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30 John Kasich Quotes

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John Kasich, a Republican Party candidate, was elected governor in 2010 and then re-elected in 2014.

Due to fixed terms, John Kasich's second term expired on January 14, 2019, and he is not qualified for re-election. He is a native of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and has spent the majority of his adult life in Ohio, especially in Columbus, the state's capital.

After John Kasich was appointed to the Ohio Senate in the late '70s, he first got involved in politics. In 1983, he made the switch to the House of Representatives, where he served until 2001 as the state's 12th Congressional District representative. He took a hiatus from public life before coming back to lead Ohio in 2011. He served on the House Armed Services Committee for 18 years throughout his time there, and on the House Budget Committee for six of those years. He played a significant role in the approval of the 1997 Balanced Budget Act as well as the 1996 Welfare Reform Act.

In 2000, John Kasich made the decision not to seek re-election and instead ran for president. Before the Republican primary elections, he dropped out of the running. On July 21, 2015, John Kasich, Ohio's 69th governor, declared his intention to run for president in 2016. From 2001–2007, he hosted 'Heartland' for Fox News, and he also filled in as a presenter for 'The O'Reilly Factor'. He was the chief executive of the Lehman Brothers office in Columbus, Ohio, and he also served as an investment banker. In the 2010 election for governor of Ohio, John Kasich beat Ted Strickland, a Democrat who had been in the office previously.

The sarcastic demeanour of John Kasich was the subject of a feature article by Molly Ball for The Atlantic. She stayed with him for a few days, and he made a point of telling her that both he and his wife liked the magazine. Additionally, he called her employment as a political writer 'a really idiotic thing to do'. John Kasich is a published author of five books. Here are a few John Kasich quotes and sayings that you may find interesting.

Famous John Kasich Quotes

Read this quote list of famous John Kasich quotes on life and politics.

"Frankly, we are republicans and they're democrats, but before all of that, we're Americans. And I believe we need to unify in so many ways to rebuild our country, to strengthen our country, to rebuild our defense, and for America to secure it's place it world; for us, for our children, and for the next generation."

"In addition to an open heart and open mind, I also brought (to the small group Bible study) an open mouth."

"We have to be tolerant of other people's points of view; we have to be able to disagree without being disagreeable, without claiming that we have a monopoly on the truth."

"Faith enables you to hold on loosely without letting go."

"I'm concerned about the fact there seems to be a war on the poor - that if you're poor, somehow you're shiftless and lazy."

"A leader has a sound program, has a good policy, and then brings people together to solve problems."

"When you ask people, do they believe that we ought to have trade, I think people understand it's important."

"Politics doesn't have to be a drag. It can be positive, and it can be fun, and it can be inspiring."

"We still have systems we don't need, we have infrastructure we don't need. Why do you have over 900,000 bureaucrats working in one way or another in all these systems."

"The role of money in politics is terrible, particularly when you're running for president. You get a handful of billionaires who can basically buy the White House."

John Kasich Quotes On Purpose

(John Kasich gave inspiring speeches many times.)

One of the quote from these John Kasich quotes on purpose might lead you to your life's purpose.

"You know, when people have no meaning in their lives, they begin to do things that sometimes can be totally crazy."

"But the health of a society can be measured by how often and how meaningfully its people are able to reach that higher plane, to live lives bigger than they are."

"I don't care what party you belong to or what office you're seeking—you owe it to your constituents, to the people you're looking to serve, to get it right. If you say something is so, then it ought to be so."

"If there's nothing heroic about how you approach your time in office, you can't expect to be held up as any kind of hero to your nation's young people."

"Their lot in life, their station, became a part of their personalities and helped to for my worldview."

"Nothing is more important to me than my family, my faith, and my friends."

"I have never worshipped at the altar of free trade, but I've always been an advocate of free trade."

"We've got to unite our country again, because we're stronger when we are united and we are weaker when we are divided."

"Everybody should have a chance to rise. That's our philosophy in Ohio and that's my philosophy for America."

"I was a member of the Armed Services Committee for 18 years. I spent a big chunk of my life studying national security issues and our role in the world."

"I do not support a civil war. I don't want to be policeman of the world. But we can't back off of this."

"I spent ten years in the private sector, actually learning how business works. I'm the governor of Ohio, and I inherited a state that was on the brink of dying. And we turned it all around with jobs and balanced budgets and rising credit and tax cuts, and the state is unified, and people have hope again in Ohio."

Motivational John Kasich Quotes

Read some John Kasich quotes on motivation to push you through the tides.

"The (Bible) story is much more powerful as truth than as a metaphor."

"Formative commendation to the author as an altar boy: "You're the only one we've got to anticipates what's coming"."

"My thinking was this: Just because you're out to curb some of the ridiculous costs doesn't mean you're out to weaken the nation's defense."

"At a Trump rally, many people were driven to anger and blame; there was name-calling and finger-pointing; there was a certain 'my way or the highway' tone. At a Kasich event, people were given hope and all kinds of reasons to lift each other up instead of holding each other down; there was a 'we're all in this soup together' tone."

"The author describes a previous Bible study with a lot of turnover as "not so much together as in each other's midst."

"I couldn't give as good as I'd gotten. Why? Plain and simple: I hadn't gotten into politics to serve the Republican Party. From the very beginning, I've told people the Republican Party was my vehicle, not my master."

"God gives me unconditional love. I'm going to give it to my family and my friends and the people around me."

"Never in my lifetime have I been called boring. But I think I was a boring candidate for president because I tried to be responsible. And one of the greatest problems I had is that I was governor."

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