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30+ Best Tommy Wiseau Quotes: The Man Behind The Room

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Tommy Wiseau is the infamous director, actor, screenwriter, and producer behind the 2003 romantic drama, 'The Room'.

Not to be confused with the 2019 film of the same name, Tommy Wiseau's 'The Room' is now commonly known as one of the worst films ever to be made. All with very good reason.

With the vague tagline, "Can you really trust anyone?", 'The Room' consists of one of the most clichéd plots involving a relationship burning out, leaving room for something along the lines of an affair. The film could still have worked despite this unimaginative plot, had there been real production value and a strong script in the first place. But Tommy Wiseau chose to run a one man show and showcase his best talents to the world in one single film. However, it turned out to be far from what he expected.

'The Room' eventually released in 2003 to the amusement of critics and general audiences worldwide. It was meant to be a serious romantic drama, but due to the way it was filmed and produced, not to mention Wiseau's poor acting skills,  the film received poor ratings and even poorer reviews from critics. The film is even rated number 68 on the 'Bottom Rated Movies' list on IMDB with a 3.7 rating.

Some short quotes from 'The Room' include "Cheep Cheep", "Cool story Mark!" and "Why Lisa why?". Not forgetting the famous Tommy Wiseau chicken quote, these are all 'The Room' famous quotes to note. Although the movie was a dud and critics bashed it right out of the theaters, Wiseau was laughing all the way to the bank escalating to a net worth of around six million USD. This is because the movie was so bad, it was good, and people began watching it only for quick laughs.

Here are some Tommy Wiseau quotes that will have you in splits. If you like these Tommy Wiseau quotes, do also check out our ['The Room' quotes] and San Francisco quotes too.

Tommy Wiseau Quotes And The Best 'The Room' Quotes

Among these quotes from 'The Room', Johnny quotes from 'The Room' and quotes from 'The Room' flower shop scene stand out as the most memorable Tommy Wiseau quotes.

1. "I did not hit her, it's not true... I did not hit her, I did not... Oh hi, Mark!"

-Johnny, 'The Room'.

2. "Mark: You couldn't kill me if you tried.

Johnny: You betrayed me! You're not good. You, you're just a chicken. Cheep cheep cheep cheep cheep cheep."

- 'The Room'.

3. "You cannot have the drama without comedy."

-Tommy Wiseau.

4. "You're tearing me apart Lisa!!"

-Johnny, 'The Room'.

5. "Denny, don't worry about that. Lisa loves you too... As a person... As a human being!"

-Johnny, 'The Room'.

6. "I'm not a god, I'm just a simple guy."

-Tommy Wiseau.

7. "Lisa: I miss you, Mark.

Mark: What are you talking about? I just saw you!"

- 'The Room'.

8. "Johnny: Ha ha ha! What a story Mark!

Mark: You can say that again."

- 'The Room'.

9. "Johnny:Here you go... Keep the change! Hi doggie!

Florist: You're my favorite customer.

Johnny: Thanks a lot, bye!

Florist: Bye-bye!"

- 'The Room'.

10. "Lisa: Do you want me to order a pizza?

Johnny: Whatever. I don’t care.

Lisa: I already ordered a pizza.

Johnny: You think about everything ha ha ha!"

- 'The Room'.

The Best Tommy Wiseau Quotes About Love Among Other Things

Person inserting VHS videocassette

Here are some Tommy Wiseau 'The Room' quotes on love. These 'The Room' lines and Tommy Wiseau quotes have become somewhat iconic, just like 'The Room' chicken line from Tommy Wiseau. Get to know Tommy Wiseau and his work better here.

11. "She's beautiful. She looks great in her red dress... I think I'm in love with her."

-Denny, 'The Room'.

12. "Thank you, honey, this is a beautiful party! You invited all my friends... Good thinking!"

-Johnny, 'The Room'.

13. "Mark: How was work today?

Johnny: Oh, pretty good. We got a new client and the bank will make a lot of money.

Mark: What client?

Johnny: I cannot tell you it's confidential."

- 'The Room'.

14. "I'm tired... I'm wasted... I love you darling!"

-Johnny, 'The Room'.

15. "Johnny: I'm so happy I have you as my best friend, and I love Lisa so much.

Mark: Yeah, man. Yeah, you are very lucky."

- 'The Room'.

16. "Denny, two is great, but three's a crowd. Ha ha ha!"

-Johnny, 'The Room'.

17. "Anyway, I was working as a busboy in a hotel and Lisa was sitting, drinking her coffee and she was so beautiful, and I say hi to her. That's how we met."

-Johnny, 'The Room'.

18. "Denny, don't you have something else to do?"

-Johnny, 'The Room'.

19. "You don't understand anything, man. Leave your stupid comments in your pocket!"

-Mark, 'The Room'.

20. "Claudette: That house belongs to me! He has no right! I'm not giving him a penny! Who does he think he is?

Lisa: He's your brother."

- 'The Room'.

Funny Quotes From 'The Room' Movie

These 'The Room' best lines and 'The Room' Tommy Wiseau quotes are both strange and funny, much like the movie itself. People have remembered some of these quotes all around the world, but often for the wrong reasons! Will any of these funny 'Room' quotes make you laugh?

21. "What's the matter Bran, are you chicken? Cheep cheep!"

-Billy, 'The Room'.

22. "Everybody betrayed me! I'm fed up with this world!"

-Johnny, 'The Room'.

23. "Can you believe it's going to cost me 120 dollars? I think the whole thing was made up just so they can make some easy money. Imagine, taking advantage of an old defenseless lady who's losing her life!"

-Claudette, 'The Room'.

24. "Mike: Hi Johnny, what's going on?

Johnny: Oh hai Mike, what's new?

Mike: Oh actually Johnny, I got a... I got a little bit of a... tragedy.

Johnny: Uh-huh.

Mike: On my hands... yeah."

- 'The Room'.

25. "You're not dying mom."

- Lisa, 'The Room'.

26. "Johnny: Oh hai Claudette!

Claudette: Oh!

Johnny: Bye!"

- 'The Room'.

27. "Good idea Peter. The party's over. Besides, it was a big Lame­-O anyway."

-Billy, 'The Room'.

28. "Just talking to James Franco, I can't help but think about the rabbit holes I'm going to go down to get ready for the role."

-Tommy Wiseau.

29. "Denny: I just needed some money to pay off some stuff!

Lisa: How much do you have to give him??

Claudette: This is not the way you make money!

Lisa: How much?

Denny: Stop ganging up on me!"

- 'The Room'.

30. "Denny: So what sort of movie are we gonna see?

Johnny: Ah don't plan too much. It might not come out right."

- 'The Room'.

Here at Kidadl, we have created lots of family-friendly quotes for everyone! If you liked our Tommy Wiseau quotes (including 'The Room' movie quotes), why not check out these [funny TV quotes], or Alfred Hitchcock quotes to find a lot more?

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