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30+ Master P Quotes

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Master P, whose real name is Percy Robert Miller, is a former American basketball player, rapper, filmmaker, actor, record producer, entrepreneur, author, and philanthropist.

He is the founder 'No Limit Records', the New Orleans-based record label which was rebranded as 'No Limit Forever Records' after two previous names. Master P's record label produced hits such as 'Bout It, Bout It' and paved a new path to marketing music.

Master P is also the founder of Black Better Television, a short-lived TV network, and also the CEO of P. Miller Enterprises. Aside from his entertainment businesses, Master P also has interests in diverse ventures. He had purchased a real estate firm, a gas station, a Foot Locker outlet, and a New Orleans restaurant where his favorite Rap Snacks is being sold. Master P has also had his personal basketball league and a 'No Limit' clothing line.

Master P is one to always see the big picture and has been bent on becoming his own boss since he rejected a big deal earlier in his rap career. He has ventured into many projects that have made him a success in both his music career and in his business. His estimated net worth is $200 million.

Below are 30+ Master P quotes on motivation, power, business and investment.

Master P Quotes About Business

From owning a successful record label to various chains of ventures, Master P has established himself to be a strategic businessman. If you want to gain many insights from his analytics, here are a few Master P quotes about business.

"Work hard and never make excuses."

"Diversify. You spread out because you never know when it's going to end. Business is like a seesaw going up and down. One goes down, I have the other one going up. You have to think like that if you want to survive."

"Understand the game but make your own moves."

"Be an owner. I've always been about owning as much as what I make as possible."

"If you can't work that good of a deal, at least get a piece of the piece. It has to start with owning property. Owning your business."

"It's called 'putting skin in the game,' putting your own money up first, being your own boss. That's how I got the power; I put up my own marketing money."

"Cross-promote always! I want to cross-promote everything that I have. That's been the key to our success. Saying that if we cross-promote, we can open up opportunities for so many different people. And that's what I love about my business. It's not about one thing."

"All 'bout marketing, because it's all marketing. At the end of the day when you sell one of these businesses, you want to be part of that business on the marketing side."

"Your circle should be about business. In business, if you're going to be an entrepreneur, maybe you might need to cut off some people that's not worth it for your business or bad for your business, whether it's family members or friends.

"I tell people all the time 'Get into the game.' You know, that's the only way."

"I tell my people all the time 'Don't do a business deal when you're desperate.' At that time I was living in the projects. I would have sold the right to my name. I never would've been able to use my name again. So we have to be able to read these contracts."

"I tell people, if you get in a business, you need to know everything about your business. You need to know what the janitor is doing. You need to know what the guy who's cooking the burgers is doing. You need to know what the mail room is doing. You need to know everything about your business to be successful."

Master P Quotes About Wealth And Influence

Master P has taught that wealth can be acquired by all when they are passionate about what they do and work hard to achieve it. Here are a few Master P quotes about wealth and influence.

"You have to be committed to what you do. Everybody thinks it's about the money. Nobody really gave me anything, but, I was committed to what I believe in."

"Know and believe. Understand your investment. A lot of people just like to get in stuff, say they just want to make money. I tell people all the time, you can't make money. You got to love what you're doing, be passionate about it.

"When you're making that investment, make sure it's something that you know and you believe in. And if you're investing in someone, make sure they have skin in the game too."

"I feel like God blessed me to be successful and to have a couple of more things that a lot of people of where I come from didn't have or didn't see, but it ain't always about me. It's empowering the next generation, so that's what I love doing."

"I want to be like Muhammad Ali. He went out there and made a lot of money, he fought hard in the ring, and he fought for our people outside of the ring."

"I want to get paid for doing my job and whoever don't like it or whoever don't give me my just due, then that's on them. Most of the people don't get their just due until they ain't here no more."

"Everybody has their time. That's just like right now. Michael Jordan was the biggest basketball player in the world, but now you have LeBron James, you have all these new kids coming. You can't compare them to Michael Jordan, but they are still paving the way for the next generation."

"I feel like we just have to figure out how we can use our wisdom and expertise to help them, and that's what I want to do. I want to be able to show these guys, I don't care whether you are in the NBA. That's where my life is going at now."

"People do look up to me and it makes me feel good. I made it out of a bad situation and I don't mind bettering myself and I think that is what people respect. Most people go backward but I was able to look at the big picture."

"I feel like it's okay for us to grow up because a lot of us want to get rich and die young. I want to get rich and die old."

"I want to teach the next generation: to say, you have to be prepared for this money, because anybody can get money. But if you're not prepared for it, you're going to lose. You've got to build relationship, even on the financial side and with business people. You can't just jump into bed with them."

"I teach them integrity and I teach them how to be hungry. If you want to be successful, It's not about what I've done, it's going to be about what you do with your career."

"I don't need to get my due; I get my money."

"We just got into being able to build wealth. So if we are going to build generational wealth, kids need to be programmed."

Master P Quotes About Family

Master P is always bent on passing the right message to his kids and family. These few quotes can teach parents in the world about prioritizing family.

"I'm keen on building generational wealth by instilling values in my seven children. I share money lessons with my children. However, above all things, I stress the importance of building a foundation on faith and family. You have to teach them economics and banking at a young age. Don't just be great entertainers and athletes. Understand economics and put your faith and trust in God."

"I want to be able to take care of my family."

Master P Quotes About Music and Movies

Master P involvement in the entertainment industry tells people indicates that there are no limits to what we can attain. However, we have to be aware the ropes and challenges that come with them. Here are some Master P sayings about entertainment.

"I think now the music is good. I tell people all the time who like to be in the music business, you got to have a hit record."

"Let's be honest. We don't take rap serious the way other cultures take rock-n-roll, they take the country. The artists are being loved."

"Atlanta is a big market for me. They've always supported my music. They took care of my people during Hurricane Katrina, so I love them and I love my fans. And to be able to help and motivate the next generation, I feel like this is the place to do it."

"If I can go through what I've been through and do a television show with my son and then be a boy from the hood making records for people I make records for, that's the reality."

"You know I started doing movies. I mean, my mind was brought into saying, you know what? I want to build a generation of wealth."

"Now my fans are older and they appreciate me the same way I appreciate them for being there for me."

"Television is not like making records. I wanna tell you kids, do not try this at home, cause it's hard. It takes a lot of hard work, a lot of practice, and a lot of different takes."

Other Master P Quotes

Sometimes we have may have a second chance at life that can propel us to becoming the diamond we were meant to be. Master P's tells his views about life here.

"I think my thing is I grew up in the ghetto, and I was able to get a second chance. That's what I'm trying to tell kids."

"I think you've got good people and bad people in everything you do. If you start making a big deal, then it's a problem. It's like in life. We've got bad doctors and lawyers. We've got bad priest. We don't target every priest and say he's bad. You have to go to church and you have to go see some doctors. Some people have to be good."

"Everybody needs love. There are a lot of guys that you think are hard-core gangsters, but all these guys' weaknesses are women. Look at the movie 'Scarface', at the end of the day, all he wanted to do was to have kids with his woman."

"How does hating get started? It's started by the jealous people, and they get mad over the things you have."

"With every falling flake, a unique spark of interest falls from heaven."

"Most people don't get their just due until they ain't here no more."

"I probably spent more money trying to do things that I didn't need to do."

"I think everybody has a good and bad side."

"I want to get rich and die old."

"Find that person to push you. Life is a marathon. You got to find that person that's going to push you, instead of running with people that's just running with you."

"If you want to be successful, you have to find somebody that's going to push you all the way over the finish line."

"There's a lot of people that don't want to see you make it. It's a lot of hating when it comes down to it. You got to stay prayed up. And I think that anybody that wants to be successful, they have to know your determination will get you to your destination."

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