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28 Best 'All The Bright Places' Quotes By Jennifer Niven

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'All the Bright Places' book quotes will surely light up your life.

You are certainly in the right place because we have the best quotes from 'All the Bright Places' by Jennifer Niven here. The book 'All the Bright Places' by Jennifer Niven was awarded the 2015 Goodreads Choice Award for Best Young Adult Fiction Award.

This book for young adults, written by Jennifer Niven, is based on her personal experiences. The novel revolves around the life and love of two teenagers, Violet Markey and Theodore Finch and is known for making the readers cry. Both are going through troubles in their own respective lives, and Jennifer Niven explores their relationship in detail. The novel focuses on the different aspects of human relationship with a special emphasis on mental illnesses through these portrayals where no one is perfect. Theodore Finch, the protagonist, himself suffers from bipolar disorder and the book delivers a serious message about mental health awareness. It explores the stigma associated with mental health through Finch deals keeping his guard up about his condition, naming his manic and depressive episodes the "awake" and the "asleep". The book 'All the Bright Places' by Jennifer Niven covers the wide spectrum of emotions and will leave no one unsatisfied. We have taken great care to curate this list of 'All the Bright Places' quotes with page numbers. Do check out similar quotes from 'The Fault In Our Stars' quotes and ['The Hate U Give' quotes].

Theodore Finch Quotes

The protagonist of this book by Jennifer Niven has gained a huge fan following over time. Let us have a look at some of the best book quotes by Theodore Finch.

1. “All because she smiled at me. But it was a damn good smile. A genuine one, which is hard to come by these days.”

– Theodore Finch, p. 35.

2. “You make me lovely, and it’s so lovely to be lovely to the one I love.”

– Theodore Finch, p. 375.

3. "Love is truly the great manifesto; the urge to be, to count for something, and, if death must come, to die valiantly, with acclamation - in short, to remain a memory."

- Theodore Finch, p. 56.

4. "You are all the colors in one at full brightness."

- Theodore Finch, p. 172.

5. "I walk through the black Indiana night, under a ceiling of stars, and think about the phrase 'elegance and euphoria', and how it describes exactly what I feel with Violet."

- Theodore Finch, p. 202.

6. "Sorry wastes time. You have to live your life like you'll never be sorry. It's easier just to do the right thing from the start so there's nothing to apologize for."

- Theodore Finch, pg. 129.

7. "When she pulls away, she says, 'No more winter at all. Finch, you brought me spring.'"

- Theodore Finch, p. 214.

8. "Worthless. Stupid. These are the words I grew up hearing. They’re the words I try to outrun, because ..... they might stay there and grow and fill me up and in.......run harder and fill myself with other words: This time will be different. This time, I will stay awake."

- Theodore Finch, p. 45.

9. "I’m broken, and no one can fix it. I’ve tried. I’m still trying. I can’t love anyone because it’s not fair to anyone who loves me back."

- Theodore Finch, p. 144.

10. "We are all alone, trapped in these bodies and our own minds, and whatever company we have in this life is only fleeting and superficial."

- Theodore Finch, p. 172.

11. "It's my experience that people are a lot more sympathetic they can see you hurting, and for the millionth time in my life I wish for measles or smallpox or some other recognizable disease just to make it simple for me and also for them."

- Theodore Finch, p. 17.

Violet Markey Quotes

Let us have a look at some of the best 'All the Bright Places' quotes by Violet Markey, the other protagonist of this book by Jennifer Niven.  

12. "I think of my own epitaph, still to be written, and all the places I’ll wander. No longer rooted, but gold, flowing. I feel a thousand capacities spring up in me."

- Violet Markey, p. 239

13. "You saved my life... Why couldn't I save yours?"

- Violet Markey, p. 225

14. "The thing I realize is that it’s not what you take, it’s what you leave."

- Violet Markey, p. 238

15. "You need shoving, not pushing. You need to jump back on that camel. Otherwise you’re going to stay up on the ledge you’ve made for yourself.”

- Violet Markey, p. 82

16."I should be happy, but instead I feel nothing.......I’ve cried a few times, but mostly I’m empty, as if whatever makes me feel and hurt and laugh and love has been surgically removed, leaving me hollowed out like a shell."

- Violet Markey, p. 220.

17. "Since I stopped writing, I read more than ever. Other people's words, not my own - my words are gone."

- Violet Markey, p. 48

Finch And Violet Quotes

Multiracial people with many facial expression

These are some of the best excerpts from the conversations between Theodor Finch and Violet Markey, as good as any other 'All the Bright Places' quote.

18. "Violet Markey: The why is that none of it matters. Not school, not cheerleading, not boyfriends or friends or parties or creative writing programs or... It’s all just time filler until we die.

Theodor Finch: Maybe. Maybe not. Whether it’s filler or not, I’m pretty glad to be here."

- p. 43.

19. "Finch: We don't have to.

Violet: I know."

- p. 146.

20. "Finch: But I bring it up to let you know that this is the way I feel right now. Like Pluto and Jupiter are aligned with the earth and I’m floating.

Violet: You’re so weird, Finch. But that’s the nicest thing anyone’s ever said to me."

- p. 149.

Violet Markey Quotes On Finch

One is bound to feel for the relationship between Violet and Finch given the way Jennifer Niven has portrayed it. Let us look at some of the choicest, handpicked quotes by Violet Markey on her lover in this book by Jennifer Niven.

21. "Theodore Finch—I was alive. I burned brightly. And then I died, but not really. Because someone like me cannot, will not, die like everyone else. I linger like the legends of the Blue Hole. I will always be here, in the offerings and people I left behind."

- Violet, while thinking of Finch's epitaph, p. 239.

22. "Finch writes: I am on the highest branch.

The next morning: We are written in paint.

Later that night: I believe in signs.

The next afternoon: The glow of Ultraviolet.

The day after that: A lake. A prayer. It’s so lovely to be lovely in Private.

And then everything goes quiet."

- Violet, while reading the messages sent by Finch, p. 202.

23. "There aren't many people who would say this about me, but the great thing about this life is that you can be someone different to everybody."

- p. 35.

Best Quotes From 'All The Bright Places'

We present to you the best quotes from the book by Jennifer Niven.

24. "The problem with people is they forget that most of the time it's the small things that count."

- Violet Markey, p. 129.

25. "I do my best thinking at night when everyone else is sleeping. No interruptions. No noise. I like the feeling of being awake when no one else is."

- Theodore Finch, p. 97.

Jennifer Niven Quotes

Jennifer Niven has written this book based on her own experiences. Let us look at some of the best life quotes by Jennifer Niven in the book.

26. "People rarely bring flowers to a suicide."

- Jennifer Niven.

27. "Often, mental and emotional illnesses go undiagnosed because the person suffering symptoms is too ashamed to speak up, or because their loved ones either fail to or choose not to recognize the signs."

- Jennifer Niven.

28. "It was only when writing this book that I learned my own label—Survivor After Suicide, or Survivor of Suicide."

- Jennifer Niven.

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