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40 Night Elf Names With Meanings For Your Characters

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Night elf names are a fascinating topic in the magical world of mystical and powerful beings.

Be it for fantasy gaming, films, TV shows or even real life, these night elf names are beautiful choices for your characters. These Elvish names are not only rare and unique, but they also have beautiful and interesting meanings.

Night elves are particularly important characters in the roleplay game 'World Of Warcraft'. Did you know that, in 'World Of Warcraft', a night elf with markings represents the fact that he or she has reached the age of maturity?

Our list of names is categorized based on gender, including a few unisex names too. We hope you find the perfect name for your characters, for more naming fun check out these void elf names and these male dwarf names.

Cool Night Elves Names For Girls

The unique night elves names listed here with their meanings would make great names for your characters.

1 . Aerin is a beautiful Elvish name from the Tolkien language, which means from the "ocean".

2 . Aredhel is unusual sounding name, this comes from the Quenya language, which means "the noblewoman".

3 . Anna is a beautiful name that means "a gift".

4 . Arwen is derived from the Sindarin language, Arwen means "a noble maiden."

5 . Aubree has its origin in France, Aubree means "a ruler".

6 . Calen  is derived from the Sindarin language and means "a green one".

7 . Elbereth is derived from the Sindarin language, the meaning of the name Elbereth is "star queen".

8 . Estel meaning "hope" or "trust", Estel is one of the most beautiful Sindarin language names for Elvish characters.

9 . Elva meaning "a friend", Elva comes from the English name Elvina.

10 . Freda has a German origin and means" tranquillity".

11 . Galadriel means "a maiden with radiant hair" or "glittering hair".

12 . Idril is a traditional night elf name from the Sindarin language that means "sparkling brilliance".

13 . Lobelia comes from the English culture and means "a brave girl."

14 . Morwen means "a dark maiden".

15 . Melian is a gorgeous name which means "a dear gift".

16 . Nienna is a unique name from the Quenya language, Nienna means" tear".

17 . Rina is an unusual Elvish name that means "the crowned one".

18 . Siofra is derived from Irish and Gaelic, Siofra means "an elf".

19 . Tara means "someone elite or wise".

20 . Yavanna meaning "a giver of fruits", Yavanna is a beautiful and rare name.

Cool Night Elves Names For Boys

Find strong, beautiful and inspiring night elf names for male character in this useful list.

Three elves wearing red caps in flower field

21 . Aragorn is a mighty name for night elves which means "respected King" or a "noble King".

22 . Callon defines someone who is a "hero". It comes from the Sindarin language.

23 . Elrand is another mighty blood elf name for boys which means "packed with strength."

24 . Frodo is a beautiful night elf name which means "someone wise."

25 . Gildor meaning "the creator of happiness and joy", this is a good name for any elf character.

26 . Haga is derived from Swedish and Norwegian cultures, Haga is the name of the Horse God and means "enclosure".

27 . Iston is another beautiful night elf name which comes from the Quenya language and means "the wise one."

28 . Lindir is after a renowned singer,  the name means "an honourable singer".

29 . Samwise the name means "the loyal one."

30 . Samuel is a popular name, it has its origins in the Hebrew culture and means "the name of God".

31 . Peregrin is derived from the Latin word 'peregrinus', Peregrin means "a traveler."

32 . Poldo is a good and unique Elvish name, Poldo means "who is strong".

33 . Theoden is a rare name comes from the Rohirric language and means "a ruler."

34 . Voronwe is great night elf name, Voronwe means "the constant one."

35 . Wade means "to go", and it originates from the Anglo-Saxon English culture.

Night Elf Names Inspired By Fiction

The world of fantasy never fails to make us believe in magic. With characters that define strength, loyalty and kindness, these night elves names too are one of a kind.

Little elf home in the forest

36 . Kael' thas Sunstrider is the blood elf prince in the 'World Of Warcraft' who fought against the Scourge for his people.

37 . Sylvanas Windrunner also known as the "the dark lady", Sylvanas Windrunner is a high elf ranger who ferociously worked for the Lich King.

38 . Thranduil is an important character from 'The Hobbit', Thranduil was the father of Legolas and the King of elves.

39 . Illidan Stormrage is known as the first demon hunter, this is another of the most powerful night elves characters from 'World Of Warcraft'.

40 . Logolas destroyed the One Ring in 'The Lord Of The Rings', Logolas also brought peace among the elves and dwarves.

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