10+ Best Jevil Quotes That All Deltarune Fans Will Remember

Jevil quotes make the play extremely interesting.

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Jevil is a non-player character and an optional boss in the first chapter of 'Deltarune'.

To fight him is an optional choice that the player has and in no way affects the actual storyline. Despite this, Jevil has become one of the most famous characters of the game.

Jevil is a combination of jester and devil, thus he has both characteristics. He is funny, and he fights against the player as well. He is in part called the joker due to the randomness that the joker card adds to a deck of cards. In light of this, Jester's appearance is shown to be similar to that of a clown. This is also the reason why Jevil says "metamorphosis". This line could also be a reference to a virtual sticker called Loose Clown that players can buy.

Jevil is small in stature and has a round grey-white face. He has a very unique physique with ears like an elf and eyes like a clown. He has sharp yellow teeth and a violet tongue. Initially, he is not seen in the game, and we only hear his voice, but later, we see him locked in the ground floor of Card Castle.

The main story of the game is about human players Kris and Susie who have fallen into a place called the Dark World. There they meet an inhabitant named Ralsei. She tells them that they are the heroes and are destined to protect this world. The trio calls themselves 'the darkeners'. The aim of the game is to fight different beings at different stages of combat. Essentially they have to fight their enemies and save this world.

Before Kris and Susie arrived, Jevil was a Jester and Sean was a magician in the Kingdom of Four Kings that exists in the Dark World. As time passed, Jevil became cynical. According to Sean, the things he said didn't make sense but were also not complete non-sense. Thus Sean locked him up in the ground floor of Card Castle. Humor is the soul of the character of Jevil and wit is in his heart and soul. This is probably one reason why he is so famous, even though his character does not directly affect the story.

Here are some of the short yet witty comments by Jevil from the game that has wowed audiences. If you haven't already played the game 'Deltarune', we hope these quotes will make you curious to have a go and maybe even fight against Jevil!

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The Best Jevil Quotes

Jevil quotes quickly grab your attention.

There are some quotes with which you can immediately associate a character with. These are the quotes that become the soul of the character, something from which they are identified. This is the case with these quotes from Jevil. Whenever a frequent gamer reads these, he or she will immediately think of Jevi such has been the popularity and influence of this character. Here you will find the best of Jevil quotes 'Deltarune' fans will enjoy!

1. "A beauty is joying in my heart."

- Jevil, 'Deltarune'.

2. "Lightners! From inside your little cell! Take me and do your strongest!"

- Jevil, 'Deltarune'.

3. "Find the key and I'll let you be free!"

- Jevil, 'Deltarune'.

4. "I can do anything."

- Jevil, 'Deltarune'.

5. "You came too far. Your choice has run out."

- Jevil, 'Deltarune'.

Funny Jevil Quotes

Jevil quotes add some much-needed humor to the play.

Jevil has commonly been described as a joker because of his unpredictability. Being the jester in the game himself, he is bound to have a great sense of humor. In most high octane action games, there are specific characters that add the humor element. These act as the relief point during gameplay for players. More often than not such characters end up being the favorite of players. This has certainly been the case with Jevil! Here are some of the funniest quotes which really add extra fun to the game and perfectly embody his personality.

6. "You kids tired me up! Now I will sleep for another 100 years."

- Jevil, 'Deltarune'.

7. "This body cannot be killed!"

- Jevil, 'Deltarune'.

8. "There is no strategy to defeat the enemy. Good luck!"

- Jevil, 'Deltarune'.

9. "How can you refuse when you are already playing the game?"

- Jevil, 'Deltarune'.

10. "These curtains are really on fire!"

- Jevil.- Jevil, 'Deltarune'.

Popular Jevil Quotes

Despite being a non-pivotal character, Jevil has managed to grab the hearts of the audience in a non-evil way! Many of his quotes are remembered by players as they narrate it along with him while they fight against him. Here are some of the most popular quotes by Jevil himself that have led to the success of the character and helped the overall visibility of the already popular game.

11. "My hearts go out to all you sinners!"

- Jevil, 'Deltarune'.

12. "From now a nightmare will awaken in your hearts, in the shadow of Knight's Hand!"

- Jevil, 'Deltarune'.

13. "Kidding! Here's my final chaos!"

- Jevil, 'Deltarune'.

14. "So shall you play a game with me? I'll show you what it is to be free."

- Jevil, 'Deltarune'.

15. "I wouldn't have it any other way. Now let the games begin!"

- Jevil, 'Deltarune'.

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