50+ Best Al Pacino Quotes About Life, Movies, And Success

Al Pacino quotes include famous dialogues from his movies and his personal opinions.

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Alfredo James Pacino or Al Pacino is a legendary actor most known for his iconic role of Michael Corleone in 'The Godfather' trilogy, based on Mario Puzo's best-selling novel of the same name.

Alfredo James Pacino is an iconic figure in the world of cinema. With a rough childhood marked by his parents' separation and poverty, Pacino found himself drawn towards plays, and subsequently made acting a full-time career with his 1969 debut film 'Me, Natalie.'

With the release of 'The Godfather' in 1972 and its sequels in the following years, there was no turning back for Pacino. Some of his subsequent films included 'Serpico' (1973), 'Cruising' (1980), 'Scarface' (1983), 'Carlito's Way' (1993), 'Ocean's Thirteen' (2007), the very recent 'The Irishman' (2019) and many more! However, 'The Godfather' remains a classic to this day. If you are a true Al Pacino fan, you must be aware of Al Pacino's sayings like, "My first language was shy. It's only by having been thrust into the limelight that I have learned to cope with my shyness." But, this is just one out of the many famous Al Pacino lines that are worth a read for their sheer motivational overtone. The actor, through his movie character quotes and personal views on life, career, success, and acting, has truly created a lasting impression on the viewers and continues to do so.

So, if you want to read the best of Al Pacino movie quotes, Al Pacino sayings, funny Al Pacino quotes, 'The Godfather' one-liners, and other famous Al Pacino quotes, this is where you will get them all! For more quotes, take a look at '80s movie quotes and Cary Grant quotes.

Al Pacino Quotes From Movies

Iconic dialogues from Pacino's movies are worth remembering!

Great quotes from actors are aplenty on the internet. But if the actor is somebody legendary like Al Pacino, the quotes become truly celebrated. Here are some of the most acclaimed Al Pacino quotes from his movies, including 'The Godfather' quotes that every Pacino fan would want to hear over and over again!

1. "Michael: My father is no different than any powerful man, any man with power, like a president or senator.

Kay Adams: Do you know how naive you sound, Michael? Presidents and senators don't have men killed.

Michael: Oh. Who's being naive, Kay?"

-'The Godfather' (1972).

2. "It's easy to fool the eye but it's hard to fool the heart."

-Michael Corleone, 'The Godfather' (1972)

3. "There are many things my father taught me here in this room. He taught me: keep your friends close, but your enemies closer."

-Michael Corleone, 'The Godfather Part II' (1974).

4. "Who put this thing together? Me, that's who! Who do I trust? Me!"

-Tony Montana, 'Scarface' (1983).

5. "If you get all tangled up, just tango on."

-Lt. Col. Frank Slade, 'Scent Of A Woman' (1992).

6. "Stats are not enough, you need a voice! Gamblers are ready to risk what they can't afford for what they can't have. You're selling the world's rarest commodity: certainty, in an uncertain world."

-Walter, 'Two For The Money' (2005).

7. "Only don't tell me that you're innocent. Because it insults my intelligence and it makes me very angry."

-Michael Corleone, 'The Godfather' (1972).

8. "There's no such thing as too far. You push everything as far as you can. You push and you push and you push until it starts pushing back. And then you push some goddamn more."

-Walter, 'Two For The Money' (2005).

9. "Never give up your friends, Dave, no matter what."

-Carlito, 'Carlito's Way' (1993).

10. "You're gonna walk out on me? You don't walk out on me. I walk out on you."

-Lefty, 'Donnie Brasco' (1997).

11. "If you can't see the angles no more, you're in trouble."

-Carlito, 'Carlito's Way' (1993).

12. "Oh, I don't lose. People who bet on me to lose lose. And they lose big."

-Willy Bank, 'Ocean's Thirteen' (2007).

13. "A righteous man before me stands. A hero in these filthy lands. A brother in arms in heart are you. I was really hoping you get it too."

-Rooster, 'Righteous Kill' (2008).

14. "If I said it once, I said it a thousand times, I don't care they're Irish. I don't care they're Catholic. If there's one person you can't trust in this life, it's millionaires' kids."

-Jimmy Hoffa, 'The Irishman' (2019).

15. "The dream don't come no closer by itself. We gotta run after it now."

-Carlito, 'Carlito's Way' (1993).

16. "There's this parish priest, goes up to the Pope, drops down on his knees, starts weeping... asking forgiveness: "Holy father, holy father, what am I to do? What am I to do? I do not believe in God anymore. What am I to do?". And you know what the pope said? "Fake it"."

-Walter Burke, 'The Recruit' (2003).

17. "That's what a leader's about: sacrifice. The times he's gotta sacrifice because he's gotta lead, by example. Not by fear and not by self-pity."

-Tony D'Amato, 'Any Given Sunday' (1999).

18. "I don't believe in capital punishment. I do believe in the rights of victims. I do believe that they deserve recompense, no matter how significant or insignificant it may be in comparison to the loss suffered."

-Jack Gramm, '88 Minutes' (2007).

19. "It's who I am Gail, it's what I am. Right or wrong, I can't change that."

-Carlito, 'Carlito's Way' (1993).

20. "Love is overrated. Biochemically no different than eating large quantities of chocolate."

-John Milton, 'The Devil's Advocate' (1997).

21. "It's the guy everybody's looking at first - the leader of a team - who will support you when they understand you. Who will break their ribs and their noses and their necks for you, because they believe. 'Cause you make them believe."

-Tony D'Amato, 'Any Given Sunday' (1999).

22. "Free will. It's like butterfly wings. Once touched, they never get off the ground. No. I only set the stage. You pull your own strings."

-John Milton, 'The Devil's Advocate' (1997).

23. "I've learned that time does not heal the wound. It will, though, in its most merciful way, blunt the edge ever so slightly."

-Jack Gramm, '88 Minutes' (2007).

24. "Freedom, baby, is never having to say you're sorry."

-John Milton, 'The Devil's Advocate' (1997).

25. "It's called making people feel good about themselves so that they'll cooperate with you and help you to do your job. You should try it some time."

-Det. Frank Keller, 'Sea Of Love' (1989).

26. "Mike Wallace: Who are these people?

Lowell Bergman (Al Pacino): Ordinary people under extraordinary pressure, Mike. What the hell do you expect? Grace and consistency?"

-'The Insider', (1999).

27. "I say what I mean, and I do what I say."

-Lt. Vincent Hanna, 'Heat' (1995).

28. "They say we die twice. Once when the breath leaves our body, and once when the last person we know says our name."

-Val, 'Stand Up Guys' (2012).

Inspirational Al Pacino Quotes On Life

There are very few celebrities whose words manage to leave a lasting impression in the heart of fans. There is no doubt that Al Pacino is one of them. Here are some really heartening Al Pacino lines that are valuable life lessons!

29. "I believe in one day at a time; you've got today, that's what you've got."

- 'Al Pacino: The Authorized Biography' by Lawrence Grobel, Published: 2008.

30. "Sometimes it's better to be with the devil you know than the angel you didn't know."

-Al Pacino.

31. "The truth is, you know, we need our anodynes. You know that word, anodynes? We need that in life sometimes. A good warm bath can be one for you, or a whatever."

-Al Pacino.

32. "Sometimes what we imagine and the world aren't different things. Sometimes they are the same exact thing."

-Al Pacino.

33. "That's the way to live - around people who care. It may be a tough ride, but something is going to come out of it. "

-Al Pacino.

34. "I don't ever give my opinion. Opinions I have about anything are in my personal life."

-Al Pacino.

Motivational Al Pacino Quotes On Career And Success

If you need some encouraging words, you have Al Pacino quotes!

Al Pacino's illustrious acting career is proof of the actor's skill and dedication towards his work even though he has called an actor's emotional journey as "process is painful." These Al Pacino quotes on career and success are what we need people to tell us if we need a good dose of motivational words!

35. "I went to Performing Arts because that was the only school that would accept me. My scholastic level was not very high."

-'Al Pacino: The Authorized Biography' by Lawrence Grobel, Published: 2008.

36. "I went back to the stage because it was my way of dealing with the success I had, my way of coping. It was a way of escaping the responsibility of what was happening."

-'Al Pacino: The Authorized Biography' by Lawrence Grobel, Published: 2008.

37. "I've always been in the theater. I've always gone to it. That's been my way to cope. Early on in my career, I remember running - fleeing - to the theater as a way of coping with all the meshugaas that was going on for me."

-Al Pacino.

38. "I've never liked the recognition, the questions, the publicity. I have often felt like running away and hiding."

-Al Pacino.

39. "I'm constantly striving to break through to something new. You try to maintain a neutral approach to your work, and not be too hard on yourself."

-Al Pacino.

40. "I used to wear disguises, like hats and false beards, just to walk around and avoid attention."

-Al Pacino.

41. "I'm much more a European Italian than I am an American Italian, and I've always felt that that style of acting comedy is in me. I put comedy as much as I can into all my movies, if I can help it."

-Al Pacino.

42. "Did you know I started out as a stand-up comic? People don't believe me when I tell them."

-Al Pacino.

43. "I'm an actor, not a star. Stars are people who live in Hollywood and have heart-shaped swimming pools."

- Al Pacino, Inside Oscar, 1996.

44. "I'm so shy now I wear sunglasses everywhere I go."

-Al Pacino.

45. "My first language was shy. It's only by having been thrust into the limelight that I have learned to cope with my shyness."

-Al Pacino.

46. "Forget the career, do the work. If you feel what you are doing is on line and you're going someplace and you have a vision and you stay with it, eventually things will happen."

- 'Al Pacino: A Life on the Wire' by Andrew Yule. Published on: 1992

47. "I was not prepared for fame. It hit me hard, and I did not have the capacity to cope."

-Al Pacino.

48. "It's never been about money for me. There were times when I was young when I could have used money: after college, I was often unemployed and at one time I slept in a storefront for a few days. But I've never been materialistic. Except that I am, of course, because my lifestyle makes me a spender!"

- Al Pacino, Guardian Interview by Francine Cohen, 25 April 2015.

49. "I don't think actors should ever expect to get a role, because the disappointment is too great. You've got to think of things as an opportunity. An audition's an opportunity to have an audience."

-Al Pacino.

Al Pacino Quotes On Movies, Acting, And Theater

If Pacino's iconic dialogue "It's easy to fool the eye but it's hard to fool the heart" from 'The Godfather' makes you want to read some more of his real-life sayings, here are some Al Pacino's personal views on movies, acting, and the theater.

50. "Shakespeare is one of the reasons I've stayed an actor. Sometimes I spend full days doing Shakespeare by myself, just for the joy of reading it, saying those words...I do Shakespeare when I am feeling a certain way."

-'Al Pacino: The Authorized Biography' by Lawrence Grobel, Published: 2008.

51. "I want to be interesting in an interview just as much as I want to do well in a part."

-Al Pacino.

52. "When you perform with a live audience, the audience comes back to you, so that you and the audience are giving to each other, in a sense. It's an extraordinary thing. It's wild turf up there."

-'Al Pacino: The Authorized Biography' by Lawrence Grobel, Published: 2008.

53. "If you have the opportunity to meet someone as an actor, it's just great fodder for you. It's wonderful source stuff that we die for."

- Al Pacino, Collider Interview with Sara Wayland, 31 March 2010.

54. "I am more alive in the theater than anywhere else, but what I take into the theater I get from the streets."

-Al Pacino.

55. "There are a lot of roles in Shakespeare, basically. If I feel that the script is a movie, I would be interested in doing any role of Shakespeare's."

-Al Pacino.

56. "I've often said there's two minds of actors. There's a more gregarious type and the shy type."

-Al Pacino.

57. "You do get very tired sometimes, when you're sitting around for hours in movies. You get depleted."

-Al Pacino.

58. "It would be hard to play a character you don't like - for me anyway - or can't find something in them to like."

-Al Pacino.

59. "You need some insecurity if you're an actor. It keeps the pot boiling. I haven't yet started to think about retiring. I was shocked when I heard about Paul Newman retiring at age 82. Most actors just fade away like old soldiers."

- 10 Questions for Al Pacino, Time, 14 June 2007.

60. "Some of the roles that are challenging are more in theater and TV. In movies, there's a tendency to cast actors in roles that have been successful for them. It has to pay for itself."

-Al Pacino.

61. "Show me a bad script and I will show you a big payday."

-Al Pacino.

62. "Acting is hard work. At times, it's very energizing and enervating. It's childish. It's also responsible. It's illuminating, enriching, joyful, drab. It's bizarre, diabolical. It's exciting."

-Al Pacino.

63. "The actor becomes an emotional athlete. The process is painful - my personal life suffers."

-Al Pacino.

64. "I do believe, and I will always believe, that Shakespeare on film is really something that should be tried more often because it is an opportunity to take the humanity that Shakespeare writes into characters and express it."

-Al Pacino.

65. "It's never really that much fun for me to do movies anyway because you - you know, you have to get up very early in the morning and you have to go in and you spend a lot of time waiting around."

-Al Pacino.

66. "The camera can film my face but until it captures my soul, you don't have a movie."

-Al Pacino.

67. "Playing a character is an illusion, and I feel that when you know too much about a person, possibly part of that illusion is disrupted."

- New Again: Al Pacino, Interview by Julian Schnabel, 25 April 2012.

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