

Answer: 'Kitty'

80. Question: What is the name of the character that was portrayed by Lucy Liu in Ally McBeal?

Answer: Ling

Here at Kidadl, we have carefully created lots of interesting family-friendly trivia for everyone to enjoy! If you liked our suggestions for 90s trivia then why not take a look at 80s trivia, or 2000s trivia.

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