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Rakan is a popular character in League Of Legends.

Though Rakan is extremely infamous for his trouble-making, he is also the greatest war dancer of his tribe. Rakan is extremely dedicated to his partner Xayah and never leaves her side.

Rakan, the charmer has a wide range of abilities like Fey Feathers, Gleaming Quill, and Battle Dance to name a few. So if you are a fan of Rakan, and of Xayah and Rakan, there's no way you are going to hate these Rakan quotes.

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Best Rakan Quotes

Enlisted below are some of the best Rakan voice lines along with Rakan first move quotes, killing quotes, and Rakan sound quotes. You will also find Rakan quotes on how awesome he is and, of course, Xayah and Rakan quotes.

1. "Oh! I need to get in there!"

- Rakan, ‘League Of Legends’.

2. "Hey, I'm right here. So, can you be less uptight and lame now?"

- Rakan, ‘League Of Legends’.

3. "Humans think that to believe in something, you have to be serious about it. That's their problem."

- Rakan, ‘League Of Legends’.

4. "Xayah: That was a Vastayan farewell."

Rakan: Isn't a Vastayan farewell when you say, 'ouulavaash?'

Xayah: I was trying to have a moment, Rakan."

- ‘League Of Legends’.

5. "Power was not meant to be contained. Now, it is free."

- Rakan, ‘League Of Legends’.

6. "There's wildness in the bees and the flowers. It's just a fury humans don't see."

- Rakan, ‘League Of Legends’.

7. "I need my love to hurt. I need the world to be scary. I don't apologize for it! I feel good!"

- Rakan, ‘League Of Legends’.

8. "My fellow travelers, you are all about to witness my majestic epicness! ... unless I get killed, but... probably not!"

- Rakan, ‘League Of Legends’.

9. "Rakan: I have a cunning plan.

Xayah: Really? What is it?

Rakan: I'm not going to tell you. That's the really cunning bit!"

- ‘League Of Legends’.

10. "So, you just... run around in the jungle, huh? I mean, I'm not judging, if that's what you're into. Nerd."

- Rakan, ‘League Of Legends’.

11. "Should I be... running? Yeah, I should... probably be running."

- Rakan, ‘League Of Legends’.

12. "I think Xayah told me to improvise. At least, that's the only part of the plan I remember."

- Rakan, ‘League Of Legends’.

13. "We are seen dancing and thought insane - by those who can't hear the music."

- Rakan, ‘League Of Legends’.

14. "I need to see if people can see how awesome I am!"

- Rakan, ‘League Of Legends’.

15. "We pledged ourselves to each other in the middle of a tavern brawl. The whole place reeked of vomit, sweat and blood. It was so romantic!"

- Rakan, ‘League Of Legends’.

16. "I feel like my allies aren't recognizing how amazing my cloak is! I mean, seriously! Rude!"

- Rakan, ‘League Of Legends’.

Early Game Quotes

League of Legends wild rift game on display screen

Here are some cool Rakan quotes, attacking quotes, Xayah and Rakan quotes, taunt quotes, and League Of Legends quotes which are said in the early part of the game.

17. "I've been kicked around since I was born. It's alright! It's okay! I'm staying alive!"

- Rakan, ‘League Of Legends’.

18. "Girl thought she could pull out my soul - but I got too much soul!"

- Rakan, ‘League Of Legends’.

19. "Ain't nothing I say should be taken seriously! That's why it's the truth!"

- Rakan, ‘League Of Legends’.

20. "Rakan: You hungry?

Xayah: Can we talk about this later?

Rakan: But... but... food!"

- ‘League Of Legends’.

21. "You know, I ain't really about making fun of people, but you... make that difficult."

- Rakan, ‘League Of Legends’.

22. "Rakan: How long do we fight?

Xayah: Until we are free. Until magic is free.

Rakan: Is that after lunch?"

- ‘League Of Legends’.

23. "I'm pretty sure I'm supposed to scout around. Pretty, pretty sure."

- Rakan, ‘League Of Legends’.

24. "Come on, fool thought he could match my style?"

- Rakan, ‘League Of Legends’.

25. "I'm gonna' burn this place down, then help them build it back up - so I can burn it again!"

- Rakan, ‘League Of Legends’.

26. "I can't wait to get in there. I don't know what I'm going to do, but I am going to get in there!"

- Rakan, ‘League Of Legends’.

Mid Game Quotes

These quotes are said by Rakan during the middle phase. You can share these quotes on music, quotes on fun, and quotes on hate with your ally.

27. "I got freedom, I got a lady, I got a cause I'd die for. That's who I am."

- Rakan, ‘League Of Legends’.

28. "Xayah: I need you to be more careful.

Rakan: If anybody's gonna' die first, it's gonna' be me. I can't see you die. Also, black is a terrible color on me."

- ‘League Of Legends’.

29. "We don't want your harmony! We want our freedom!"

- Rakan, ‘League Of Legends’.

30. "Rakan: Every time you do that, it drives me crazy.

Xayah: Well. I'll have to do it more often, then."

- ‘League Of Legends’.

31. "Ladies and gentleman, I am here to entertain! Myself, mostly - but you too!"

- Rakan, ‘League Of Legends’.

32. "This looks like another dangerous situation. Thankfully, I can improvise."

- Rakan, ‘League Of Legends’.

33. "The humans will never understand our kind until they hear the song."

- Rakan, ‘League Of Legends’.

34. "Xayah: You used the secret call! Is everything alright?

Rakan: We have a secret call? I just like that sound! Caw caw!"

- ‘League Of Legends’.

35. "Kind of feel bad for the guy. His feathers were weak."

- Rakan, ‘League Of Legends’.

36. "Magic is supposed to be scary. Love is supposed to hurt. Ecstasy needs a little fear."

- Rakan, ‘League Of Legends’.

37. "They're scared of darkness, they're scared of magic. They are scared of where I'm from."

- Rakan, ‘League Of Legends’.

38. "Perfect predator? I got an instinct about how stupid that thing was."

- Rakan, ‘League Of Legends’.

Couple Quotes

Here are some cool Xayah and Rakan quotes that are said throughout the game that no one can hate on.  Check these Xayah and Rakan quotes out.

39. "Xayah: I hate everyone today!

Rakan: Even me?

Xayah: Not you, baby."

- ‘League Of Legends’.

40. "Xayah: If things go wrong---

Rakan: They always go wrong.

Xayah: They don't always go wrong.

Rakan: Mostly?

Xayah: They mostly go wrong.

Rakan: That's why I'm here."

- ‘League Of Legends’.

41. "Xayah: Oh, here we go again. Mhm. Mister Scatman, uh huh. ... oh, he's got me going now...

Rakan: Sing it with me, baby.

Xayah: I don't know the words."

- ‘League Of Legends’.

42. "Rakan: How can humans not hear the magic?

Xayah: They're too busy building things.

Rakan: Why?

Xayah: Because... they're afraid."

- ‘League Of Legends’.

43. "Rakan: You know I love you.

Xayah: What we have is greater than some human word."

- ‘League Of Legends’.

44. "Rakan: What would you do if I died?

Xayah: I would... burn this world to the ground and build a castle from the ashes, where I would live alone forever.

Rakan: Aw... that's sweet."

- ‘League Of Legends’.

45. "Rakan: Did I do that?

Xayah: No. That was me.

Rakan: Who's counting?

Xayah: Me. I'm counting."

- ‘League Of Legends’.

46. “Rakan: Alright, let's go! This way or that way?

Xayah: Stick to the plan.

Rakan: We have a plan?

Xayah: We always have a plan.

Rakan: Huh. Really?”

- ‘League Of Legends’.

47. "Rakan: You going to marry me today?

Xayah: Ask me again tomorrow.

Rakan: I always do."

- ‘League Of Legends’.

48. "Xayah: This reminds me of our first dates!

Rakan: Good times!"

- ‘League Of Legends’.

Other Character Quotes

Enlisted below are some of the finest other character quotes from LOL. These also include quotes on music, quotes on fun, and quotes on love.  You will also find quotes when Xayah and Rakan kill each other.

49. “Moods are like melodies. They go up, they go down and sometimes, they surprise.”

- Seraphine, the Starry-Eyed Songstress, ‘League Of Legends’.

50. "Wings bound and feet earthly tethered, I move against the false promises of order and justice."

- Morgana, ‘League Of Legends’.

51. "We pledged ourselves to each other in the middle of a tavern brawl. The whole place reeked of vomit, sweat and blood. It was so romantic!"

- Xayah, ‘League Of Legends”.

52. “She was the star that lit my path. Without her... darkness.”

- Viego, the Ruined King, ‘League Of Legends’.

53. “Kayle: Today, it seems we must put our animosity aside.

Morgana: We’ve never been enemies, sisters.

Kayle: How beautiful your mind must be to think such things.

Morgana: how tragic must be yours, to believe them.”

- ‘League Of Legends’.

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