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25+ Best Garen Quotes For All 'League Of Legends' Players

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Garen is one of the most iconic characters of 'League Of Legends'.

Garen is a noble warrior who is worshipped by his fans and respected by his enemies. Though Garen and Katarina are not rivals, there have been numerous romantic instances between them, even leading to some speculation that Garen is in love with Katarina.

'League Of Legends' (LOL) is a famous multiplayer game which has billions of active players all across the globe. It is a multi-player team game, developed by Riot Games in 2009, which allows players to fight team battles amongst themselves with over 140 champions to select from. So if you are a fan of this game, you might not want to miss out on a golden opportunity to fan through some of these lovely Garen quotes.

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Best Garen Quotes

Garen quotes are popular among gamers.

Enlisted below are the finest 'League Of Legends' Garen quotes along with quotes of the champion king whom everyone fears and doesn't stand in the former's way. You will also find 'LoL' Garen quotes and God king Garen quotes.

1. "Come forth, you will find honor in death."

- Garen, ‘League Of Legends’.

2. "I stand ready."

- Garen, ‘League Of Legends’.

3. "Fear is the first of many foes."

- Garen, ‘League Of Legends’.

4. "I will fight as long as I stand!"

- Garen, ‘League Of Legends’.

5. "Extend the hand of Noxus, pull back a stump."

- Garen, ‘League Of Legends’.

6. "The scoundrels will pay!"

- Garen, ‘League Of Legends’.

7. "My heart and sword always for Demacia."

- Garen, ‘League Of Legends’.

Famous Garen Quotes

Video game quotes are loved by children.

In this category you will find the most famous Garen quotes, quotes on justice and quotes when the champion select takes place. You will also find some cool Garen 'LOL' quotes.

8. "We fight for those who cannot."

- Garen, ‘League Of Legends’.

9. "Our courage must never waver."

- Garen, ‘League Of Legends’.

10. "Seven thousand and two-- oh, I didn't see you standing there."

- Garen, ‘League Of Legends’.

11. "Darius, you are a butcher, not a general."

- Garen, ‘League Of Legends’.

12. "Hey, look, I'm holding the world up!"

- Garen, ‘League Of Legends’.

Other Character Quotes

Every game has numerous characters and 'League Of Legends' is no exception. Being a multi-player game, 'League Of Legends' has numerous characters and you will find some of the most iconic quotes from the other characters of the game. These quotes involve quotes on justice and on champion select.

13. “Kayle: Today, it seems we must put our animosity aside.

Morgana: We’ve never been enemies, sisters.

Kayle: How beautiful your mind must be to think such things.

Morgana: How tragic must be yours, to believe them.”

- ‘League Of Legends’.

14. “I can't stop from hiding, from being alone, but maybe, possibly dream, someone will be alone with me.”

- Lillia The Bashful Bloom, ‘League Of Legends’.

15. "Nature gives so much more than it asks for in return."

- Ivern, 'League Of Legends'.

16. “True grace is beautiful in its imperfection, honest in its emotion, freed by its own frailty."

- Morgana, ‘League Of Legends’.

17. "I have risen from the filth and muck. I am the lotus blossom. I am beauty."

- Jhin, ‘League Of Legends’.

18. "Captains told me to kill fish, fish told me to kill captains, makes sense."

- Pyke, The Bloodharbor Ripper, 'League Of Legends'.

19. “I've got two rules for every fight. Don't ask for permission, don't ask for forgiveness.”

- Samira The Desert Rose, ‘League Of Legends’.

20. “I'd rather break rules than people, but I can make exceptions.”

- Rell, The Iron Maiden, ‘League Of Legends’.

21. "Brambleback, remember the Kumungu affair? I still think it was your fault."

- Ivern, 'League Of Legends'.

22. “Morgana: Remember strolling together in the woods, when we were girls?

Kayle: Hmph. You never had any fear...

Morgana: Funny, I remember it differently."

- ‘League Of Legends’.

23. “She waits for me beyond the mist. My queen. My love. My black and broken heart.”

- Viego, The Ruined King, ‘League Of Legends’.

24. "The trials I endured were seared into my soul, they drive me forward even after my wounds have healed."

- Morgana, ‘League Of Legends’.

25. "Everyone's watching through your eyes

There's only two options

Win or die, win or die

Win or die, die, die, die, die

It went from a spark to an open flame

Now destiny's calling out your name

So reply, so reply

And ignite!"

- Pentakill, 'League Of Legends'.

26. "We're either gonna do this the hard way or... oh, wait no, there's just the hard way."

- Vi The Piltover Enforcer, 'League Of Legends'.

27. "Have an Ivern-crisp apple. Don't ask how I make them."

- Ivern, 'League Of Legends'.

28. "I have seen liars choose virtue and I have seen the divine cheat. Perhaps today I will see a Yordle sneeze.”

- Morgana, ‘League Of Legends’.

29. “Dreams are funny things. Sometimes they have feathers, sometimes they are wooly, sometimes they lift me up like a bubble.”

- Lillia The Bashful Bloom, ‘League Of Legends’.

Here at Kidadl, we have carefully created lots of interesting family-friendly quotes for everyone to enjoy! If you liked our suggestions for Garen quotes then why not take a look at gaming quotes, or Nasus quotes?

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