Iles Tours

Iles Tours is a northern England-based guided tour company that organises a variety of fantastic walking tours, including Newcastle, Durham, Northumberland, Tyneside and the Lake District in the northwest. Their aim is to allow guests to experience a journey into the fascinating history of England through the use of storytelling and engagement. The tours, which cover a range of specialist topics all over the wider region of the North East, can last between one hour to a full-day trip. Prices start from £11.

The lIes Tours of Newcastle offer a unique insight into the regional capital of North East England. These tours complement a visit to Newcastle and some of the most popular include the Old Newcastle Walking Tour and the Newcastle History Tour. From famous landmarks to fascinating facts about the religious heritage, Durham tours explore the history of the golden age of the Medieval Bishops of Durham through to today, as well as ventures into the cathedral.  With one of the highest density of castles in England and a wealth of interesting places to visit, Northumberland tours with IIes are the ideal way to explore the county. The Hadrian’s Wall Day Trip is one of the best excursions to the UNESCO world heritage site. On a half-day tour of the Lake District, you can see as many as eight lakes and some breathtaking scenery.

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