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12 Best Brokeback Mountain Quotes

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'Brokeback Mountain' (2005) depicts the secretive relationship between two cowboys.

The movie is based on a short story by Annie Proulx. It was directed by Ang Lee.

The film was hugely popular and it remains a symbol for lives lived under questions about social acceptability and the importance of accepting everyone for who they are. Although it lost out at the Oscars in 2006 to 'Crash', it was one of the most discussed movies of 2005, and the role of Ennis Del Mar in 'Brokeback Mountain' remains one of the late Heath Ledger’s most iconic performances.

We have gathered the best famous quotes from 'Brokeback Mountain' here, including Ennis Del Mar quotes, Jack Twist quotes, Jack Twist and Ennis Del Mar quotes from dialogues shared by the two characters, Annie Proulx quotes, and of course the famous line from 'Brokeback Mountain': "I wish I knew how to quit you". Will you find your favorite 'Brokeback Mountain' quote in this list?

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The Best 'Brokeback Mountain' Quotes

In the film Ennis and Jack meet on Brokeback Mountain as they both get a job there as sheepherders. They get to know each other over time and their relationship grows over the course of their days in Brokeback Mountain. However, they are anxious that their love will be judged by society. The film is a beautiful telling of this touching story starring Heath Ledger as Ennis Del Mar and Jake Gyllenhaal as Jack Twist. Discover the best quotes from the film here.

Some of the 'Brokeback Mountain' quotes are intense.

1. “Ennis Del Mar: This is a one-shot thing we got goin' on here.

Jack Twist: It's nobody's business but ours.”

- 'Brokeback Mountain'.

2. “Jack Twist: The Pentecost... I don't... I don't know what the Pentecost is. I guess it means the world ends and guys like you and me march off to hell.

Ennis Del Mar: Speak for yourself. You may be a sinner, but I ain't yet had the opportunity.”

- 'Brokeback Mountain'.

3. “Lureen Twist: I thought Brokeback Mountain might be around where he grew up. Knowing Jack, it might be some pretend-place: where bluebirds sing and there's a whiskey spring.

Ennis Del Mar: No ma'am we, we was herding sheep on Brokeback one summer, back in '63.

Lureen Twist: Well, he said it was his favorite place.”

- 'Brokeback Mountain'.

Some of the 'Brokeback Mountain quotes' are quite romantic.

Quotes About Love

In the film, as the summer ends the two lovers part, not knowing how to handle the feelings they have for each other. Ennis settles in Wyoming with his wife and two daughters, and Jack in Texas with his wife and son. Four years later they meet each other and are confronted with the feelings they had been trying to hide. They realize that they need each other. Unsure of what to do they decide to keep their relationship alive by going on fishing trips together. They meet from time to time, but the visits become less frequent over time. Let's look at some of the movie quotes on love from Heath Ledger, Jake Gyllenhaal and more.

4. “Jack Twist: Is there anything interesting up there in heaven?

Ennis Del Mar: [looking up at night sky] I was just sending up a prayer of thanks.

Jack Twist: For what?

Ennis Del Mar: For you forgettin' to bring that harmonica. I'm enjoying the peace and quiet.

Jack Twist: You know it could be like this, just like this, always.”

- 'Brokeback Mountain'.

5. ”Ennis Del Mar: If you can't fix it, Jack, you gotta stand it.

Jack Twist: For how long?

Ennis Del Mar: For as long as we can ride it. There ain't no reins on this one.”

- 'Brokeback Mountain'.

Ennis Del Mar Quotes

For Ennis, a threatening cloud hangs over his relationship with Jack. When Jack talks about the pain of having to be apart, Ennis continues to argue that they had to deny each other’s comfort. The intermittent visits were all they could hold on to, but as they get older, their visits become less frequent and Ennis continues to bury his feelings as best as he can. The portrayal of Ennis Del Mar in 'Brokeback Mountain' continues to be one of the most powerful materializations of the late Heath Ledger’s acting prowess.

6. "This thing, it grabs hold of us again at the wrong place, at the wrong time, and we're dead."

- Ennis Del Mar, 'Brokeback Mountain'.

7. “You ever get the feelin'... I don't know, er... when you're in town and... someone looks at you... suspicious, like he knows? And then you go out on the pavement and everyone's looking at you like they all know too?”

- Ennis Del Mar, 'Brokeback Mountain'.

8. "Jack Twist: That's more words than you've spoke in the past two weeks.

Ennis Del Mar: Hell, that's the most I've spoke in a year."

- 'Brokeback Mountain'.

Jack Twist Quotes

The pain of having to stay apart overwhelms Jack (played by Jake Gyllenhaal) and the visits are everything he has to hold on to. With time, Jack becomes desperate and cannot withstand the pain of being apart. During their last meet-up, they fight over the love they have denied themselves of over the years. This is when Jack says the famous line: "I wish I knew how to quit you" to Ennis. This is one of the most iconic quotes from the movie, a quote which is even known by many people who have not watched it. Enjoy these Jake Gyllenhaal quotes, from the man who played Jack in 'Brokeback Mountain'.

9. “There ain't never enough time, never enough.”

- Jack Twist, 'Brokeback Mountain'.

10. “Truth is, sometimes I miss you so much I can hardly stand it.”

- Jack Twist, 'Brokeback Mountain'.

11. “You're too much for me Ennis... I wish I knew how to quit you.”

- Jack Twist, 'Brokeback Mountain'.

The Ending Quote

Sadly Jack dies in a car accident in the movie 'Brokeback Mountain'. Some days later Ennis discovers the death of Jack from his wife Lureen. A heartbroken Ennis visits Jack’s house in Texas, where he finds  out from Lureen that Jack wanted his ashes to be scattered on Brokeback Mountain. This leads to an emotional scene. At the very end of the movie, years later, Jack’s daughter Alma comes to visit Ennis to tell him that she is engaged and to ask for his blessing. After she leaves, Ennis goes back to his closet where he stares teary-eyed at his and Jack’s shirts hanging together on the wall, with a postcard of Brokeback Mountain above them. The memories of Jack Twist come flooding back and as he tears up, he walks away saying “Jack, I swear!”. This is the last line in 'Brokeback Mountain'.

12. “Jack, I swear!”

-Ennis Del Mar, 'Brokeback Mountain'.

Here at Kidadl, we have carefully created lots of interesting family-friendly quotes for everyone to enjoy! If you liked our suggestions for 'Brokeback Mountain' quotes, then why not take a look at these '90s quotes or '80s movie quotes for more great quotes?

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