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85 'Happy 70th Birthday' Quotes And Wishes

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As the birthday person blows out the candles on their 70th birthday cake, it's a time to reflect on all of the amazing moments and memories of their life thus far. Seven decades is no small feat, and it's a wonderful day to celebrate all that they've accomplished and experienced. On this special day, it's only fitting to shower them with the best wishes, blessings for their good health, and words of love and appreciation. Whether you opt for a funny and silly quote or a heartfelt and sincere message, these happy 70th birthday quotes will help you express your admiration for the birthday person and all that they mean to you. Share one of these beautiful birthday wishes to make this special moment even more memorable.

Amazing 70th Birthday Quotes

From funny and silly to sincere and heartfelt, find the perfect words to express your love and appreciation on this special occasion.

"Happy 70th birthday to the sweetest person I know. Hope your today is full of happiness and joy."

"I probably don’t need to tell you but never lose that passion and desire to try new things. That’s what keeps you young. Have a brilliant day."

"You shall continue to increase in wisdom even as you go higher in age. I love you greatly. Wish you many more years ahead. Happy 70th Birthday to you!"

"As you board this new age, may you find the journey fulfilling. May you witness love like never before. Happy 70th birthday, my dearest mom."

"You’re sweeter than anyone I know, and you grow sweeter every year, which is all the more reason to celebrate your 70th birthday. Joyful is the day you came into this world!"

"God has taken you this far, and he will surely make you see many more years ahead. I am glad you have been around to impact me with your wisdom. Happy 70th birthday."

"My sweet mother, you spent your entire life filling my life with joy and happiness. You deserve every blessing of God on this special day. Congratulations on turning 70!"

"It’s your birthday, we are going to celebrate the day! Hope it’s filled with happiness and plenty of love."

"Having you in my life has brought me untold joy. I hope that on your 70th birthday you have even more fun and enjoyment as you’ve bright to me. Happy birthday."

"We have made some incredible memories over the years and will make many more. Happy birthday dad!"

"Wishing you a happy and wonderful 70th. Let’s pray together and celebrate your amazing life."

"Happy 70th birthday! Life’s longer than you think, even at this age. Keep dreaming and making those dreams a reality."

"Have a really fun 70th birthday, you only get to turn 70 once."

"I am grateful for every special moment I had growing up. Those memories I will cherish forever. You were and continued to be the most amazing mom in the world, Happy birthday."

"On the special occasion of your 70th birthday, you deserve to enjoy every special moment of it. Let’s make it wonderful together!"

"On your 70th birthday I wanted to let you know just how grateful I am for ever hung you’ve done for me dad. I will be forever thankful for having you as my father. Happy birthday, I love you."

"We all get older but the important thing to do is maintain that youthful spirit. Happy 70th birthday and enjoy every second of it."

"Wishing you the best for the coming years! I pray for your good health and long life on your 70th birthday."

"You have a fine legacy behind you after 70 years, but still so much more to accomplish and enjoy. May your 70th year be the beginning of a new lease on life."

"Dear Dad, you deserve all happiness in this world. You are like a divine gift of God for me. Wishing you a healthy 70th birthday!"

Cute 70th Birthday Quotes

Looking for the perfect words to say happy 70th birthday? Check out our list of cute and heartfelt quotes that are sure to put a smile on your loved one's face.

"Happy 70th birthday uncle. You prove that age is in the mind. Have the best time of your life today."

"You definitely turn wiser, more beautiful, gracious and humble each time you hit a new age. 70 really does suit you, have a great birthday beautiful."

"A star was born 70 years ago, that is the best thing that ever happened. It’s your birthday, happy 70 years of stardom."

"Growing old with you has always been part of our plan, seeing you turn 70 years today brings a lot of fond memories. Have a great birthday!"

"Maybe you can’t catch up with the grandkids at seventy years old, but as long as your mind runs faster than their hands you can still catch them in the act! Sending you the best 70th birthday wishes."

"Although you may have to cut back on sugar, an amazing person like you will always be sweet! Enjoy your special day with all the energy of someone who’s only 70 years old."

"Celebrate your birthday like a Rockstar! Exactly like you’ve celebrated your eventful life — with enthusiasm, excitement, and thrill. Happy 70th birthday."

"Happy 70th birthday to the greatest mother, woman, and beauty of beauties. Your soul is as beautiful as mother nature. Happy birthday to my precious!"

"You’re an amazing, wonderful, and unreproachable person, and it took you only seventy years to perfect yourself!"

"Happy 70th birthday. Praying day and night for your good health and long life! Keep me blessed with your love!"

"70 years old, for me its 70 years of success. Dad, you are the best person I know and you should be appreciated just for what you are. Happy 70th my hero! I wish you find health and happiness all your day."

"Don’t think of it like you’re already 70, but that you’re only 70 years old. Thank you for all the happiness we have enjoyed over the years, you are all the joy I need in my life."

"Dancing in the rain might make you feel refreshed and youthful, but it may also break your hip."

"Once you turn 70, you can again start wearing diapers. Growing old is a gift to enjoy childhood again. Do what you enjoy the most."

"Age is only in numbers hence I wish you many more of this numbers even as you impact the lives of those around you. I love you. Have a great birthday!"

"Sending you lots of hugs and kisses on this special day! Happy 70th birthday to my amazing aunt!"

"Sweet things like you are proof that sugar never expires! Happy 70th birthday, honey."

"I pray to the Lord that 24 hours of your 70th birthday become as memorable as the last 70 years of your life."

Cool 70th Birthday Wishes and Quotes

Find the perfect words to wish someone a happy 70th birthday with these cool and unique birthday wishes and quotes. Whether you want to be heartfelt or humorous, we've got you covered.

"Mixed feelings on your 70th birthday. How come the years got completed so soon. Here’s wishing and praying that you reach the magic figure 100."

"70 is 21 in Celsius! Happy 21st birthday!!"

"It seems like you were in your 60’s just yesterday! Oh yeah, you were."

"Let’s go out and show the world that age 70 is the new 30. Let’s rock the party! Happy 70th Birthday!"

"You know you’re getting old when your candles cost more than your cake!"

"Age is just a number, in your case a really high one!"

"Although you may remember the 70’s like a wild time, your 70’s can be just as groovy! Wishing you a very happy birthday."

"You can do a rain dance if you wish to, seventy is still a young age to fulfill desires."

"Some things are guaranteed, but turning 70 isn’t one of them; in fact, I would say that you outlived your extended warranty by quite a bit already! Happy 70th birthday dear mother."

"I was going to write you a really great poem for your birthday, but I couldn't think of any words that rhyme with seventy."

"You rock my world mom! Celebrating your 70th birthday gives me immense pleasure. I pray to God to always keep showering his blessings on our family. Keep shining, love you!"

"Dance, party, and live it up but please don’t fall over, or wet yourself, no-one wants to see that, happy 70th birthday dead dad."

"Looking back, you’ll fondly smile when thinking of all the wonderful years that are behind you. However, you have many more ahead of you still, so don’t stop planning for good times after you turn 70!  Sending you all the best 70th birthday wishes!"

"We thought we would only get 70 candles to put on your cake this year, and you would blow each candle one by one. Happy Birthday!"

"Soon you’ll find that a lot of big things come with turning 70: big doctor appointments, large print in your books, and huge pills. Happy birthday to an amazing 70-year-old.  We love you so much! "

"No one decides to turn 70, they just happen to be lucky enough to still be able to breathe."

"Seeing as 70 is the golden age, I’m wishing you lots of peace and happiness. May this be the most wonderful decade of your life and see that your heart is as content as can be."

"If I could go back in time, I'd buy your birthday gift the year you were born. It would have been much less expensive 70 years ago."

"May this coming year be filled with warmth, wonder, and love. Happy 70th birthday!"

"I have some special 70th birthday wishes just for you; but to read them you may need a new eyeglasses prescription. Happy birthday mom!"

"I've been thinking about myself possibly turning 70 in the future, too. Let me know if it works out well for you."

"They say old is gold, but seeing you age really proves the saying, you grow wiser, healthier and happier each time. Have a peaceful 70th birthday!"

"Because you’re only seventy years old, you’re still too young for the geriatric crowd."

Funny 70th Birthday Quotes

From classic one-liners to humorous musings, we've got something for everyone. Make them laugh and feel loved on their special day with these hilarious birthday sayings.

"You’ve accomplished enough to fulfill several lifetimes, and yet you’re only 70 years old! May your day be filled with ice cream and chocolate cake – your favorite!"

"Now that you’re turning 70, it’s time to grow up and stop acting like a kid in their 60’s!"

"Finally, you’ve reached your peak of personal perfection, the end of a 70 year wait!"

"Driving as fast as your age would be dangerous for everyone involved from here on out; nonetheless, you should celebrate your birthday at 70 miles per hour!"

"Happy 70th birthday! If we go by looks, you don’t look a day above 50. That’s just awesome."

"Perhaps your mind isn’t as quick as it used to be, but it’s still faster than the body you have!"

"Now that you are 70, all your years of dieting, exercising, and doctor's visits are really starting to pay off."

"For turning 70, you deserve a really special birthday gift; however, being alive at 70 is a gift in and of itself! Happy birthday to the most amazing 70 year old!"

"When you opened your 70th birthday card from me, you may have expected lots of jokes and silly sayings about incontinence, losing teeth, and poor eyesight. However, I just hope that you last the day! Happy birthday!"

"I was going to get you a cake with 70 candles but realised at your age trying to blow them all out might not be a good idea!"

"Can you remember when you were reaching that big first milestone of 10 years old? I can’t. I wasn’t even born then."

"I’m wishing a happy 70th birthday to you in the only way that you’ll notice: with large print!"

"If it’s true and you really do get better with age, then you must be almost perfection!"

"Respect is something that’s earned over time, and because you’re turning 70, I can assume that you’re the most respected person I know."

"At your age, you no longer want to hear, “You look good for your age.” That’s not saying much at 70!"

"As long as your mouth is faster than your body, you can ask for help to get to the bathroom in time; therefore, turning 70 isn’t all that bad!"

"Considering how long you’ve kept your doctor in business, he should send you a 70th birthday card, flowers, and the keys to a new car!"

"Age is just a number. It’s totally irrelevant unless, of course, you happen to be a bottle of wine! Today I am sending only the best 70th birthday wishes to my dad, I love you and can’t wait to celebrate with you."

"Because you’re no longer a spring chicken at your age, you don’t have to shake your tail feathers. However, you’re only 70 years old, so you can still strut your stuff!"

"If your mind runs faster than your body, it’s still like a sloth outrunning a slug: no one’s going to get a trophy. Happy birthday to my favorite 70 year old." 

"You have experienced a lot. If there is something to learn, you have learned it. The key now is trying to remember it all!"

"Congratulations, you were born many years ago. You created history!"

"Attractive, dashing, sweet, amazing, intelligent, friendly, charming, cheerful, hilarious, and witty… well that’s all about me… Happy 70th Birthday!"

"You are now a 70 year old, which means there are two things you survived: Retirement and your 60’s."   

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