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50 Danny Phantom Quotes

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'Danny Phantom' is a popular and exciting American superhero animated television series. This series airs on Nickelodeon.

Danny Phantom is a fascinating series with interesting characters and different personalities. It has gained so many views since its launch. This popular series is about a teenage boy who encountered a strange portal connecting the human world and the ghost zone.

After encountering that portal, the young boy became a human ghost and had ghost powers. After that incident, he took it upon himself to save the world and his town from ghost attacks utilizing an expanding range of supernatural abilities. The television series was produced by Billionfold Studios Studios and distributed by a Canadian company called Nelvana. Not everyone in the city knew about Danny's double life. The only people who knew about his double were his older sister and his two best friends. The series' first episode aired after the 2004 Kids' Choice Awards on April 3, 2004. It finished on August 24, 2007, with a total of 53 episodes throughout three seasons.

Danny Phantom Tucker Quotes

"Samantha Manson: Stop fooling around, Tucker.

Danny Fenton: Power him down, already. Now."

"Tucker Foley: Relax. Everything's totally under control… Oh, man. I had four more payments on this one."

Great Quotes From Danny Phantom

"I'm sure everything will get back to normal by tomorrow... or not, maybe it will be worse." - Mystery Meat

"Danny Fenton: Did you see the way all those ghost hunters were laughing at him? How embarrassing. We're gonna have to live with my dad's goof-ups for the rest of our lives.

Danny Fenton: He's standing right behind me, isn't he?"

"Forget it pal! Your money can't buy my mom, it can't buy the Packers and it can't BUY ME!" - Bitter Reunions

"The power isn't the burden, the burden is in how I use it... and I've been using it poorly lately." - Reign Storm

"Tucker Foley: [after Danny has phased a car through a building] Oh sure, phase the car through the building. You just had to save the day, didn't you?

Danny Fenton: Well yeah! Because a car crashing through the twenty-eighth floor of anything is BAD!"

"Actually dad, I want to be an astronaut." - Mystery Meat

"Well, sometimes I have to use my powers for the greater good." - Reign Storm

"You fellows look lost; any chance you can stay that way?" - Bitter Reunions

"I don't have to win...I just have to make sure YOU LOSE!" - Reign Storm

"Ghost Writer: On the day before Christmas, in Amity Park. Almost all there were cheery, yet one soul was dark.

Danny Fenton: Hey, that voice? It's the ghost whose book I destroyed.

Danny Fenton: Wait. I'm trapped in this poem? Now I'm really annoyed."

"My parents will accept me, no matter what, but if I expose you... Well, what will my mom think of you?" - Bitter Reunions

"Jazz Fenton: By the way Danny, just so you know, I'm onto your little secret.

Danny Fenton: What secret?

Jazz Fenton: The clumsiness, the nervousness… I can't believe I didn't figure it out before. You have a girlfriend.

Danny Fenton: It's a lie, I'm not a ghost. I mean, she's not my girlfriend. She's just going to the dance with me.

Jack Fenton: Great, I can meet her and talk to her about ghosts.

Jazz Fenton: You better let her know your family's insane now, Danny. If you marry her, and she finds out later, that's entrapment."

"You guys put together two protests in one night?" - Mystery Meat

"Vlad Masters: They're running out of time, you know.

Danny Fenton: Time? That gives me a great idea.

Clockwork: No. That's a horrible idea. I'm the ghost of time, not the ghost of miracle cures." - Danny Phantom

"If somebody catches me, I go from geek to freak around here!" - Mystery Meat

"Do you know what they say about the bird in the hand?...Well NEITHER DO I!!!" - Bitter Reunions

"I don't know what you’re up to Plasmius- actually I do, you just told me." - Reign Storm

"Danny Fenton: Um -- Um -- Boo.

Unnamed: I am a ghost. Fear me.

Danny Fenton: Uh -- I better get to school.

Unnamed: I better get to school. Fear me."

"Danny Fenton: Ahhh, Nasty Burger, our safe haven. Away from the worries of.

Jazz Fenton: Danny, run.

Danny Fenton: Run? Why should I?

Maddie Fenton: Dude.

Jazz Fenton: If anyone asks, I'm related to you.

Samantha "Sam" Manson: Okay, but you're gonna have to be a lot less cheery."

"OH Darn it, if my dad can invent something that accidentally made me half ghost, why can't he invent something that can turn me back to normal!" - Mystery Meat

"Vlad Masters: I knew you'd come through, Daniel. All it took was the proper motivation. Of course, I'm still weak beyond measure, so -- bygones?

Danny Phantom: Bygones."

"Maddie Fenton: There's only one place that treats ecto-acne

Danny Fenton: Please say 'Hospital', please say 'Hospital'.

Danny Fenton: Why didn't she just say 'Hospital'."

"You don't have to trust me, just fight with me." - Reign Storm

"What is this, grass on a bun?" - Mystery Meat

"Oh, whatever. I was aiming for the birds, but you'll do." - Bitter Reunions

"It's payback; it helps me on the inside." - Reign Storm

"Well if that's the case, then instead of asking you the ring back, I'LL MAKE YOU." - Reign Storm

"Dude, you are a one seriously, crazed-up fruitloop." - Bitter Reunions

"Guys, I have a problem... make that two problems." - Mystery Meat

Funny Danny Phantom Quotes

"Jazz Fenton: Wow. Isn't this great? We just caught three ghosts tonight."

Danny Fenton: No, actually, you've just caught one ghost, three times, all of them me."

“Danny Fenton: Sam. You snuck out to see me. Oh, this is just like Romeo and Juliet, except I'm the one on the balcony and I can understand everything we're saying.”

"Paulina: Danny, you never said whether or not you were coming to my quinceanera on Friday.

Danny Fenton: That's because when you invited me, I thought you were joking."

"Danny Fenton: I know I should be concerned, and I will be -- right after the party."

Skulker: I planned on simply capturing you and letting you live the rest of your life in a cage, but now, I will rest your pelt at the foot of my bed.

Samantha "Sam" Manson: Okay, that's just gross."

"Tucker Foley: I'm not schooled in the ways of the rich, but do all your remotes do that

Samantha "Sam" Manson: No. Well, my toaster does, but it's from Denmark."

Danny Phantom Ultimate Enemy Quotes

"What are you gonna do, waste me? What happens to you then?"

"It doesn't matter if I go back in time or not; I WILL NEVER TURN INTO YOU, NEVER!!!"

"I don't have to sit here and explain myself to you!"

"Nowhere but the future!"


"Maybe that's all anybody needs... a second chance. You still have those Ghost Gauntlets?"

"Well, speaking of the future, I think it's time I start to prepare for mine".

"I guess... the future isn't as set in stone as you think it is".

"What are you gonna do, waste me? What happens to you then?"

"You've got to be kidding me, name one evil thing I've done".

"Hey old man, ready for a blast from the past!?".

"Yes, I...PROMISED!!!".

"Get away, get away, get AWAY!!!".

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