15 Ezreal Quotes From League Of Legends Prodigal Explorer

League of Legends Ezreal quotes, the famous champion

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League of Legends is a multiplayer battle video game designed by Riot Games in 2009.

Ezreal, a prodigal explorer with a legacy of marksmanship and mage, is one of the champions who will help you conquer the way. The name Ezreal originated from English which means 'God does miracles'.

Ezreal's parents were eminent archaeologists from Piltover, and he became inquisitive from their adventurous tales. He accompanied his uncle while his parents away for work. When his parents never returned from their assignment searching for the lost tomb of Ne’Zuk, who was a Shuriman tyrant, this emulous explorer started his journey with his mother’s diligent field notes. It was a challenging and adventurous journey for months together, but he never gave up in the hope of finding his lost parents, traveling through many tunnels and countless locked doors. Finally, he managed to track down the tomb of Ne’Zuk. He held the Ne’Zuk gauntlet, which was laid down thousands of years ago.

Back home in Piltover, Ezreal's eagerness for perilous undertakings made him explore more mystical destinations bringing him glory. In his quest to explore, Ezreal, with his Shuriman power gauntlet, attacks the enemy base with his five unique powers. Ezreal can increase attack speed up to five times, hitting a 'RISING SPELL FORCE.' Ezreal fires 'MYSTIC SHOT' carrying a damaged bolt of energy to pause the enemy unit. Ezreal uses the 'ESSENCE FLUX' strike to damage the first champion on his way. Ezreal can teleport and fires a homing bolt to strike the nearest enemy unit. Ezreal winds up and strikes a' TRUE SHOT BARRAGE' shot to damage the vast enemy unit.

With multi-game modes, Summoner's Rift, Aram, and Teamfight Tactics too, there are many plays to destroy the enemy base and conquer the battlefield. Ezreal has 16 different skins to match the different strategies and tactics of war. 'Original Ezreal Skin' deals with ancient curses, 'Nottingham Ezreal Skin' gives the classic Robin Hood look. 'Striker Ezreal Skin' in a simple soccer costume can make him win with his teleporting technique. 'Frosted Ezreal Skin' helps in frigorific conditions. 'Explorer Ezreal Skin' is best suited to explore braving tombs, forbidden temples, and abandoned cities. 'Pulse Fire Ezreal Skin' for when you look to acquire the latest technologies. 'TPA Ezreal Skin' is in honor winning performance of BeBe's in the 2012 World Championship. 'Debonair Ezreal Skin' has a handsome look, and an elegant gauntlet wins the heart. 'Ace of Spades Ezreal Skin' is filled with talent and energy. 'Arcade Ezreal Skin' enables speed run using a custom-made mobile controller. 'Star Guardian Ezreal Skin' for a pink-haired guardian getting all the attention. 'SSG Ezreal Skin' in honor of the 2017 World Championship. 'Pajama Ezreal Skin' is a sparkly outfit. 'Battle Acadena Ezreal Skin' carries prestigious Durandal God-Weapon joining Ragtag Battle Club. In 'Psyops Ezreal Skin', he joins the elite PsyOps unit with his supernatural power, and the limited edition of 'Psyops Ezreal Prestige Edition' has new heights and attraction.

There are many quotes to show the fearlessness and confidence of our young rover exhibit on the battlefield. Here we bring you some New Ezreal quotes from League of legends. You may also like our articles on video game quotes and Zed quotes.

Ezreal Quotes/LOL

League of Legends, with two online teams of five unique champions, brings out different strategies in the art of war to destroy the other’s base. Ezreal is one of the most popular champions who can make the game your way. Here are some quotes as he strikes and encounters the enemy unit.

Ezreal quotes, different strategy to conquer the enemy nexus.

1."Impossible comebacks are sorta my specialty."


2."Never met a problem that I couldn't blast away with magic. That I don't even understand."


3."True explorers follow the compass in their heart."


4."Time for a true display of skill."


5."'Know your environment'. My environment... is wet and muddy and probably filled with leeches."


6."A beaten path is a boring path."


7."Gauntlet, let's clear a path."


8."And Ezreal is victorious! Ahhh! Yeah!"


9."If I don’t know the rules, then how can I be breaking them?"


10."You belong in a museum!"


11."Who needs a map?"


Ezreal And Lux Romance Quotes

The real fighter Ezreal quotes uses maps for exploring many things.

Luxanna (Lux) with her older brother Garen from Demacian city took over their legacy from generations as protectors of the kings of Demacia. During the first encounter with Star Guardian Lux, our 20-year-old champion Ezreal falls in love with her. Here we bring some quotes about it. However, despite being related champions, Lux busy being crown guard has no time to communion with Ezreal and still considers him a stranger to her.

12."Pink looks good on you, Lux. I like it."


13."Your eyes really do twinkle like starlight."


The Oddone Ezreal Quotes

The Oddone is a famous esports player. He looked down on Ezreal, but it never brought our champion's reputation down and he has always been one of the most chosen ones.

14."Haha look at Ezreal, he's like a 5-year-old with a little toy gun! Look at me I'm Ezreal! PEWPEWPEWPEW"

-The Oddone.

15."Oh my god, Ezreal killed something? Who killed it for him?"

-The Oddone.

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