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102 Best Ever Remember Quotes To Never Forget

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Our lives are filled with different memories, some good, some bad.

In its own way, each memory gives rise to a feeling of nostalgia, leaving us longing for more. Our lives are a juxtaposition of such memories.

Find below a few 'remember those who served' quotes, 'they only remember you when they need you' quotes, 'how to remember' quotes, 'funny remember when' quotes, 'remember the fallen' quotes, 'remember me when I'm gone' quotes, and more.

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Inspirational Quotes

In this section, you will find inspirational remember quotes and sayings.

1. "Failure will never overtake me if my determination to succeed is strong enough."

- Og Mandino.

2. "We may encounter many defeats but we must not be defeated."

- Maya Angelou.

3. "Knowing is not enough; we must apply. Wishing is not enough; we must do."

- Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe.

4. "Imagine your life is perfect in every respect; what would it look like?"

- Brian Tracy.

5. "We generate fears while we sit. We overcome them by action."

- Dr. Henry Link.

6. "Whether you think you can or think you can't, you're right."

- Henry Ford.

7. "Security is mostly a superstition. Life is either a daring adventure or nothing."

- Helen Keller.

8. "The only limit to our realization of tomorrow will be our doubts of today."

- Franklin D. Roosevelt.

9. "Creativity is intelligence having fun."

- Albert Einstein.

10. "What you lack in talent can be made up with desire, hustle, and giving 110% all the time."

- Don Zimmer.

Remember Who You Are Quotes

Living in the present moment

This section includes 'remember how far you've come' quotes and 'remember who you are' quotes.

11. "Can you remember who you were before the world told you who you should be?"

- Charles Bukowski.

12. "Remember who you are and where you come from; otherwise, you don't know where you are going."

- Karolina Kurkova.

13. "Live in joy, luminosity, and peace even among the troubles of the world. Remember who you are."

- Jack Kornfield.

14. "Every choice before you represents the universe inviting you to remember who you are and what you want."

- Alan Cohen.

15. "Your job on earth, therefore, is not to learn (because you already know), but to remember who you are. And to remember who everyone else is."

- Neale Donald Walsch.

16. "Remember who you are and what God expects you to become."

- Thomas S. Monson.

17. "One way to remember who you are is to remember who your heroes are."

- Walter Isaacson.

18. "Remember who you are. It's really okay to be who you are."

- Christina Ricci.

19. "Always remember who you are. Know that you are never required to apologize to anyone for being yourself."

- Iyanla Vanzant.

20. "Just remember who you are. The world will try to change you into someone else. Don't let them. That's the best advice anyone can give you."

- Cinda Williams Chima.

Remember Where You Came From Quotes

Here, we have 'remember when we were young' quotes to help you recall where you came from.

21. "It's good to know where you come from. It makes you what you are today. It's DNA, it's in your blood."

- Alexander McQueen.

22. "More and more I understand that it's very fine not to know where you come from."

- Amelie Nothomb.

23. "It doesn't matter where you come from, what you have, what you don't have. The only thing that matters is that you set a goal and you just dream, live, and fly."

- Barrington Irving.

24. "I know I can act and it doesn't matter where you come from."

- Boris Kodjoe.

25. "There's no point apologizing about where you come from."

- Colin Greenwood.

26. "It doesn't matter where you come from or who you think you are, we're all human beings with beating hearts."

- Demi Lovato.

27. "It's not about where you come from, it's about the heart."

- Eric Thomas.

28. "Where you come from does matter, but not nearly as much as where you are headed."

- Jodi Picoult.

29. "If you don't know where you come from, then you won't know when you're being taken back."

- Joseph Lowery.

30. "I'm living proof you can excel regardless of where you come from."

- Keith Sweat.

Remember Why You Started Quotes

This section includes 'remember the past' quotes so you never forget why you started. These inspirational quotes will keep you inspired.

31. "Character consists of what you do on the third and fourth tries."

- James A. Michener.

32. "Remember love quotes It always seems impossible until it’s done."

- Nelson Mandela.

33. "How long should you try? Until."

- Jim Rohn.

34. "There is no failure except in no longer trying."

- Elbert Hubbard.

35. "You just can’t beat the person who won’t give up."

- Babe Ruth.

36. "Most of the important things in the world have been accomplished by people who have kept on trying when there seemed to be no hope at all."

- Dale Carnegie.

37. "Never give up, for that is just the place and time that the tide will turn."

- Harriet Beecher Stowe.

38. "You do what you can for as long as you can, and when you finally can’t, you do the next best thing. You back up but you don’t give up."

- Chuck Yeager.

39. "Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time."

- Thomas Edison.

40. "It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop."

- Confucius.

Remember When We First Met Quotes

Below are 'remember I love you' quotes to remember why you love your loved ones.

41. "I still have that feeling the first time we met every time I see you."

- Jayson Engay.

42. "They were alike, they were. Both predators, both dangerous and both vain. And they each found the other fascinating."

- Kady Cross, 'The Girl In The Steel Corset.'

43. "He was entrancing, with that epicene beauty which in extreme youth sings aloud for love and withers at the first cold wind."

- Evelyn Waugh.

44. "My home has been your heart since the day I met you."

- Z.A. Maxfield.

45. "Since I met you, I’ve felt abandoned without your nearness; your nearness is all I ever dream of and the only thing I ever want."

- Franz Kafka, 'The Castle.'

46. "Ever since I met you, even my feet stopped belonging to me and became yours because all they ever seem to want to do is travel to wherever you are."

- Jessie Lane, 'Secret Maneuvers.'

47. "was only after I met you that I felt my heart begin to beat again."

- S.J. West.

48. "You showed me that there is still beauty in the world. I can’t imagine my life without you in it."

- S.J. West.

49. "Every day since I met you I have loved you a thousand times more."

- Napoleon The Great.

50. "I’ve come alive since I met you. My world before you came into it was cold and dark, and then you showed up and brought light into it."

- E.L James.

A Day To Remember Quotes

Here we have collected 'remember when' quotes and 'remember the dead' quotes so you can reminisce your memories with them.

51. "I can't write my life story without Emmitt and Troy. They can't write their life stories without me. We're tied together forever. This is a day to remember for the rest of our lives."

- Michael Irvine.

52. "Perhaps even these things, one day, will be pleasing to remember."

- Virgil.

53. "Remember, that six pounds a year is but a groat a day."

- Benjamin Franklin.

54. "Perhaps the day may come when we shall remember these sufferings with joy."

- Virgil.

55. "Remember. Every day, some ordinary person does something extraordinary. Today, it's your turn."

- Lou Holtz.

56. "One day posterity will remember these strange times when ordinary common honesty was called courage."

- Yevgeny Yevtushenko.

57. "I do remember realizing one day that I loved plays more than I loved playing concertos."

- John Cariani.

58. "Just remember, Every day of your lives, you must always be sure what you're fighting for."

- Gail Tsukiyama.

59. "The first of April is the day we remember what we are the other 364 days of the year."

- Mark Twain.

60. "I still remember the day my father took me to the Cemetery of Forgotten Books for the first time."

- Carlos Ruiz Zafon.

Remember What You Deserve Quotes

This section has 'remember' quotes that will tell you about the things that you deserve.

61. "I'm guilty of giving people more chances than they deserve but when I'm done, I'm done."

- Turcois Ominek.

62. "You don’t deserve my image in your head. You don’t deserve my memories in your chest."

- Jamie Weise.

63. "We should not give away a moment to anyone who does not deserve it."

- Deb Caletti, 'The Secret Life Of Prince Charming'.

64. "Make the most of what you have and keep your standards high. Never settle for anything less than you deserve or are capable of achieving."

- Roy T. Bennett, 'The Light In The Heart'.

65. "Yes, I deserve a spring–I owe nobody nothing."

- Virginia Woolf, 'A Writer's Diary'.

66. "Do not be disappointed if no one appreciates your true feelings, because they do not deserve them."

- M.F. Moonzajer.

67. "The moment that you have what you want, and you’re not totally ready for it, you become obsessed with the idea that you don’t deserve it."

- Sara Quin.

68. "Justice, like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder. Some see an innocent victim. Others will see evil incarnate getting exactly what's deserved."

- Emily Thorne.

69. "We cannot achieve more in life than what we believe in our heart of hearts we deserve to have."

- James R. Ball.

70. "If you feel deserve to judge the arrogant, it's a sign that you're so far of humbleness."

- Toba Beta, 'Master Of Stupidity.'

Remember Mom Quotes

This section belongs to the quotes about your mother. You might find quotes to remember loved ones who have passed.

71. "When you are looking at your mother, you are looking at the purest love you will ever know."

- Charley Benetto.

72. "Mother is the heartbeat in the home; and without her, there seems to be no heartthrob."

- Leroy Brownlow.

73. "Mothers are like glue. Even when you can’t see them, they’re still holding the family together."

- Susan Gale.

74. "Mother is the name for God in the lips and hearts of little children."

- William Makepeace Thackeray.

75. "The influence of a mother in the lives of her children is beyond calculation."

- James E. Faust.

76. "There is no role in life that is more essential than that of motherhood."

- Elder M. Russell Ballard.

77. "My mother was my role model before I even knew what that word was."

- Lisa Leslie.

78. "To describe my mother would be to write about a hurricane in its perfect power."

- Maya Angelou.

79. "Only mothers can think of the future because they give birth to it in their children."

- Maxim Grosky.

80. "Life began with waking up and loving my mother’s face."

- George Eliot.

Always Remember Quotes

This section has 'remember someone who died' quotes, 'remember who was there for you' quotes, and more.

81. "I may not be the kind of person you want me to, but I will always be there for you."

- Alfusainey Jallow.

82. "If someone needs you don't let them down. Because when you need someone and there is no one to be found you will know how they felt."

- Isabella Poretsis.

83. "If you love someone, the greatest gift you can give them is your presence."

- Thich Nhat Hanh.

84. "Absence sharpens love, presence strengthens it."

- Thomas Fuller.

85. "Never confuse people who are always around you, with people who are always there for you."

- Gee Linder.

86. "Presence is more than just being there."

- Malcolm Forbes.

87. "It's very hard to balance being there for somebody else and taking care of yourself."

- Jennifer Grey.

88. "Being present here and now is the highest compliment you can pay to a woman in your life."

- Lada Ray.

89. "Sometimes, the girl who's always there for everyone else needs someone there for her."

- Ritu Ghatourey.

90. "There's nothing more vital to the bond you share with someone than simply being there for them."

- Suman Rai.

Lion King Quotes Remember Who You Are

This section is all about the remember quotes from the movie 'Lion King'. Let us know which your favorite quote is!

91. "Believe in yourself and there will come a day when others will have no choice but to believe with you."

- Mufasa, 'Lion King'.

92. "Look beyond what you see."

- Rafiki, 'Lion King'.

93. "It’s times like this my buddy Timon here says: you got to put your behind in your past."

- Pumba, 'Lion King'.

94. "There’s more to being a king than getting your way all the time."

- Mufasa, 'Lion King'.

95. "Oh yes, the past can hurt. But from the way I see it, you can either run from it, or learn from it."

- Rafiki, 'Lion King'.

96. "They can have the word. We’ll create our own."

- Kiara, 'Lion King'.

97. "If you will not fight, then you will die as well."

- Zira, 'Lion King'.

98. "Love will find a way, anywhere we go."

- Simba, 'Lion King'.

99. "Any story worth telling is worth telling twice."

- Rafiki, 'Lion King'.

100. "Sometimes what’s left behind can grow better than the generation before."

- Simba, 'Lion King'.

Remember September 11th Quotes

Find our quotes below for remembering 11 September.

101. "The attacks of September 11th were intended to break our spirit."

- Rudy Giuliani.

102. "We drew strength when our firefighters ran upstairs and risked their lives so that others might live."

- Senator John Kerry.

Here at Kidadl, we have carefully created lots of interesting family-friendly quotes for everyone to enjoy! If you liked our suggestions for remember quotes, then why not take a look at live in the moment quotes, or be present quotes.

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